Enternal Duel

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Well. This was fun. Just spent the last 2 hours writing this in a random bout of insperation. It is 3:30am and I am done.

For you Dark, my own Avia in times of Darkness in the real world ~hugs and kisses your brow~

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Ok so the russian didn't work. Stupid fonts. Anyway. That was *ment* to be russian. >.< Pretend!

Submitted: October 12, 2008

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Submitted: October 12, 2008



Enternal Duel
Rovva's Demise

A wave of light splayed over SynHawk’s face as he bent back quickly. Moonlight sliced in twine as the double-bladed staff passed over his head. Retreating quickly, he raised Joran quickly and focused his thoughts, a slight white tinge on the keen blade of his longsword

“You’re slower than I remember” a smirk rose and faded over the bounty hunters face. Her body incased in leather as she placed one leg back and pushed her shoulder length hair back off her eyes, her black eyes glassy. SynHawk grimaced slightly

“No. You’re faster. One of the advantages of being a student of a daemon” he swept his sword in front of his legs and raised his guard “You’re less human then you were when I left you to die. Much less” he tightened his eyes and looked into her own. A chill emanating up his spine

“For once you play not the fool. Good. I am glad I get to see the real you after all this time. I pressed the right button. Yes?” she motioned to her circle of guards that had surrounded the two in the warehouse and they moved back to the large block of ice, or diamond or glass. It was so pure he could not tell. But inside was the birth of this conflict. Avia’s soft bare form was incased in the cube, mind frozen as she hung there. A deep burning was within SynHawk's heart, waiting

“If ever there was a reason to kill you Rovva, she would be it” a spark of lighting lanced off the tip of his sword to a bolt on the floor as he passed his sword over the ground. A raw energy seeping out of his mind and body, muscles tensed and his soul aching

“Then nothing stands in way. We duel for your lady’s life. Yes?” Her voice stopped and started as a non-native language came to her

“No, I come to claim her back. There is only one this will end” SynHawk glared and then started to walk to her, echoes of his feet bouncing off the large room. Rovva did not move until he reached her and swung pointlessly, forcing her blade up to stop him “Lets begin Rovva. For the last time”

A flash of red came from her eyes and then she flipped her staff, throwing his blade off to the side as she brought the tip of her bladed end to his shoulder. Sweeping his blade quickly, SynHawk parried the blow and it glanced off as he stepped back; gaining his footing to start anew.

Rovva spun her staff passed her arms one after the other, a snake like momentum in her movements as she started to walk towards him. Face blank and unreadable as… she, for lack of a better word… stepped closer to our hero. As SynHawk peered into the swirling blades and light he paused, smiling inwards as he watched. A strange calm came over his face as he thought one thought. I know for what reason my sword exists, My Lady. With a faith in his heart his fingers ran over the hilt of his blade, breathing slow and easy as Rovva started her assault.

Reaching him, she quickly struck at his leg and then his arm. Sword darting from nowhere to counter the blows and advance, his own blows aimed at her chest, weary of the two razor points of her weapon. Circling each other, the two started to exchange blows more fiercely as a few cheers came from her guards; urging their master on to slay his, bastard mutation. As Rovva lanced at his chest, SynHawk’s blade slipped around her staff as he took a leap forward. Now within her reach but with her blade always passed him, and with his arm bent around her wooden shaft. Tugging at her wood she growled at him and kicked out, aiming for his gut as she pulled him closer. Connecting hard to his bone she laughed as SynHawk grunted and spun away, throwing her weapon from his grip. She was faster than he remembered. He backed off and paced around her, dark golden hair wavering in the moonlight as his face betrayed none of his emotion within.

The two of them circled and paced quietly, Rovva with her staff before her horizontally and SynHawk with Joran loose by his side. A soft whisper passed over Rovva’s ear and she smiled, hearing SynHawk chant all too familiar words.

Infurnus Glacialis Joran” there was a crackling in the air as a wave of blue fire grew from Joran’s blade. SynHawk’s gold eyes glowing in the dull as he drew from the world around him, power flowing off him in waves

“SynHawk, you need magic to beast me? Little man”

“It’s Best your idiot, and no… but this will make it much quicker. I am pressed to retrieve something of value to me” His eye’s passed from Rovva to his love, her body motionless as he pushed back his anger and sorrow. Rovva had taken Avia from their home in the upper reaches of Cimcaler, while he had been hunting down a vampire terrorizing the lower slums. He had returned to find an invitation to a trap, to be attended at his leisure. His wings graced the night air and beyond before the note dropped to the cold stone floor. Rovva’s voice shattered his painful memory

“Fine. Let us quicken to the end” her hand shot out and she called to her guards

???! ???????? ?? ??? ? ???? ? ??”her accent thick.

