Long Forgotten

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Time passes, mountains move and people die. But for some, not even the power of time can heal a lonely heart. For Avia, time has only given her a chance to be without the man who changed her life forever. SynHawk, who has taken his own life. To save everyone else, but her.

Long Forgotten

The window swang open, wind pulling at the silken threads that were holding it closed. They slipped apart and the cold air rushed in, waking the figure in the bedroom.

“What…” Avia looked up, brushing the strands of red hair from her face. Squinting at the moonlit window she sighed and slipped out of her bed, padding into the wind. Reaching the window she pulled the shutters closed and bent down; picking up the stray silk and wrapping it around the shutter handles. More secure than before.

“There, that should do it” Smiling sleepily she hugged her chest as she peered into the endless night. Mind once again drifting to events long passed. Her face fell slightly as a small cold weight pressed into her breast, her body shivering. Trying to turn from the memories she walked to her dresser, sitting down and reaching for her brush.

Reaching up absent-mindedly, Avia's hand brought the brush through her hair. She started sweeping the long silken waterfall over her shoulder and down to her waist. Slowing bringing it down again a small pendant fell through the strands, catching on the brush and jerking her neck slightly.

“Damn, what is that... oh” Her eyes closed as she wrapped her free hands fingers around the small emerald jewel “I guess I forgot to take you off tonight” The young lover placed her brush down and pried the moonlit object from the prison. Running her thumb over the front of the silver and green she tilted her head forward, hair swinging forward gracefully and covering her face in darkness. Small tears sliding over her white cheeks as she held the lovers gift to her silk-clad chest.

The door swung open to the inn as a young man strode in, his golden eyes gleaming with joy.

He grinned as his lover ran over to him, throwing her arms around his neck “I missed you!” Her eyes watered slightly and he placed his sword against the wall, wrapping his strong arms around Avia's soft back “I missed you too my lady, as always”

“Just as every second apart always is” Avia murmured into Hawk's warm shoulder. As they stood there in each others arms a young teenager came rushing down the inns stairs. With a look of excitement on her face.

“Father he's home!” Looking up, Hawk saw Erika running over to him. Avia pulled away to the side as he heard her little sister, turning and wiping her eyes. Bending down swiftly Hawk picked Erika up as the young girl jumped into his arms “Your back!” Her own arms wrapped around his back and he grinned, holding her up

“Yeah kiddo, I’m home” as he said this he looked over at Avia, her beautiful green eyes glistening as she smiled lovingly, still wiping her cheeks before her father or sister saw.

Letting a small sob pass from her lips Avia tightened her grip on the sentimental stone

“You, always used to come back to me... no matter what happened, no matter what I, you or anyone did…” Her voice trailed off and her arms retreated from her chest to around her body, tyring to warm herself from the cold within “So why are you still gone... what have I done... what did we ever do to deserve this?” She pressed her hand to the soft skin on her forehead, trying to stop the flood of the long forgotten past.

The portals edges cracked and burned with lightning as the two watched the opening tear, growing larger by each passing second.

“Hawk no... you can't! We can find another way”

“Avia no, we can't... it has to be me” He held Avia to him as she pleaded to him, begging him not to step through.

“But Hawk, it'll probably kill you! I'll never see you again, this world needs you!” Her body clung to his “... I need you” Crying softly he rocked his lover in the curve of his chest. Slowly moving away a step Hawk bent down and kneeled before his love.

“I once spoke three words to you in the darkest of times, ‘Dum Spiramus Tuebimur’. This time is no different. I too need you in this life Avia, just as the stars and moon need the suns beauty to draw them forth” he whispered to Avia, placing a hand up on her damp cheek he looked up, a deep sorrow, and a deep faith etched on his face “I once promised that no matter what I’ll always come back to you, every time, every challenge. We'll be together at the end. This time is no different. If I can pull your soul back from hell to get you back once... I'll do anything to bring us together after this. You won't lose me to this; there is no way you can ever lose me. Not even to death” Turning her head Avia kissed his hand softly, before falling to her knees and into Hawk's chest.

“I love you Hawk” Kissing her head lovingly Hawk held her for the last time in years

“I love you Avia, always” As he said this Avia lowered her arms and kissed him once on the lips, standing quietly.

