Snow - A Christmas idea

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I wrote this back around Christmas but have not had a chance to place it up. I wrote this for a dear booksie friend and I hope you all like ^^ its completely out of the characters time-line. These two never get this moment, one day you will all see why. But for now freeze these two alone and let them glow. Goodnight all and I hope you comment ^^

Hawk ^^

ps, for fun, not amazing work ^^ but please correct it anyway


A christmas tale for all those in love

The sweet soft snow drifts down through the trees. A sunny chill lifting the haze from the mountains as a trio of adventurers wanders past our clearing

“How much farther are we going today Hawk, it’s really cold here”

“Don’t fret kiddo, we’re here and that’s it for today” SynHawk winked at Avia as Erika grinned happily, even if he was hearing her teeth chatter. Smiling back, she moved to his side and threaded their hands together

“Things could be colder” Avia squeezed Hawk’s hand and moved off to the side of our clearing in this tale. Her pack slowly sliding off her back and onto a root above the snow

“So Hawk, What shelter do we have the pleasure of tonight?”

“Oh Avia let me!” Erika bounced over and her eyes sparkled. Hawk bowed and moved backwards, giving the little Mage some room “Here we go…” Closing her eyes slowly she placed her hands together at her chest. Her legs together and her chest rising and falling, mind calm and legs very numb. As she stood there was a breeze and then her hands sparked into a blue glow, her hands parting suddenly and a globe of ice surging forward. Connecting with the ground and expanding as Erika’s face contorted with concentration. After a second or two of growing there was a crack in the air and the ice Erika had created, shuddered. One of her knees buckled and she fell to her other knee, body shuddering with the ice

“Erika!” Avia dashed behind her little sister and placed her arms around her as she lent back against her older sis “I didn’t know she was that tired”

“She’ll be ok” Hawk moved to Erika’s side and placed a bare hand on her face “I think she just needs a little warmth” with this his hand begun to glow slightly, a warmth enveloping Avia and Erika’s face. Avia closed her eyes and lent her head against Erika’s

“That feels nice”

SynHawk Tsavo smiled kindly at his lover and then moved away

“Lets try this… more slowly” He knelt down and placed his hands on the glowing powder, Erika’s ice had already melted. Whispering something to the air he paused, motionless, before throwing some of the snow up in the air. It burst into light and changed shape, a light melting and letting the water drop in a circle to the ground. Using this, Hawk sighed as he felt a warm energy pass through him and he started to shape a dome. Letting it rise and then making it thicker, taking his time as it formed around the three of them. Keeping out the cold and the bone-chilling winds. After a while the snow inside the dome reseeded to the edges and a covering of green grass was unveiled to the three pairs of eyes. Erika slowly recovering from the foolish attempt to impress her sister and… guardian. Soon though, Hawk stood and smiled


“Still a bit cold my prince” Avia shivered slightly and winked at him

“Your wish…”

Hawk clicked his fingers with a spark and spun on the spot. Slamming his heel into the ground, a burst of flame erupted from the rim of the dome. Roaring upwards until the inside of the dome was insulated with a thin layer of flame. Heating the adventures well-used bones

“Is my command princess” Hawk bowed again, more lightly and meaningfully this time. Avia hugged Erika and then got up, walking to Hawk and kissing his cheek

“At least you two can wait until after I’m in bed this time?! I don’t want to walk in on you two this time” Erika called out to the two of them

“Hey! You’re the one who didn’t knock before running in during the thunderstorm, and besides, you have seen Hawk’s back”

“Not with your hands all over it I haven’t” Erika rolled her eyes and lay back down

“She has a point, besides I have a thing or two still to do here”

Over the next hour Hawk walked around the large dome, rising wall out of the ice and placing a line of flames at the base of each item.

“Why doesn’t your ice melt from all the flames Hawk?” Erika poked a cube of ice that was sliding across the inn’s table

“I have magic ice!”

“Well… yeah” Erika rolled her eyes “You made it out of ice in the first place”

“…Don’t be so smart, and yes. But I meant something else; I picked up a few useful Arcane charms in Cimcaler. I will get around to teaching them to you one day, but for now. Go help your father clean the dishes; I have to go chop wood

“Yes, Sir”

Erika smiled at the memory as she lay down on her blanket, watching her sister’s hero craft their shelter

“Hey Avia”

“Yes Erika?” Avia rolled over from playing with her pendant

“Is it just me, or does Hawk take pride in everything he does?” Erika propped her head up on an arm and looked at her sister

“He does, but I think he wanted to take a little more care tonight that normal”


“Think about it silly, what time of year do you think this is?” Avia smiled and waved her hand towards the sky and the snow covered world beyond

“I almost forgot you know… it has been to busy and tiring to think about Christmas”

“I know, but I think Hawk has a way of putting that aside for us two”
“He does”

The pair watched Hawk play with the ice until he stopped and smiled, turning to the girls

“So, think it will do for a night?” he wandered around the ice until he reached the two of them, without having to look at them through a wall

“It will, but what’s the point of a wall if you can see through it?”

