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H-O-L-Y crap. I found this on Live Journal about 5mins ago, I thought you guys might enjoy this. This is *the* first story/literature/writing I ever did, this is the first chapter of the first copy of New Beginnings - Now Savior of Alowen. This has incredible value (sentimental mind you) to me and I thought you guys might enjoy poking this bit of my history, it's unedited, except spelling, and it is how I fell in love with SynHawk and all that it has now become - enjoy and comment please!

New Beginnings Chapter One
New Beginnings
By James Sutherland-Bruce

In the darkenss of the comming night a lone man is sitting on a rock by a lake, letting his mind wander on the breeze flowing though the thick forest behind him. He sits on the rock with his foot drapeing over the edge, lightly skimming the water of the lake. Watching the ripples work their way out over the water until they are too faint for his eye to see. He is wearing black leggings and a sleeveless top, this is covered by a black cape that seemed worn by time. His dark blonde hair drapes down his back, brushing a hilt sticking out of a bag behind him on the ground, It was engraved. SynHawk. Behind SynHawk in the forest moves a shadow, gliding around the edge of the forest, weaving in and out of the trees. As it comes to the bank of the lake the shadow unravels. A figure outlined by the trees steps forth, even in the dark you could tell that it was smiling. As it makes its way out of the shadows a shape begins to form, a woman dressed in black. Her hand disappears to the inside of her cape and her hand shoots out with a dagger about five inches long, it soars towards the boy, SynHawk.

As the newly thrown dagger flies through the air towards SynHawk’s face he turns and his eyes widen, he moves his head sideways so that he is out of the blades path. He could feel and hear the air parting for the blade. He watches it make it's way into a tree behind him. The blade is now entrenched into the tree's hard covering all the way up to the hilt. SynHawk turned back slowly and looked at where the projectile had come from. His eyes focused on a woman to his right. The first thing that caught SynHawks eyes was her hair. It was graphite grey, it hung in a plat to the middle of her back. Next were her eyes, they seemed to go right through his mind. They where also grey but it looked as if they were almost white, as if she was blind. She was wearing a black cape that was over her black body suit that concealed almost her entire body from the neck down. She looked at SynHawk and smiled evilly, she then spoke in a hollow voice that chilled him.
"Good that would have been to easy for the bounty, I like my victim to at least fight me before I collect the money" Her mouth went from a smile to a smirk as she looked at SynHawk's shape on the rock.

As she watched SynHawk he sliped off the rock gently and landed on the ground. He glances at the woman.
"Well hello, it's not everyday I get someone as... unusual as you trying to claim my head" His eyes narrowed.
"So who is asking for it this time?" He looked tired, worn out. The woman smirked and then her hand went to her capes fastening at her neck and SynHawk heard a faint click as it was undone. She removes it from her shoulders and left it to drift to the ground behind her,
she took a step forward.
"That is for you never to find out, I do not wish for my..." She pauses for a second debating how much she should reveal. "Master to let you know who he is under any circumstances, since he feels that I will not be able to..." She looked SynHawks worn cape and his top. "Beat a, boy such as you" She smirked again for in her mind this was an already won battle. SynHawk's face broke from its stern look and raised his eyebrow. "A boy such as me? Who exactly do you think I am?" His mind started to work as he looked at the apparent bounty hunter. She smirked and proceeded to laugh at his words.
"You are SynHawk Tsavo!" she stopped laughing and spoke, with ice to her words. "You are SynHawk Tsavo...a hybrid, taint that should not exist in this world nor any world!" She spat the word taint as if it was poison. "I have heard of you and I know you are a boy who has just got lucky in his battles, few as they have been" She steps forward and her eyes fade into blackness as she prepares to engage with SynHawk. "I also know that I will be the one who kills you for my master!" At those words the woman runs at SynHawk, her hand darting behind her as she draws a sword from a place concealed from SynHawks view. SynHawk smiled and stood still as the approaching enemy charged.

