My One and Only Lover

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To the guy i'm afraid to give up and lose...but if i did it would be my fault

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



Every morning i wake up your the first thought in my mind

what is he doing?

does he still love me ?

does he hate me?

those are the thoughts that run in my mind

I know I done wrong so many times

You keep forgiving me although I don't know why

when you say your leaving me

It makes me realize all of my mistakes I made

how much it would kill me to lose you

But sometimes i'm scared of you

then sometimes I wish i was you

your bravery catches me off guard

the way you have everything under control

Who am I to say i'm right for you when all i am is wrong

I'd never equal to you and that is what scares me

how can you say you love me

when all i do is hurt you?

Who I am isn't right for you

yet your still here


Why do you stick around

when you know all I do is make you suffer

I hate to see the sad look in your eyes

when you mock me it hurts even more

when you laugh at my stupidity

I know I really am

When you threaten me with your own suicide

it made me realize what I done

There is nothing I can do to fix the past

Although I can fix my future

Thats what I want a future with you

away from the drama

away from on the foolishiness

No more Lies

Noore tears

a end to everything I once held dear

We held out for each other this long who says

we can't make it through another year?

That is if you still want me

still love me

want to see me suceed

I can't blame you for hating

I have done so much in my life

that isn't good for me

You told me many times

your right I never do listen

I can't seem to look past myself to see

you do truely care

Now the only thought in my head I bare

is what have i done?

How can I fix the problem before it gets to far?

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