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About the devastating 6.3 aftershock in Christchurch. (February 22 2011)

Submitted: September 28, 2011

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Submitted: September 28, 2011



A fragile ray of summer sun

Wavers in the breeze, then yields

Wind sweeps across the country

Across lush green, shimmering fields,


But a stark, cold and barren fault

Weapon of the woman Nature

Juts up the island

A scar, alive, ready to fracture,


The monster twists and writhes

Laughing at quiet towns

Sneering at bustling cities

Crushing all who stand their ground;


We are not safe.


The ground heaves and shivers

The scar’s awful smile buckles

And the air seems to quiver

The birds swallow their songs,


None can escape the tremor

None can withstand the force

Roads whip like belts and

Crumble façades in their course,


Buildings sink into clouds of dust

Fear rising in their place

Sirens, screams, silence

Follow the rumbling embrace;


We are not safe.

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