When the mystery woman was almost upon SynHawks body her hand comes out holding a scimitar, curved and glinting the moons rays. She jumps and brings her blade down, aimed at SynHawks shoulder. As she did this Synhawk’s hand lashes out to his pack next to him and his fingers encircle the handle of his longsword, bringing it up to meet the descending blade. As they met time seemed to stand still, the scimitar skidded and screeched on the newly drawn blade. The woman’s eyes widened as she was supported in the air, all of her bodies weight in this stroke. SynHawks arm tensed at the blow, as time seemed to speed back up he pushed back against the scimitars edge, throwing it back. The woman is sent onto the ground, sliding in the dirt. Her feet grabbed the ground with surprising agility and she pushed off, more weary of SynHawks speed this time. SynHawk put one foot back and braced for his next block. But as the figure lunges at him he sees that her sword is placed too high and as she comes towards him SynHawk ducks under her blow and his blade was brought up to her. She sensed the blade veering towards her body she closes her eyes and smiles gently. Her body then dissolves into a black mist, almost as if she were a shadow. SynHawks eyes widened as he watched the blade pass though her body. He then smiled and spun around quickly. Blocking her next strike as she rebounded off the ground, springing onto him again. As he hit her blade his free hand darts behind him into his cape, it emerges holding a dagger. He lashed out once again at her form. Again she disappeared into a mist but as she began to reform she was unaware of SynHawks foot. It had shot out and connected with her leg as she finished materializing, this caught her off guard and sent her sprawling into the dust, her leg buckling as she went down. SynHawk backed off a little and spoke.

"So that is what you are...I should have guessed" The woman got up and smiled at SynHawk.
"Yes that is right I am a Vampire, the creature of darkness, a creature of... power" She smiled at the presence of the last word.
"oh please your nothing but a soulless parasite who feeds on humans as if they were cattle" SynHawk raised his blade.
"I am the next stage of life! I am the immortal being of the night! and I shall not let words like that of which you speak be in the air without punishment!" At this her hand shot out and she threw her blade at Synhawk. It hit his blade. The force of the throw coupled with his surprise made him let go of it, he watched it slide across the rocky ground. His head then darted towards the vampire, for the instant his eyes had left her she had slipped her hand to her ankle and unclipped three throwing stars and as he looked up he saw one of them flying towards his face. He held up his hand and his eyes flashed blue, the throwing star turned to ice in mid-air and as it connected with SynHawks hand his fingers wrapped around it and he threw it to the ground, shattering it. The vampire watched and grew furious at this.
"Nothing but mere party tricks!" she raised her hands to her cheeks and then let fly with the remaining two throwing stars from her hands. As they flew threw the air SynHawk smiled and turned sideways, the first star passed SynHawks back, giving him a wide birth. The second however did not miss by as much. It flew at SynHawks neck and as it reached him it missed by an inch and instead cut his capes sliver clasp like butter. As the cloak drifted to the ground SynHawk was already advancing on the female vampire, dagger at the ready. SynHawk watched as the vampire seemed to panic at the show of dexterity and backed off slightly, now weaponless. When SynHawk was just short of her she lashed out and as her hand her nails had lengthened to almost three inches and they where as sharp as razors. SynHawk moved out of the way of the first hands strike and watched as the hand passed his chest but now it was her turn to surprise him. She brought her second hand up to SynHawks face as his eyes were still watching the first hand pass. Three of her nails struck his cheek, cutting a three pronged gash on his young face. SynHawk was knocked sideways with the force of the blow.

As his blood dripped to the ground he looked up at the vampire over him and he jumped up, bringing his fist with the dagger to her cheek, cutting a gash. His second hand connected with her chest. The blows sent her flying onto the ground and SynHawk grinned with vengance, not aware of the pain coming from his cheek. The vampire was sprawled on the ground, shocked from the power of the boys’ hits, SynHawk turned and ran back to his blade. He picked it up he saw the vampire getting up slowly and he held his hand out and his eyes once again flashed blue, a sphere of glowing ice flew from his hand and sped towards the vampire. it connected with the vampire and she was thrown to the ground once again but this time she was more fortunate. She hit the ground and rolled along the ground, her foot caught something and she propelled herself up and started to flee towards the forest. SynHawk however was hot on her tail, as he drew closer he brought the blade to his shoulder ready to strike and his second hand was now holding a glowing ball of white light. When he reached her she turned and gasped at his speed, she started to turn into the familiar shadow but SynHawk brought the ball of light from his hand and threw it at the vampire. She screamed, stoppping her transformation, He then brought the blade down, removing her left arm at the elbow and the blade then continued down to her torso. As the blade passed though and out the other side she fell to the ground, panting from the pain. SynHawk looked down at her legs and watched as they burst to flame and dust.

