The kingdom(faries #1) chapters 6-7

The kingdom(faries #1) chapters 6-7 The kingdom(faries #1) chapters 6-7

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Tiffiany now knows shes a farie
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Tiffiany now knows shes a farie

Chapter1 (v.1) - The kingdom(faries #1) chapters 6-7

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Tiffiany now knows shes a farie

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Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 09, 2013



Chapter 6

I set my alarm to 6:am on my phone/stone.So when i woke up this morning i listened to i need a hero than go out of bed and now i am eating breakfest in the kitchen."Morning sleepy" i said to klaus as he walked in.

"Ugh" Klaus said with bed head,grabbing a muffin. "So i was up last night thinking about this Bosto guy?" i ask shoving a spoon of caption crunch in my mouth. "He's a player and last all you need to know" Klaus answers.(Doorbell rings).

" And thats probably him, coming here to meet the kings daughter .

which means you should go put pants on" Klaus said with laughter.

"What" i said looking down. I run to the bedroom "oh my god".

I can see Klaus at the door down the hall.

"Oh klaus what are you doing here?"

"Lets just say i know Tiffiany" klaus said.

"Well i want to see her, she's going to train with me" Bosto said with a wink.

"Well shes still sleep, and she's all ready got a partner" klaus says with a smart ass tone. He starts to close the door.

Bosto stops the door with his hand " im not leaving yet"

I walk over to greet Bosto "Hi im Tiffiany".

"Hi im Bosto" he said with a gorgeous smile. "i came over to ask if you would like to be my partner but your friend klaus here" he gives klaus a glare but klaus returned the glare. "Filled me in on you already having a partner" Bosto says.

"Sorry bosto klaus was just joking" i say looking back at him. "i dont have a partner"

" I'd love to be yours" i said nervously.

"Okay see you in an hour" he said with a smile.

i shut the door. "Tiffiany i just told you he's bad news and you decide to train with him a smiple no would have bin fine to answer with" klaus says

"Klaus would you just stop! you're not my fricken boyfriend, ill be fine" i said.Seconds after i know i have hurt him.

"Good! i'm glad we got that figured out cause for a second there i really thought you felt something for me!" he said walking away.

I go into my bedroom and close the door. I pull out a white sports bra that has "Tiffiany" stittched on it and than some black stretchy shorts.

I come out and go into the kitchen just to see klaus already left. I think i really hurt him.

When i get there everybody is wearing the same thing as me; everybody is standing to the front of the room with there backs at me. Samual was talking " Everybody i know none has done this. So we will start slow i have asked William the king of winters Kingdom to send some of there warrior's here to help us train and some of our own have gone there so please welcome the group from winters Kingdom." I notice Trevor is here.

As Samual is done talking i look around for Klaus but i cant seem to find him.

"Tiffiany!" Bosto yells runing over to us. "Lets go" Bosto said taking my hand smiling, so i returned the smile.





Trevor's pointerview

I don't see Tiffiany, but i see klaus so i take the risk of going over to him. "Trevor?" klaus says. "Where's Tiffiany?" i ask.

Klaus points to Bosto and Tiffiany. "Why the fuck is she training with him?" i asked. "I don't fricken know she wouldn't take my advice and say no." klaus said. "Were partners, ill be back" i said to klaus, walking away. "Umm okay?" he said.

I walk over to Tiffiany and bosto "What are you doing here" Bosto says standing infront of Tiffiany.

"I need to speak with Tiffiany she'll be back" i said grabbing Tiffany hand.

"Where are we going?" Tiffiany askes. I open a door to a weapons room, i let go of her hand and shut door.

I take her head in my hands and kiss her like i have'nt seen her for years.





Tiffianys pointerview

"Woah were did that come from" i said kissing him back deeply. Trevor stoped kissing me. "Sorry i couldn't come back sooner, but i kept my promise that i would come back" klaus says. "I know, but atleast you came back" i said.

"Whats wrong?" he askes brushing a peice of my hair out of my face. "I won't last! i can bearly fight humans let alone faries! and i don't want you guys getting hurt" i said. "Tiffiany you'll have me there okay, and as much as i hate it you'll have klaus to he won't let you get hurt and neither will i!" he says. "Why dose everybody think klaus will protect me!" oh klaus loves you, klaus will keep you safe, klaus is right for you, can't everybody just get the fact that he dosen't love me!" i said backing away from Trevor. "Tiffiany isn't it obvious! to you he loves you!..wait who other then me has said he loved you?" Trevor askes.

"Oh yeah did i forget to mention you ex- girlfriend dropped by and said she was still you'res and oh yeah she hit me".

"My ex- girlfriend who?"

"Lila ring a bell to you?"

"Tiffiany im so sorry, i didnt tell you because i thought she was dead!"

"Okay" I said.

"She wen't missing well actually she got kicked out of the kingdom, so i kinda can't tell her anything" Trevor says.

"Then how the hell is she seeing me in the war rounds!?" i asked freaked out.

"What do you mean?"

