Dead Rich

Dead Rich

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Horror fiction book full of zombies.
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Horror fiction book full of zombies.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dead Rich

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Horror fiction book full of zombies.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 05, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 05, 2012



The horror of fighting zombies becomes a reality in Albany, New York where an arrogant, selfish Bo Reynolds finds himself thrown into a perilous situation. He seeks to endeavor in the face of long odds and nearly overwhelming obstacles, which take the form of flesh-eating zombies.

The attack on the United States of America begins, and Bo must save himself from the approaching enemy bombers decimating the city.

Five years later, during the time of a war-torn America, Bo finds himself on the outskirts of the city trying to survive within post-apocalyptic surroundings and its population of zombies.

A beautiful young woman named Lynn frees Bo from danger, and together the two set out to find safety inside Tate Estate, but soon find themselves fighting alongside Cassius and Tony whom are already prisoners within the boundaries of the mansion. The unfortunate four must play a deadly reality game of survival against hordes of hungry zombies in an attempt to win their freedom or face a brutal death.

With evil intent, Mr. Tate, a cruel individual and proud owner of Tate Estate manipulates his servants to do his bidding by ordering them to release wave after wave of zombies into the mansion with the intent to kill the four contestants. As the game progresses, something far worse is unleashed, something so vicious that not even the strong know if they can survive.

While the contestants are struggling for their survival in the lower rooms of the mansion, Mr. Tate’s wealthy guests are on the floor above indulging in food and drink, watching the greatest reality show ever entertained on a television screen.

The fondest Rufus is Mr. Tate’s most obedient servant and fulfills his master’s wishes, but soon a feeling he has never felt before infiltrates his heart, and he will do whatever he can to keep it there.


I have added an excerpt, the prologue to Dead Rich.


A refreshing breeze blew in the morning sky above the city of Albany, New York, and all was normal in the streets below for those at work within the machine of daily life. The hustle and bustle of the people, the sounds of music, the ringing of cell phones, and the honking of horns turned like gears amidst the busy streets.

I turned off the radio, and hung up my ringing cell phone, which was no one of importance, and then honked the horn of my brand new Mercedes SL 550 Roadster at another vehicle that blocked my parking spot. I was irritated. “Come on, man,” I shouted. “Move your car!” Continually, I beeped the horn until the other car finally moved out of the way.

I parked the Mercedes, exited the vehicle, and gently shut the door to the new car I purchased just last week. I smiled proudly and admired the sleekness of the vehicle. Under the hood is a twin-turbo, four point six-liter, V-eight engine with four hundred and twenty-nine horsepower. This baby can go from zero to sixty in four point five seconds, I thought.

With extra swagger in my step, I walked away and without looking, I held out the key remote to set the alarm and listened for the familiar ploo-doop sound, which let me know the vehicle was secure.

I looked at the now greying sky and the storm clouds rolling in. “I didn’t think it was going to rain today,” I mumbled. I ignored the weather and strutted my way across the parking lot towards the front door of my office building. Yes, Reynolds Law Firm belonged to me. I am the sole proprietor. I, myself earned the pennies needed to build the twenty story high building with large glass windows covering all four sides from the ground to the roof like one big chunk of glass. I purposely made sure the contractors erected the building in the middle of Albany because my building possessed a beauty greater than any other building could.

I prepared myself for another day of moneymaking. I went to work the same way I did every day, greeting everyone I came across with contempt. I love to parade through the halls with my nose held high, and pass those employees that work for me. I know not one of them will greet me, which is why I’ll never do the same. I’m fully aware, their scornful looks come out behind my back, but I don’t care. I’m the only one who matters in this fast-paced world, and I’ll let everyone around me know how I feel, I thought. A smile of satisfaction crossed my face at the truth of my life. I will admit, I am conceited and I only care about one thing, and that’s making money and lots of it.

I entered the building and ignored the checkin secretary, whom sat behind a desk across from the main door. She meant nothing to me, and she didn’t want anything to do with me, which suited me just fine. I made my way to the elevator and released a grunt of disgust at the fake trees standing on either side of the doors. If the girls worked harder, maybe I’d buy them some real trees, but they probably wouldn’t take care of them. Then again, I’d have to spend money on them and that’s something I’m not about to do, I thought.

I pressed the button and waited for the elevator doors to open. I grew impatient and found myself tapping my foot on the ground. I smiled arrogantly. Finally, the elevator’s bell dinged, the doors opened, and I stepped through. I pressed the button for the twentieth floor and waited for the doors to close. I felt the elevator lung into its ascension. Soon, I’ll be in my office, I thought.

When the elevator stopped, I impatiently waited for the doors to open, and as soon as they did, I stepped into my world. I walked past the mass of cluttered desks hidden behind cubicles, which filled the large room. I ignored the interns and wannabe lawyers whom spoke into microphones and to one another. They all hope to be like me, one day, I thought. I smiled at my thought. I walked from one end of the room to the other. The feeling of power coursed through my soul with each step I took. I felt like a king overlooking his kingdom, one he controlled with force.

I love my job. I will sue anyone for a penny just to fatten my own wallet. Simply because I can, I thought.

I made my way to the double glass doors on the opposite wall, pushed my way through the left door, and stepped into my space. This is where I make everything happen, I thought with an invigorating greatness.

The fifteen-foot square room possessed a claustrophobic feeling, something I planned on rectifying soon. Three women sat behind one of the three neat and tidy desks, which were in a row.

The exterior wall across from where I stood was comprised of four-foot wide pane glass windows, which ran from the ceiling down to a two-foot high knee wall. White painted sheetrock made up the other three walls. Four-foot tall filing cabinets stood in front of the left wall.

