Snow - A white awakening

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A second part to the story from yesteryear. Important to those it was written, but I will be delighted for those who also enjoy it ^_^

Merry Christmas Booksie! Keep safe, and have a wonderful time =D

Dum Spiramus Tuebimur


A white awakening



A stream of white, warm light burst over the rise of the mountain, hitting Avia squarely in her face. She grimaced slightly and raised her hand from SynHawk’s sleeping chest; realizing dawn was finally upon the pair

“So much for that dream” pausing, she smiled as her eyes drifted to her sleeping lover “Well, I think I can make do with living this dream instead” lowering her head to SynHawk’s bare chest, she sighed to herself quietly

“Probably easier to remember in the end too”

Grinning, Avia looked up into Hawk’s eyes, her muttering must have woken him slumber “Morning Princess, Happy Christmas”

Avia giggled slightly and stretched up to kiss him

Merry Christmas my love” she emphasized the merry and gave Hawk a knowing look, he was always a slow waker. He just smiled and kisser deeply

“I was close enough…”


The sun continued to beam down no them and their dome of clouded ice. Slowly they started to stir from the bed, or rather the few traveling cloaks they were wrapped in. It had been Avia however, who had made the finally comment that made them, or Hawk, decide to get up

“Remember what we had to endure last time she found you snuggling with her big sister?”

“Alright! I’m getting up!” he spring out of bed as Avia giggled again, watching him swiftly don his shirt. She scooped the blankets around her, her eyes never leaving him. Erika had a habit of embarrassing SynHawk about his affections for her sister, even if she wished no other in the world for her, or as a big brother.


“Well… since you’re now up, can you go see if Erika’s up? I have yet to get dressed after all…” tilting her head innocently at Hawk he laughed and knelt down by her side

“Of course” he cupper her chin and kissed her lovingly and longingly… lingering softly and smiling to himself as he left, hearing Avia swear quietly


Erika was in one of the smaller rooms, curled up on her blanket with her robes pulled tightly around her. A hand was holding the book Hawk had given her the night before, writing by one of his old friends, Menric. Seeing her finger holding open a page in the book, he bent down and lifted the book slowly from the small hands


‘Light Trails! Aurora Borealis by your bed’


Grinning and shaking his head at the spell, SynHawk closed the book and placed it by Erika’s sleeping body. Kneeling by her side and brushing a lock of hair from her face

“Come on sleepy-head, time to wake up I think”

Erika grumbled something for a second and closed the hand that had been holding her place in the book, her new treasure. Lacking the feel of the rough pages, she opened her eye and saw it laying by her head, with SynHawk over her sleeping form

“Morning Hawk, Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas Kiddo, scoot over” SynHawk moved and sat beside Erika, leaning and grabbing the book of cantrips. Thumbing through the pages he stopped at the spell she had been looking at when sleep took her

“I saw this caught your eye”

“Very much so Hawk” the little girl snuggled to his warm side as if he were reading a fairy-tale to her “It sound very pretty, I wanted to try it last night but I was too tired after trying to make the dome” she blushed and looked down “I was going to try it tonight once it was darker”

Smiling, he rubbed her back

“Ah no need to wait… its quite visible” he closed the book with a snap “what colour shall be by your bed?”

“Red as always Hawk!”

“Red it is!” with a quick flick, and twist, Hawk’s hand started to glow brightly

“Aw, it only glows?”

The light was suspended around his hand, a deep red aura. As always with Hawk’s magic, Erika was in awe… but craved more. He grinned and shook his head, before lowering his hand in a stream of sparks, a haze of light drifted into nothing as Erika eyes twinkled

“He always has a way to do that doesn’t he?” Avia smiled and lent against the wall, black leggings and white tunic as always. Looking at Erika’s dazzled face she wandered over to them and sat down next to them; snuggling up to SynHawk’s other side

“Merry Christmas sis” Avia kissed once and settled down by her Prince, getting a very toothy smile from Erika. It was Christmas; she’d give him a break for once

“ Merry Christmas A”

They lay like that for a while, Erika watching Hawk’s hand drift slowly in the air and Avia hearing his heartbeat, until a drop of water fell from the roof and hit Erika’s nose. She sneezed quickly, and quietly, with a giggle from Avia

“Naw, so cute Erika” She wiped her sisters nose with Hawk’s shirt and Erika rubbed the cold skin, she looked up

“What? It’s melting?”

“Eventually, not all my spells last forever after all. We should probably get around to moving on soon, its nearing lunch anyway” he pointed to the ceiling as the clouds rolled back from within the glass, the sun was glaring down through the misty world beyond.