“Then go, save this world. Champion of the people as always, my love” the portal emitted a crack of thunder from the other side and Hawk looked back, his face set. Standing he turned, black velvet cloak wavering in the air before he moved forward, his lover watching and heart beating. The burning edge of the dimensional rip glowed more brightly as he approached. Just before he stepped inside he looked back

“I kept this for you” with one hand Hawk slipped under his shirt and pulled out a small triangle of an emerald, cased in silver. He let it slip from his fingers and it fell to marble floor, “Keep it safe” At these words he stepped into the portal and it snapped closed instantly... the room suddenly empty and cold. The only sounds were two faint footsteps as Avia walked to the jewel. Bending and picking it up in her delicate fingers. She looked down at the pendant and a smile crept to her face.

“You kept it safe for as long as I was gone. Now it's my turn my love” Her hands dropped the silver chain around her neck and it settled on her chest. The green jewel and her eyes glowing slightly as she smiled sadly to herself, walking past all the marble columns and into the coming days.

The light flashed off the sliver and broke Avia's memory, dragging her back to the present, here, in her room. Her sister had been leaning against the doorframe of her older sister’s room, watching her cry helplessly. Finally seeing the pendant in Avia's hands, Erika's own heart stopped and she moved, walking to beside her sitting sister and falling to her knees. Surprised, Avia jumped and looked down at her sister

“Erika? How long have you been in the...” she stopped as Erika began to cry, her head falling to her hands and leaning into her sisters body.

“Sis... is he ever coming back?” Erika spoke quietly as she sobbed. Avia sat quietly, holding an arm around Erika as her hand tightened.


Submitted: March 06, 2007

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Maybe one day it'll get into that head of yours. Amazing writing. Xx

Tue, March 6th, 2007 6:21am


Thankyou Princess

Tue, March 6th, 2007 12:21am



Good job. Good luck in your future efforts.

Happy trails,

Ed Bradley.

Tue, March 6th, 2007 7:27am


Thankyou for your support ^^

Tue, March 6th, 2007 12:22am


You made me cry whilst at work! ^^

Fri, March 30th, 2007 8:18am


hehe, My bad Megan ~grins~

Fri, March 30th, 2007 9:17pm


your writing just pulls me in, i almost forgot where i was. another great piece of writing. good job

Wed, April 25th, 2007 10:02pm


This was defiantly one of the better, and most enjoyable things i wrote. I think it was something like 3am when I wrote it lol
Thanks a lot for the comment

Sat, April 28th, 2007 12:15am


Sounds to me like a future excerpt from your Savior of Alowen,if I'm not mistaken. It was beautiful. By the way how's that fourth chapter looking?


Tue, August 21st, 2007 5:20pm


haha it's coming it's coming ^^
and actually, if you want a spoiler, we could say its the epilogue to book two...

Hawk ^^

Wed, August 22nd, 2007 11:57am


This was magnificent! I love the fantasy genre. I liked both the narration and the dialogues you've written - they fitted together very well. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Fri, October 10th, 2008 5:41pm


I am graced by your support ~bows~ I love my characters, I really do, it's so easy to get sucked in and just, live them I suppose. I know their every move and thought. I'm pleased you like my work so far ^_^ hope it continues. When I get my own computer back I am going to sift through booksie united and read all the talent it has to behold, starting from a few choice names ~grins~ thanks again Urja

Hawk ^^
"Dum Spiramus Tuebimur"

Sun, October 12th, 2008 2:39am


that was aweosme .
I loved it .
Great Job (:


Sat, October 11th, 2008 7:30am


Thank-ee very much =D I'm pleased you liked it ~grins~

"Dum Spiramus tuebimur"

Sun, October 12th, 2008 2:35am


That was amazing....
Will you turn it into a novel and continue your line of thought?

Mon, December 29th, 2008 3:11am


Well. Technically it's the aftermath of my second novel. But, I haven't even done the full plot of that! If you liked it, try Savior of Alowen ~grins~ same of the three of them, and the birth of that longing - and thankyou!

Hawk ^^

Tue, December 30th, 2008 6:30am


I agree with Sidhe, you SHOULD make a novel of this. The storyline is too enchanting to just drop here! FaNtAsTiC piece of work!-


Mon, December 29th, 2008 11:48pm


I am thrilled you liked it ^_^ but yes, it'll be in a novel. Or, at least the aftermath as I pointed out above ~winks~ anyway. Thank you again and it's nice to see even after this time the grammar wasn't *so* bad ~grins~ thanks!

Hawk ^_^

Tue, December 30th, 2008 6:31am


I like it, you can definitely feel the love between Avia and Hawk. Nice job!

Thu, January 1st, 2009 2:44am


Much appreciated ^_^ I want to re-write it at some point. Wrote it a couple of years back when I was younger ~grins~ want to see just how different I think of things now ;-)

Hawk ^_^

Wed, December 31st, 2008 6:57pm

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