(New) Savior of Alowen

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In the eastern winds of the land, there is a dark day coming. People have been going missing in Alowen, people have been whispering of coming battles and sadness. But in these times, a hero will arise. With a past to uncover and love to win. The Champion of the People will arise again, and bring hope to the lost.

Ok, I never have been much for good summaries. This is the novel I've been working on for quite a while now. I hope you enjoy, if you do like it, there is more on the (old) savour of alowen copy but i'm not going to be working anymore on that.

Table of Contents


Dark days are coming and like in all dark times, a hero will emerge. To fight for the side of light, to keep the hordes at bay. The time for this hero to stand up, has come. Read Chapter


Chapter Two Awakening A loud thump woke SynHawk Tsavo with a start; His eyes opened and took notice of where he was. It was a room,... Read Chapter


Chapter Three Recollections There was a soft ‘clink’ from Thanos’ glass as he slowly put it back on the hard wood. The four o... Read Chapter


Chapter Four Teaching “What?!” Avia's voice stung the air, she looked down at Erika in slight horror and then their faces chang... Read Chapter


Chapter Five Duel “I'm not entirely sure I like this anymore” This was Erika, grumbling out in the dusk of the day. The three... Read Chapter


Chapter Six Conversation The fire popped loudly and Hawk jumped, his mind returning. He had been staring into the wavering flames... Read Chapter


Chapter Seven Discovery Valis was dead. Hawk had been awoken by a scream that ripped through the still morning air; he soon r... Read Chapter


Chapter Eight Darkness Avia darted off to the side as Sholdon’s blade flicked dangerously close to her chest. His black smile n... Read Chapter