To Andrew Dallas Scott Krahn

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To The Man I hold Dearly To My Heart I wrote this after my 18th Birthday.

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013




I love you so much please don't ever doubt this of me, you asked me to marry you and I said yes. Your my fiancee , my lover, my friend, my father and brother.  The passions we share are unbelievable and all of that doesn't matter. The mere fact you wake up next to me every morning is truly a surprise. I sometimes stare at your sleeping form and smile myself cause I have something truly perfect in my mind.  I know we have so many problems we need to fix. My attitude toward you is my biggest problem and I know it hurts so deep inside. I'm so sorry baby I hurt you in ways that no one else can understand. I promise to change my ways for you to make me a better woman. Just give me time. I know my lack of communication is another problem for you cause all the emotions I hold inside was always a struggle for me. I promise to figure out a way to let my emotions be known to you and we can discuss it together.  Baby if we were to ever break up and never get back together, it would destroy me in ways that you couldn't possibly understand. I know you want to go back home and see your family, I want you to promise me no matter the struggles , no matter the given reason. Please don't let me go. I don't want to be the woman that watches you from afar and see the happiness in your eyes for somebody else.  You deserve me as much as I deserve you.  

As I am writing this your staring at me with a smile on your face as your talking to your friends on your phone. God how my heart melts at your adorable smile. How your eyes sparkle with intelligence beyond my years.  I am daydreaming now of our bright future that we talked so much about.  I see us laying in bed reading together and your constantly looking over at me smiling at me and I can see our children running in. I can't wait to be Drew Alexis Krahn. I can't wait to see your family and meet them for the first time, specially your little sister that you talked so much about. I know if she is anything like her big brother , she would be sweet and kind as you. I will be here supporting you every step of the way Baby. I will be your cheerleader this time. While your away in VA when ever that happens in the near future I will be working on my dreams and succeeding at school and graduating high school for you. 

I will help you succeed at your dreams as well. I love you so much Andrew and the reason why I am writing this is cause I want to give it to you before you leave for VA. so when you go and read it you can see how much I am willing to change for our future.  I want you to know I am worth waiting for. You are truly and utterly my soul mate weather you see it or not



P.S. Love you forever and always baby and that's a promise I am willing to keep <3 





Love always and forever 

Drew Alexis Krahn <3 


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