Her Phone and His Phone

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Submitted: May 26, 2014

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Submitted: May 26, 2014



"Bub bub", my smartphone burped.

I took it out and turned on the screen to see who caused my phone to hiccup.  I touched the Whatsapp messenger icon to read the message.

Unknown number: Hey there!  Nice to meet you Strawberry101!  So you must like strawberries if you calling yourself strawberry?

Shoot!  Which guy was this?  Was it Man123 or Iamtheone?  Or could it be MrRhere or even BBBear?

I replied back.

Strawberry101: Hi!  Nice to meet you too!  Yes I love strawberries!  My favourite kinda fruit!

Unknown number: I love strawberries too!  That's another thing we have in common!

I glanced at his profile picture next to his number on my phone screen, hoping that it would give me a clue to which guy he was.  It was of a mountain.  So I assumed he liked hiking.

Strawberry101: Cool hehe

If I asked for his username then it wouldn't be that good, would it?

Unknown number: So what's strawberry's real name?

Strawberry101:  Name is Ella.  What's yours?

Unknown number:  Ella is a nice name!  I'm Aaron.  How's your weekend so far?

I saved Aaron's number in my phone.  Who was Aaron?  I hoped he was Man123 because we both liked each other's profile.

Ella:  Good thanks!  How's yours?


Ella was keeping her replies short for now as she didn't know which guy he was.  A few days ago, she was scrolling through the list of men as if she was shopping for a dress to buy.  She had found a few that she liked and she had decided to message them.  She didn't post a picture of herself on this singles dating website as she wasn't comfortable with the idea of displaying herself online like that.  She hadn't even told any of her friends that she had joined this too.  Who would of thought that someone would reply back to a picture of a strawberry?

They conversed some more and Aaron finally asked for a picture of Ella.


Aaron:  Can you send me a photo please?  I would really like to see what you look like.

Ella: My photo is there!  I'm a talking strawberry!

Aaron:  LOL sure you are but inside that strawberry, there must be a sweet looking human being!

Ella:  Hahaha ok!  But in return can you send me a photo of you?

Although I knew what the guys looked like but some of them posted unclear pictures plus I wanted to know which guy Aaron was.

Aaron: Yeah ok!  That sounds fair!

I looked through my phone for pictures.  Which photo should I send him?  Me dressed up as a Minnie Mouse for a costume party?  It was a nice photo of me but in a costume?What would he think?  I didn't have many photos of myself on my own which I thought was good enough except that one which I thought was cute!Then I finally came across one of me with a blueberry cheesecake in front of me.  I clicked on it and sent it to him.

Aaron:  Wow I didn't expect you to look like that!

Ella giggled.

Ella: What do you mean?

Aaron:  You are pretty!

Ella: Oh thanks!  Hehe can you send me your picture now?

Aaron:  Yea.  Here you go!

He had gelled up black hair, mysterious looking eyes sheltered by thick eyebrows, straight looking nose and thin lips.  He looked like my type but I felt disappointed because he wasn't Man123.I quickly went back on the website to click on MrRhere to read his details.

Ella:  How tall are you?

Aaron: Not that tall.  5ft7.

Ella: Ah that's taller than me.  I'm 5ft2.


Ella and Aaron continued to message for a few days and they finally decided to meet up for a coffee.  She decided to wear her favourite grey cropped jumper with a black tank top underneath and skinny blue jeans.


Aaron: I'm here.  Where are you? 

Ella:  I'm here too.  What are you wearing?

Aaron:  I'm wearing a blue-T shirt and jeans, standing kind of near the escalators.

Ella looked for the escalators and there he was.  Feelings of confusion and embarrassment were created within Ella and they surfaced to the top.  Her eyebrows almost met for a split second.

"Hi! Nice to meet you!" Aaron walked towards Ella and greeted her with his hand out to shake her hand. 

Ella shook his hand and her eyes met his eyes.  They were the same height.  Was Ella really 5ft7 and not 5ft2? 




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