SynHawk proceeded to sheath his longsword and keeled by the fallen, vampire. He put his hand out over her and she gasped and tried to move away but she was in too much pain to move. As she lay under SynHawks arm her pain suddenly seemed to lessen and she looked again at his hand it was giving off a faint white glow. Then her pain, stopped. She looked down and she was no longer bleeding, with nothing to show that she had just been cut in half. SynHawk stood and looked down.
"Just a vampire... So you tried to kill the tainted one, as I seem now to be labeled " his gaze held hers and then she broke it off. "So what is your name?" Her eyes dulled and went back to their whiteness.
"My name is Vachilli and M-" she cut herself short, almost being stupid enough to let her masters name slip. SynHawk heard this and moved his head down
“I can bring the pain back” he said almost in a whisper.
"Malcorey" she spoke quickly "His name is Malcorey" Synhawk grimiced "a new master in these parts then" He looked down at the Vampire and held his palm out towards her. A red glow was in his hand, it grew brighter untill a ball of fire was there. He let it drop onto what remianed of her torso. Vachilli's eyes widened and she let out a silent scream and burst into flame and then dissolved into dust. SynHawk sighed, getting up "Well at least that wasn't painful for her" He then walked back to his bag. Looking at his dagger he slid it into its sheath on the back of his hip.
Less than ten minutes later SynHawk had left the lake along a road that passed to a nearby village. As he made his way along he looked at the now useless cape that was draped over his arm. When the throwing star had cut though the clasp it had done just that, cut the clasp and ruined it totally, it was now unusable. SynHawk smiled to himself and laughed. Well at least now he had an excuse to by some new clothes...and that was a rare occurrence. As Vachilli had said, he was a hybrid, an unwelcome one at that.

As these memories drifted in and out of SynHawks mind he found himself wandering along the road aimlessly. During the time it had grown dark and the stars had come out. SynHawk looked up at the stars and suddenly grew very cold, he looked down the road and saw a light. He did not know what its source was but he was getting too cold to be weary of it now. SynHawk sped-up and as he got closer he noticed that it was an inn on the side of the road. As he approached he saw that it was made out of grey stone and was roofed with large planks of wood. It had two large windows but they were too fogged up and grimy to be of any use. SynHawk approached the door around the front and put his hand on the handle, he turned it and opened the door. As he entered he saw that it was a highly lit room with at least two stories because he could see the stairs on the other side of the room. SynHawk looked around and saw that there was a roaring fire on one side with two tables lined next to it and tables lining the other wall. In the middle where two large wooden tables for he guessed a feast of some sort. As SynHawk took a step into the inn the wind picked up and blew the door shut behind him, the people inside the inn looked up at the noise. SynHawk looked at the people, there was a group of five people sitting at a table in the far corner from the bar and the fireplace, other than that there where only the bar tender and two lone people on separate tables by the fire. As SynHawk looked at the people A large man walked down the stairs and glanced at SynHawk. He wore a apron upon his chest with a brown shirt and pants underneath. The man started to make his way over to SynHawk but as his did this SynHawk started to topple as exhaustion and hunger took over his body and SynHawk fell to the floor, darkness engulfing his mind and he drifted into nothing.

Submitted: November 20, 2007

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Wow that was great Hawk it's nothing like the old version of the first chapter expect for the end and SynHawk getting gashed in the face. You have improved greatly. When did you write this first copy? Can't wait for more.


Sat, November 24th, 2007 1:46am


I wrote this back in, 200...4. Near the beginning, so wow 4ish years. Actually the 'more' you speak about is on booksie already, SoA old chapter 2 is what came a week later. But chapter one got re-written before I posted it on booksie. Anyway i'm glad you liked it , thanks ^^

Hawk ^^

Fri, January 11th, 2008 11:43pm


That was an amazing piece of writing I whish mine was as good!

Tue, December 4th, 2007 12:01pm


~grins~ i'm glad you liked. Least I wasn't too bad all those years ago.. man listen to me I sound *old*, anyway thankyou and keep reading!

Hawk ^^

Fri, January 11th, 2008 11:45pm

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