"She said she would see me in the war rounds!"

"But if she's not in our kingdom" Trevor says.

"And not ours!" i said.

"Then were not the only ones at war!" he said with shock.
















Chapter 7


i hear a knock on the door , "Hello is anyone in there?"

"Its klaus!" i said. He swings the door open.

"Oh woah sorry am i intrupting" Klaus askes with a little anger.

"Not anymore" Trevor says.

"Klaus you remeber how when Lila came and said a bunch of shit?" i said trying to change the subject of him just walking in on me and Trevor.

"Yea?" he said.

"Remeber when she said see you in the war rounds!?" i ask


"Well she's not with my kingdom anymore since she was kicked out" Trevor says.

"And Klaus you know shes not in our Kingdom" i say.

"Soo.. " me and trevor say.

"So were not the only ones at war" Klaus figures out.

"We have to go tell Samual!" i said walking out of the room twoards Samual.

"We need to talk" i said with a serious tone.

"Sure thing daughter, come" Samual said.

"Klaus and Trevor are coming to" i said.

"Why must they?" he asks worried.

I cant tell him alone, i don't know what he is like when hes angry.

"Dad please" i say. All three boy's look at me as soon as i said dad and i knew they would but he needs to know and thats one of the only way's he will listen.

Samual meets my gaze.

"Okay come in the dressing room" Samual says. So we follow. We get into the dressing room, Trevor is the last on in he locks the door behide him. "We are not the only ones at war" i say to Samual.

"What do you mean child, of course we" Samual said.

"Samual, i know you remember Lila the girl who was kicked out of my kingdom a year ago" Trevor says.

"Yes of course i do" he says.

"Well" klaus says "She paied a little visit to me and Tiffiany a few days ago."

"Thats imposible, how can one live out in the wild for a year and not starve to death" Samual said. "Unless." Samual continues.

"Unless what?" i ask.

"Nope thats not possible!" Samual said, unlocking the door as he walks out.

"All faires were under attack 1000's of years ago there were nine deadly monsters that came to our kingdom called desteners. They have so much more power then i will ever have, only because what they do. Desteners hunt people with a destion like you my child." Samual said pointing to me. " Anyone who get's in there way. Thats why we have a law not to the leave kingdom with out consalting me. If Lila is with them then that means there group has gotten bigger over the years".

"They say you can find one of the nine faries in the Thantoas Covedent in the fornever forest.

"Trevor, go back to youre kingdom and get you're stuff ill go get ready we leave in 2 hours" Klaus says talking me by suprise.

"Hey! im coming to!" i say.

"No, Samual just said there after people like you we cant risk that, you're staying here"


"Klaus is right, Tiffiany i don't want to risk you're life" Trevor says.

"But you guys are willing to risk yours i don't think so i am the princess! i will attened this journy, wether you like it or not" i said, feeling power for the first time.

"Tiffiany, you will not leave with out my consalt" Samual said.

"Samual please, we need to find them so we know what were up against!" i bag.

"Alright but Klaus if anything happens to my girl, you might as well never come back" Samual says.

"I under stand Samual, I will not let anyone or anything hurt her" Klaus says looking at me with disapointment. Samual leaves the room.

"I'll see you in two hours" Trevor said kissing me, and all i felt was guilt. i couldnt even remove my gaze off of klaus when Trevor kissed me. I know Klaus is pissed off at me and i don't blame him.

Klaus walks passed me, i feel that just made things ten times worst between us.

* * *

Trevor and Klaus met me in the middle of the field by the gates, we had to go on foot the whole way. I didn't excactly know why but i didn't want to question Samual's word about it. Me and Trevor were walking ahead Klaus just fell behind, i guess because he was still pissed off at me.

* * *

As we are walking through a old style village...

"Tiffiany, do you still love me?" Trevor randomly blurts out.

"Trevor? why would you even ask me that" i ask

"Because our love use to be the best thing i could ever think of and now i feel that everythings changed, so do you i need an answer"

I take a quick glance at Klaus because i know this is going to hurt him more.

"Of course i do, how could i not" i say putting a smile on my face.

"Good because i decide i don't want to be apart anymore"

"Well its not that simple Trevor you know it's not"

"WELL i have a plan would you like to hear it or not?"

"Okay tell me"

"After the war is done we run, run away and never look back" Trevor says.

"Are you crazy!" Klaus said running up to us "King's daughter or not they'll come after you. Trevor you'll be thrown in jail so fast"

"You would like that wouldn't you, i got thrown in jail and you could fuck around with Tiffiany all you want!" Trevor says.

"Trevor!" I said with anger.

"You're right i would be happier with you gone, but you being a part of her still didnt stop us from kissing. Klaus says.

"You kissed?!" Trevor askes with anger.

"You never told him! Klaus said with laughter.

"Trevor i wanted to tell you i just~ i said getting cut off.

"Why didnt you tell me?!" Trevor askes me.

Him and Klaus both staire at me waiting for an answer.

"Its hard to explain..." i say.



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