Erika sighed to herself as the fire died within the dome, looking at SynHawk by the edge. His hands were poised over the ice, slowly drawing it back to where it came. His face was covered in a thin sheen from the effort of his magic and the sun… even if the snows chill was still over the trio. Avia was leaning with her back against a tree, foot on the same root she dropped her pack on the night before. She was watching SynHawk work, a slight glaze on her eyes; mind also far away as it was near. Shaking her young head, Erika grinned at the look on Avia’s lovelost face

“Hawk, why are you doing that? Why not just let it melt?” Erika once again, was distracted and wanting to know ‘why’

“I want the space. We’re not quite ready to keep going to Cimcaler; the mountains are quite a trek. But soon we’ll continue”

Erika bounded over to him as the ice fell

“But until then?”

“We play” He turned, a flare in his eyes, a look long forgotten. There was an energy and warmth within him as he moved backwards, hands starting to glow a soft blue “Come on Erika, I hope your well rested this time!” he jumped backwards and crouched down, two balls of glowing ice had appeared in each hand. A grin split over Erika’s face and she ran out to meet him, her body flaring into fire as she laughed.


Twisting away from the girl, SynHawk threw the two balls of ice at her. Her aura flared and caught the globes, exploding in puffs of air as the furnace grew. Darting away, SynHawk started to twist and turn – with Erika throwing her own balls of fire at him, but never catching him. He was too quick as usual. He rebounded off a tree as Erika was sweeping her arm in an arc, whipping the knot where his foot had been with a lance of fire. Avia was just grinning, playing with a strand of her hair as her sister and lover practiced. Biting her lip she looked down at her pack, bending down. She saw her blade and SynHawk’s longsword, she glanced up for a second and then smiled. She’d let Erika have him for now, Avia always knew Hawk would make time when he was called.


The day drew on as Erika and SynHawk flew about the clearing, SynHawk laughing each and every time he slipped away from the small Mages tendrils. Slowly the sun meandered over the sky and the day dropped into afternoon, shadows and a chill dropping over their side of the mountain. Eventually however, the pair slowly drew their excitement to a close with Erika wavering slightly as the last hour came to an end. The magic had spent her energy and she felt slightly lightheaded and relaxed, pleasantly numb even. Avia walked over to her little sister and draped her arms warmly about her, smiling and hugging her

“Come on Erika, I think you’ve practiced enough”

“I think… so” she lent against her quietly and closed her eyes. Picking her up, Avia smiled and walked with her to the tree. Placing her down and dropping a blanket over her worn out body

“There” Looking up from the little girl, she saw Hawk coming back across the clearing. He looked as if he had taken a second to catch his breath. Erika had been able to challenge him harder and harder, she was growing up and growing more adventurous by the day.


Seeing that after their day’s efforts, tonight they were going no-where, the two wrapped the sleeping girl quietly up and lit a small fire by her side. Her body done for the next few hours… at least, but, this was a small blessing for the two lovers. Avia was standing at the edge of the plateau, looking out over the valley and mountain, she was breathing slowly with her mind wandering in the chilled Christmas night. SynHawk took advantage of this and came up behind her, slipping his strong arms around her waist and pulling her back into his chest. She melted suddenly as she felt the safety and warmth sink into her, grabbing one of his hands and nuzzling it softly with her cheek and threading her fingers with his own

“Hello my Prince” Avia lent her head back against Hawk’s chest and looked up into the sky

“Mine Lady” he smiled and kissed the top of her head softly, a giggle coming from within her heart at the sweet words. The wind of the age curled around them in those few minutes, not quite remembering when it felt a love like this last. It sighed and left the two to their own thoughts, Hawk and Avia looking out into the stars and the glow of the moon.


A star fell sharply from the sky and Avia gasped, turning to Hawk

“Hawk did you see…” she didn’t get to finish, he cupped her cheek and kissed her softly and tenderly. Capturing her heart once again as he stepped back from her “No fair Hawk” she grinned and blushed, watching him back away slightly, she then stuck her hand behind her back “and what did my Prince find for me for Christmas in all this world?”

“This!” he stepped back and turned around, motioning to the world “and everything in it, the fairy-tale we’ve been living. The love we’ve found and the bond we’ve grown… and I’ll never let it end” with a quick flick of his wrist, a line of blue sparks as before shot out into the sky. A small pop and then a burst of blue firework colored the sky. Avia bit her lip and looked up, before watching his other hand flare into light. He started to twirl and let the sky have its own new beauty. Hands lancing in the air as the soft throb of magic filed his mind and face. Avia watched him as the lightshow made her eyes flash red, then blue, entranced by the emotions and splendor of her Prince. Looking across at her he motioned her over, the magic still filling the air as she stepped into his arms and kiss. Forever enthralled as ever before by the touch they shared

“What does it feel like?” she ran a finger over his cheek and looked into his eyes. The dancing light not only in the sky, he glanced into her eyes and blinked

“Why should you have to ask?” he motioned to the stars and the snow “It’s Christmas, anything on this night, of all nights is possible” with a quick kiss, he tapped her forehead softly and smiled “We both have the magic of this night, can’t you hear?” he stopped for a second and clicked, the lights slowing as a soft song began to echo through the mountains and valley

“Hawk… how did you…”