“You have a valid point kiddo… I am sure I can…yep” SynHawk placed his hand against the ice and his fingers tensed slightly before a clouded mist spread throughout the walls, as if they were still water “That’ll do”

Sitting down, SynHawk looked over at the sisters and smiled. He reached over into his bag and winked at Erika, pulling a small leather book out

“Here Erika, I was saving it for a rainy day but I think Christmas will also do”

“Hawk? What’s… oh Hawk!”

He tossed the book to her and she caught it quickly, already having seen the lettering

“What is it Erika?”

Erika passed the book to Avia and grinned, moving over, well jumping over to hug Hawk warmly.

“Menric Quintarin: A book of spells for the magically addicted”

“Sounds interesting” Avia tilted her head and looked at Hawk

“It’s safe, just small charms that people find fun… my never-melt-ice might be in there. Have fun kiddo” SynHawk hugged Erika again and grinned, Avia looking gratefully at Hawk

“Thanks Hawk” smiling, Erika got up and picked up her blanket “Mind if I find a quiet place to read and leave you two alone?”

“I think so, brat” Avia reached over and slapped Erika’s leg slightly as she went wandering in the dome. Laughing, Avia smiled and crawled over to SynHawk and placed her head on his chest


“Merry Christmas my kind Prince”

“Merry Christmas Avia, my wonderful Fairy”

Looking up, Avia looked at Hawk with a puzzling expression

“You’re as stunning as their golden and silver wings. More graceful than the small ripples of the lakes they visit, and more enchanting to me than all their magic in this world or any other” with a smile Hawk lent down and kissed her forehead once, tenderly. Avia kissed his chest once and lay her head back down

“I love you SynHawk Tsavo”

“I love you more Avia Avon”

“Nah uh”
“Yah huh”
“Nah uh”

And so the snow settles on our fair lovers on this winters night and I bid thee all a good, wonderful night. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Submitted: January 08, 2008

© Copyright 2023 SynHawk. All rights reserved.

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Aww, thank you Hawk. I love the connection between your characters. Mine aren't as great as yours, but I'm getting better with that, thanks to you. I finally got ink, so will get started on it today. Plus another story that I'm writing for a collection of Booksie's story. It was Lionhearts idea. Thank you so much.~big hugs and a kiss on the cheek~



You mispelled farther in the beginning, you put father.

Wed, January 9th, 2008 12:46am


Ah it isn't all me, in fact very little. You have all that talent inside you just waiting for the right moment, the right time and mood for it to spill out and inspire others and make those around you laugh and cry ^^ you have more than you know inside

and your very welcome ^^ oh and corrections done ;)

Hawk ^^

Fri, January 11th, 2008 11:51pm

Alice Oiseau

well i know its way past christmas and i wish i had read it sooner.

awwww!!! this was SO cute.
the title of the book made me laugh. magic addicts... haha.
and of course erika was adorable as ever with her great curiosity and young innocence.
and the ending was beautiful!! i loved it and of course i loved the characters because they are from your novel (which by the way i've been wondering when you'll have a new chapter up)
its been a while since you've been on booksie. i miss your comments. come baaaack to booksie!
alright take care and i guess happy way-belated christmas! hahaha ^^
ciao ;)

Sun, May 18th, 2008 5:24pm


I'll be back! I promise! in fact im 9/10ths through the next chapter. Life is over my shoulders at the moment so I have been away. But I will get back to it and finish reading and writing what I can ;-)

hehe thanks for the comment too, I liked this one quite a bit. I got bored and wanted to write something for a very close and dear friend ^_^ anyway glad you liked it for all the reasons I wrote it! Talk soon and take care!

Hawk ^^

Sun, May 18th, 2008 11:16pm

October Dusk

Aww, that was really cute. I loved it!
Darkfairy sent the link to me last night to read it. I came on here and was only gonna skim through it real quick because she wanted me to see something, and I was gonna come back later on tonight and read it.
But that didn't turn out very well, lol. I got hooked on it. It was a great story and I loved reading it, even if it isn't quite christmas time yet.
You have amazing characters ^^ you can see they have great connections. Now it's making me want to go and read your novel sooner than I was going to ^^.


Mon, September 29th, 2008 12:14pm


Well then! i am thrilled that you like it ~grins~ it was *really* a really fun item to do, I got to play with my trio away from all the goings on in SoA ^_^

Hehe, I hope the connections flourish in SoA soon, the plots getting in the way >.< Although the next chapter will be interesting...

come again and please read more if you enjoy it ^_^

Hawk ^^

Wed, October 1st, 2008 8:54am

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