Whipping her head around she sprinted at SynHawk and swung from behind her, backed by a dozen or more guards. Ducking under her blade and twirling under her guard, SynHawk elbowed Rovva in the chest and sent her sprawling, diving to the side as the men arrived to cleave his head. He slid across the floor and reached a large crate, setting his foot against the wood he sprung back up and lunched himself over the guards deftly. Sword lashing down towards their heads he cleaved two men quickly before landing on his feet, bending with his weight as he corrected his balance. The men had died without pain, the blue flame searing them into shock before they died. The rest of the group, weary now, encircled the mage-fighter and started to spar with him. One would quickly lance out at his turning form, only to be blocked as they arrived, thrown away by his strong arms. But before he could counter and remove another opponent another blow would come from behind and he would be forced to turn, saving his skin again and again. Quickly the men started to laugh and taunt him as he spun around and around, swords around him in an ever moving circle. If only they knew. As SynHawk spun he started to go faster and faster, unfastening his cloak into the air. It was restricting his movement as he spun, doing full three sixty turns before landing on the blow he was presented by the guards. The laughter increased as he wasted time on the unnecessary movement. But as they did, Rovva got back up as saw what was happening. Her eyes wild she yelled at her men

“???! ?? ?? ????! ?????! ??!” but it was too late. SynHawk’s silken attire had built enough static to run its course. With a flip of his sword it burst into lightening. Smothering the flame and with a final spun he slammed his keel into the ground, cracking the slate and stone, and sending a nova of burst lightning outwards. It caught the guards and threw them back into the walls of the warehouse, brittle bone connecting with stone as a loud thud from each corpse, entered Rovva’s mind. She had leapt over the nova, and above.

Turning to where Rovva had been, SynHawk glanced around. The remnants of SynHawk’s energy jolted off his arms and sword, lancing off the floor. He panted slightly as he could not see where the monster had gone, falling to one knee he winced as the pain from the earlier kick sunk into his mind

“Augh. Damnit” he looked down and pulled his shift away, a deep purple bruise on his skin. Shaking his mind he stood and ignored his body, spinning as he heard a large noise from behind. Ducking instinctively, he looked around and then yelled out into the night “ROVVA”

Avia was gone; the clear tomb she had been in was shattered with the force of the nova. But Rovva had picked her up and exited with much haste. He saw the warehouse door open, his mind breaking at the thought of his lover, his partner and his charge gone. There was a rumble from within the building as energy was pulled from the city. A cracking of stone and metal as a figure raised upwards and broke through the roof, sending shards of metal to the ground below. SynHawk’s large wings flared outwards as he traveled upwards, a blue aura sucking the dim light from the city as he peered around the land. Eye burning with the same blue fire that now covered his sword. His voice echoing through the nice once again he called out to his adversary

“ROVVA!” the sound echoed again and again, traveling the expanse of the city as he felt the air change. She had gained more than speed from being under the service of a daemon. A large black shadow pelted towards SynHawk from the distance, claws outwards and her talons tearing the air to his chest. Tucking in his wings quickly, SynHawk dived and swung his sword upwards as she passed over him. Catching one of her talons, SynHawk smiled righteously and moved backwards and up into the sky.

He peered down at Rovva as she looked around for him, an unearthly scream of hate blistering the air. He breathed outwards and regained some measure of composure and thought. He had been blinded by his fear for Avia… and had drawn upon power he ought not to. His limbs ached as the magic started to take his toll, the dragons’ blood in his veins using his own life as fuel for his power

“Avia…” his voice weaker, he gripped his sword and looked down upon this new daemon. Her body seemed to be that of a succubus, but it had taken on a few different traits from her new daemon blood. Her tail was split into nine ends, as if a whip had been part of some rough game. Her fingers were ended with large claws, feet that of an eagle, talons and all. Her face was not that of a seductive vixen but that of a bird of prey, face curved with a razor beak. A deep screech piercing his eardrums as she saw him, her leathery wings propelling her quickly to his place of rest

“Come here so I can cleave your body in two. Then hers” she pointed to the ground behind SynHawk, he fell for it. Turning quickly he saw Avia’s pale figure on the grass in one of the mansions, still not in control of her mind as she lay helplessly; seeing her like this, his pillar of strength cracked and he mourned for his loves loss. He would not let her endure the pain of being under this monsters control any longer.

Rovva connected with his back in the split second he turned to see Avia, claws lashing at his right arm as he tried to push from her. Flicking her tail into his side she cut ribbons of his clothes and skin. Yelling out, SynHawk placed his hands to her bare leg

“INFURNUS” his fingers tightened around the, skin, and felt the raw fire and anger explode from within. A howl stained the air as SynHawk’s magic blew through the bone and sinews of Rovva’s body. Leg hanging motionless in the air as she flew from SynHawk, his mind craving the air to his will, he threw the disfigured and detached lump after Rovva

“There are no minds capable of fathoming where I will send your soul Rovva. Not after this” His voiced echoed through the night air as a Crusader pitted against the hordes of hell would. Bolstering his faith and waking the fear within even a daemon it’s self. With this his wings gave a large power stroke and streaked after Rovva’s fleeing form. As he reached her she turned and her tail lanced after his bloody side again. Flinging his sword from his hand it veered towards the daemon and spun through the tendrils. Screeching again she lashed at the air and darted after the man. Who had descended to rescue his sword from the fall below. As his fingers grasped the pommel she stuck him from the side with all her force, catching him by surprise and throwing the sword from his reach. What was left of her tail coiled around the blade and she laughed darkly, watching him spiral out of control and away from her

“Save her now, Prince” with these words she spun in the air and let go the blade; sending it towards Avia’s cold body. Feeling the tug and power of his blade, SynHawk grabbed hold of his wings and saw enough of what was about to befall his love.