“I told you, tonight it’s Christmas” he pointed at her hands and flexed his own. Her hands bursting into a deep crimson as she gasped from the warmth and grace of magic flooding her already enlightened soul

“Oh Hawk…” she waved her hand into the air, tendrils of light and sparks flooding the blue lighted sky. Mixing and shattering Hawk’s own magic before he waved his arm in return, sending spirals of colour and sound into her own. The two colors intertwined and Avia felt the energy and passion of her lover within her own body, linked by the gift she had been grated for this wonderful night. They let their magic duel softly for a while in the night before SynHawk shook his hands free and walked over to his lover who seemed to be… glowing

“My lady, may I have this dance?” the music lifted a note and whistled through the night before entrancing them both as Avia stepped forward into the night

“I will always be for your arms my love” she slipped into his embrace and felt a soft change in his clothes, she frowned slightly and stepped back. Working Christmas night around the two, their clothes had molded into something more fitting for a ball and dance.


SynHawk stood there with his dark blonde hair pulled back into a long ponytail, gold eyes shimmering as he bowed. Black pants with a formal white shirt, tucked in with a green vest and a glowing smile, golden embroidery trim covering the edges of the emerald cloth. Covering her mouth softly, Avia spun and saw her dress flare up around the snow and the mist of winter that had dropped over the pair. It was blood-red, strapless and clinging to her upper body, it flared out at her waist to open into a shallow dome of ruffled velvet. She drew her hand away

“Oh… Hawk…” she walked up to him and curtsied, her eyes ablaze and her heart flying. Bowing, SynHawk took her hand gently and drew her to him, arm swooping around her waist and his hand clasping hers delicately. Slowly they started to turn, dancing to their own heartbeat and minds as the song drifted into the wind.


As they spun softly in the cold snow, SynHawk’s blue aura faded into a soft green. Their hands leaving trails in the air as they rotated around and around, swaying against each other lovingly. A coil of red and green was wrapping around them as SynHawk moved closer to Avia, arms slipping around her waist

“Hold on and don’t close you’re eyes” He kissed her softly and her arms wrapped around his neck as they rose off the ground gently, feet hanging, suspended by the moment and magic. Whispering into the air with a gesture of a hand, the glow from their hands passed to their feet, the coil of light spreading outwards as they rose, large rings on the ground…. Tightening as they soared upwards, shaping an upside-down cone. Biting her lip, Avia could see in her minds eye what it must look like. Softly they came to a stop and he smiled “I love you Avia, my sweet Princess”

“I love you too Hawk, forever so” he lent up and kissed him, as she did the magic exploded around their feet into a stunning silver – a fountain of stars dripping from their feet as they embraced. It sprinkled over the coiled shape of the red and green, a tree of light under their floating lover’s forms. Under them was a Christmas tree of magic, with now a scattering of stars… of shards of hope and love dropping all over its leaves.


Leaning back, SynHawk smiled as they broke their kiss. A stunned Avia breathing shallowly as she looked down and gasped, he caught her eye and whispered a word or two in her ear

“I thought a tree might be in order… and we already have the Angel at the top” he nuzzled her cheek softly and wrapped his arms around her once more. A tear rolled down her pale cheek as they drifted back down to the ground next to the tree, its light cascading down over Avia’s dress and eyes. A breathless love caught in her throat as she looked upon her Prince

“I am for you Avia Avon.”

She kissed him then, pulling him down into the warm snow, arms around each others forms as the night swallowed them up. The moon hiding behind the clouds as the light of the tree glowed around them and the undying love that kept them warm until the early hours of the final Christmas moments.



For the one woman in this world, whom if I were to be without. Would surely make this world a much darker place, and the nights oh so long and cold. I love you Dark. From this time into the next and forever beyond.

Submitted: December 24, 2008

© Copyright 2022 SynHawk. All rights reserved.

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James, I am too drunk to comment particularly coherently, but I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I absolutely ADORE your stories. I know I haven't commented all that much on them, but that doesn't meant that I haven't enjoyed them. So, there!

Will write more when I am, well, more sober.

Till then, Merry Christmas!

Wed, December 24th, 2008 5:03pm


Am, very thrilled. Probably putting it lightly there, that you adore them ~cheers~ hope you worked off the 'unsoberness' without too much of the symbolic headache!

Keep safe

Hawk ^_^

Tue, December 30th, 2008 6:28am


Oh, and I know that you don't particularly enjoy poetry, so you don't HAVE to feel obliged to comment on mine (which is only poetry on this site) just because I have commented on your story. Cheers!

Wed, December 24th, 2008 5:04pm


Oh, Not so much I don't 'enjoy' it... more I really really have no mind for it at all. But I do indeed read it, but I see the comments of 'lawl, that was lik so cool man, thx for writing'... a tad superfluous so. Yes. Anyway ~grins~ Thankyou very very much Urja. Means a lot coming from someone as esteemed in my eyes as you

Gee you can tell i've been writing again

Hawk ^_^

Tue, December 30th, 2008 6:27am

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