Trust Me When I say It's Never Easy

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whenn all the trust is gone and everything has changed its never for the good for the person that lost the trust.

Submitted: March 15, 2011

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Submitted: March 15, 2011



I took everthing I had and I threw it away

for what? 

To be alone?

is that what I wanted?

No, Now what has been down will remain that way

it can't be fixed

The trust that was built over a simple act

is destroyed over my own stupid mistakes

Hold your head High Drew

No i will not I rather

leave my head down

Walk through life

like a ghost

That can't be found

is this a cry for help?

was that the whole point all along?

No it wasn't a cry for help

it was me being stupid and naive

trust is a powerful thing

3 chances is all you get

after that the game is over

Another player will soon walk up to the plate

taking your place

Trust like i said is a powerful thing

once it's gone

there is no hope in getting it back

You can't beg



nothing helps

you get to sit in your own guilt

until all your thoughts

consume you

you start to feel insane

Thankfully I haven't gotten there yet

Although it's a matter of time.

Hold back your tears Drew

No i'll let them out

Someone once told me that crying doesn't make you weak

it makes you stronger

if crying makes me stronger

then why do I

feel so small

I cried enough

to drown you in my tears

I hate crying

I never believed it made you stronger

in fact it makes me week

this is me today

the shy dependent girl

who hides in the background

unwilling to be seen

who is that girl?

you ask

the one dressed in all black

the one that can

hardly be seen over the crowd

Thats me always hidden

I remember

when I was the one that always smiled

shared a laugh

didn't mind being poked , prodded

made fun of

now its like I can give a damn less

my pride was taken away

there ain't much you can do now to me

that hasn' already been done

so go on poke me

get a raise out me

it ain't going to do much

a broken girl

can never smile

a real smile

if she doesn't have a reason to

of course she got sisters

who will be there until the end

even they don't know what she has planned

in the middle of no where is where a belong

a place to call my own

no one to make fun

of the girl

who is broken inside

all this over lost trust and definately

bad judgement.

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