“Glacialis!” his hand shot out and a spear of ice struck the blade, throwing it from it’s course and embedding it in the stone a handful of feet from Avia. He turned and glowered at Rovva, mind numb as he felt himself draw upon the last of his energy. The deep well within him from his heritage and past, a throbbing in the air around him as it shifted

Dum Spiramus Tuebimur” it was a simple whisper that aligned his mind and focused why he was still alive. The air around him crackled with raw unbridled passion and power. Not even thinking of the people below as the magic took over his soul, as the deep fury and the ages of rage the dragons had endured infused his body; a vessel for all that he had been gifted.

Slowly a light was born from each hand and extended outwards, shaping a blade and weapon. Shards of lighting encircled the swords as the light around SynHawk pulsed blue and white. His mind only focused on his charge, on his lover. He swung the blades and felt the almost ethereal weight in each palm; he smiled as Rovva screeched again. Seeing his change and feeling the power, she hesitated before blinking her bird-like eyes and soaring at him. Talons first and claws screaming through the air as SynHawk did the same, wings throwing him blindly into her reach and inhuman body.

The sky shuddered once as they connected, SynHawk Tsavo’s swords sunk deeply into her flesh and likewise her talons into his own. They looked at each other quietly in the moment, seeing whose soul would falter first. The daemons strength gave as her grip lessened, giving SynHawk the opening to pull back his swords and drive them home again; their tip appearing out the back of Rovva’s head as he plunged them through her neck. Sickened from the smell and feel the daemon, SynHawk pulled back and let go the blades, wings flapping slowly as his mind returned. Rovva’s body shuddered and then it gave, wings falling lifelessly and her muscles relaxed, gone. Hovering with all his aching strength, he watched her plummet to the ground. Her skin first burst into flame and ashes, tendons and muscle following as her bone fell into powered ashes. Rovva never hit the ground; by the time she descended there was nothing but ashes and dust proving that she ever had tainted the earth.

I know I am here, but where is it? What am I? Who am I? I recall a forest… a life we left behind… I remember a face, him… oh SynHawk. Avia stirred as she felt warmth around her. Groaning softly she pressed her face to the comfort, opening her strangely rested eyes. She was in his arms. She felt the movement of his chest and the feel of his broad arms around her… but something was wrong, she felt his heart beat faster and his breathing was ragged. Panicking, her mind and strength returned to her and she pushed away from him, looking at the world around her. She was lying with SynHawk’s long silk shirt around her chest and thighs, a tear fell upon her cheek as she saw his own body.

“Hawk…” she reached up and pressed her delicate fingers to his wound, the lashing he received from Rovva’s lashing bleeding badly

“Avia… you’re alive… and alright” he panted slightly as he held her in his arms, resting from the ferocious duel. She looked up at him and into his golden eyes, reaching up she cupped his face and then pulled herself upright against the grass and his body. Pressing her lips to his own and sighing, the safely and faith she felt from him every time they touched filling her with an eternal hope

“What happened Hawk?” she broke from their embrace and looked again at him, seeing his legs torn from where Rovva’s talons had gripped him in the final embrace

“Rovva, she took you from your bed. Apparently we aren’t as safe as we believed after all we have endured. She had you entombed in some prison and took hold of your mind… we fought and she…” he looked away and bit his lip, a small trickle of blood fell down his chin “she turned into something hideous, fueled by her masters desires”

“Did you…” Avia moved her hand and wiped the small trail of blood from his face “did you kill her?”

“Yes, utterly and completely… with everything I could draw upon”

“Hawk!” she grabbed his shoulder and squeezed it, knowing what fear he held for the places he could go into. Of places that he could not return

“I’m alright Avia… or at least I am still whole, although maybe not for much longer” he laughed dryly and coughed wetly, wiping his mouth with his arm as some measure of blood trickled out

“Why didn’t you tend to these wounds? Hawk...” she looked up tenderly and presses her hand to his heart, rubbing his skin with her thumb

“I can’t… the fight took too much from me… if I heal myself I won’t have the energy to even breathe” she nodded and lent up to kiss him again, before moving to his ear “I do. I won’t let you go my love” with this she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, a single word in their joined minds. Salus. Avia felt his body above her and she smiled into their embrace and kiss

“I love you SynHawk Tsavo”

“And I you, Avia Avon”


Random Translations

"???! ???????? ?? ??? ? ???? ? ??"
- "Men! Join me and eliminate this horror"

"???! ?? ?? ????! ?????! ??!"
- "Fools! It builds energy! Run! NOW!"

"Dum Spiramus Tuebimur"
- "While we breathe, we shall defend"

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Ok so the russian didn't work. Stupid fonts. Anyway. That was *ment* to be russian. >.< Pretend!

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