My Kung Fu Fighter

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He's all that I wished for...

Submitted: February 14, 2014

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Submitted: February 14, 2014



"Haven't seen you in such a long time!" my friend said whose face beamed at me.

I was glad she was happy to see me and I was happy to see her too.

"I know!" I agreed with her.

It was about two months ago since we last met.

"So how have you been?" she asked and she looked eager to know what was happening with my life.

"Well...I'm good I suppose" I replied and then I let out a nervous laugh.

I saw a hint of confusion expressed on her face for a minute but it quickly changed back to her original friendly and smiley face.  I blushed.

"I see that your eyes are carrying bags there!  Hmmm...what's making them work so hard?  You sure you are alright?", she said while raising one eyebrow.

It made me chuckle and it made me appreciate the fact I have her as a friend.  She was always good at sensing something that was bothering me.

"Well...I think I am ok" I giggled and then continued "I met someone" which was followed by a grin.

"Oh that's great!  Tell me more!" she exclaimed.

I didn't know where to start as my mind was invaded by 'my kung fu fighter' who was attacking my brain.  He was making a mess and had taken control.  I couldn't help myself from seeing him in my head as he would just appear out of nowhere.  It affected my sleep.

"He is from the US and he came to Hong Kong for training.  He practices kung fu!" I said, putting emphasis on the 'kung fu'.  Clearly you could tell I was impressed with this!

"Ooh so he is fit!", my friend shrieked.

My eyes lit up and an explosion of joy spread throughout my body.

"Yes!  Not only is he fit but he has such a great personality!  I get along with him so well!  He has all the qualities that I am looking for in a guy!  He is all that I wished for!  I just think he is perfect" I said excitedly.

"That is just fantastic!" my friend said gaily but then suddenly her facial expression changed to of a serious one.

"But there is something wrong?" she asked me while peering into my eyes.

My heart skipped a beat and a wave of sadness hit me.  My 'happy face' washed away.

I answered "Yes".

"So what's wrong?", my friend was concerned.

I looked down at my paper cup of hot mocha and reached out with both hands to hold on to it.  I felt cold all of a sudden.

"He flew back to America" I replied.

My friend immediately let out a "Oh".

"Well he went back around a week ago" I sighed and then continued, "He hasn't messaged at all".

Another "Oh" came out from my friend.

"He said he'll come back next year" I said with some optimism.

"What?  You going to wait for him?", my friend was shocked and surprised.

"That's the thing...I really like him so I don't know what to do.  I've been losing sleep and I've been thinking back to what we said before he left"

Voice recordings began to play in my head.  Bits and pieces of it.My kung fu fighter must had chopped it up over these seven days and I don't really remember exactly what was said that night we last met.  I was tired and still was from the lack of sleep.  I had been trying to analyse every detail that I could remember, trying to figure out why he hasn't messaged and what to do.

"Am I being silly?" I asked my friend.




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