Slowly, I walked to my office door located on the right side of the room. A water fountain with a large copier/fax machine on the other side stood next to my office door. Plaques hung on the wall above the copy machine and ran from my door to the glass windows. Twenty of the plagues existed and each one represented the greatness my law firm held.

Before I entered the door to my office, I turned and looked at the three secretaries whom were busily going about their daily assignments. Due to my demeanor, all three of them hid their faces to avoid any type of eye contact.

I snickered and remembered how I dated each one, slept with each one, and dumped each one, after I grew tired of them. Occasionally, I thought about firing each one, but their work ethics were better than their bed ethics, so I decided to keep them around, at least for now. I figured they remained working for Reynolds Law Firm because the pay was good. If you ask me, I pay them too much, I thought. I smirked at them and thought about instigating some drama with them to make them nervous, but decided not to. Today, I’m going to close one of the biggest cases Reynolds Law Firm has ever taken on, I thought. And it’s going to be one great, big payday. A look of jubilation formed on my face and nothing could possibly remove it.

My name is Bo Reynolds. I’m in my mid-twenties with a body that possesses a muscular physique. My handsomeness turns a woman’s head and causes them to stare my way. When I smile, dimples take shape, inducing women to want to kiss my lips. My carnal eyes can keep a woman’s attention for the longest of times. I’ve gone through life knowing these features would attract the opposite sex and I make it a point to flaunt them purposely, and in a teasing manner. Spoiled beyond any hope, my attitude always becomes my downfall, as I think I own the entire world. Everybody and everything is below me, unworthy of my attention.

I placed my hand on the doorknob to my office door, but paused to look at the large nameplate mounted on the door. The black lettering stood out from the bronze background, which read:

President and CEO

Reynolds Law Firm

Bo Reynolds

The smile on my face grew. Oh, how I admire myself for what I’ve become, I thought. My hand turned the doorknob and I was about to step into my office, but paused.

Faintly at first, I heard pounding sounds coming from outside. At first, the sounds were in the distance, but grew in volume and reminded me of explosions you’d hear in a war movie. The rumbling was becoming louder until the sound turned into loud thunderous booms.

Like an earthquake, the building shook to its foundation. I gripped the doorknob tightly and held on for stability. I ducked to avoid the glass, which shattered from the windows and flew across the room. I looked at the three screaming secretaries whom made their way through the double doors into the larger room. I didn’t hesitate, as I followed right behind them and stepped into a madhouse.

The frightened, screaming people ran about the room. I searched the faces of those nearby. I recognized another of my ex-girlfriends. “Michelle! Michelle!” I shouted. “What’s happening?”

Michelle stopped for a split second and looked at who was speaking to her. She gave me a dirty look. “We’re under attack!” she said. She shook free of my grasp and frantically took off towards the elevator to disappear into the craziness, which filled the room.

I couldn’t believe what Michelle had said. Now I wanted to know more. Something was happening and I was determined to find out what. I grabbed the arm of a man about to run by. I looked into his frightened eyes. “What’s happening?” I demanded to know.

With wide eyes, the man looked at the hand, which had a hold of his arm. A horrified look sat on his face. “We’re being bombed!” he exclaimed. He shook his arm free of my grasp and raced across the room.

I became confused. “What?” I asked myself. I ran to the window, looked out, and covered my mouth with my hand. I spoke my words through my fingers. “What the…,” I said.

Air raid sirens blared, warning the people of the approaching doom. Off in the distance, thick clouds of billowing smoke rose into the darkening skyline. My eyes went wide. Now, I understood what was happening.

Large planes, which I presumed were the bomber type, blocked out the sun and stretched across the skyline. These monstrosities were coming straight towards my building. The engines roared and drowned out all other sounds. I could see the dots dropping from the bottom of the planes.

Bumps formed on my arms when the sounds of the whistling bombs detonated into the nearby buildings to send horrific explosions blasting outwards on impact. Windows shattered and sent glass to the street below. The scared people ran through the clogged streets in an attempt to avoid death from the buildings, which crumbled to the ground, and sent clouds of dust and debris rolling through the city streets.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. My mind tried to comprehend the horrific sight. The destruction held me rooted to the floor until I looked out at the planes.

After a moment, I broke free from the paralyzing trance, and decided I needed to get out of the building.

Now, I was fully aware of how close the bombs were. I turned from the window and ran for the elevator. The building shook with a greater intensity, and I tried not to fall. As I crossed the room, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cellphone. My fingers pushed the keypad and I tried to make several different calls, but the phone lost its service. I ran to the nearest desk to use the landline phone. “Hello! Hello!” I screamed into the receiver, but the line was dead. As I slammed the receiver down onto the phone, I felt the anxiety sweep across my body.

I turned and ran across the room, and didn’t stop until I had to flatten myself against the wall to avoid the ceiling that crashed to the floor in front of me. I ducked as sparks shot out from the recessed fluorescent lights attached to the ceiling.

I stood in front of the elevator. The doors opened, but I chose not to enter. Instead, I headed for the stairwell, which was in the right corner, no more than twenty feet away. I made my way to the door, stepped through, and descended the forever-spiraling stairs. My hand held a death grip on the metal railing and I didn’t stop until I stood in front of the metal exit door, which led to the outside. I don’t know why, but I stopped to read the, exit only sign. I guess I wanted to make sure I was heading in the right direction. I snickered at my own stupidity and pushed the door open.

With wide eyes, I looked at the exploding bombs, the surging clouds of smoke, and the crumbling buildings. I tried to block out the people whom screamed and ran around aimlessly in search of safety, so I shut the door to get away from the destruction and misery. I closed my eyes and thought my only hope for survival would be to go to the basement.

As fast as my feet would go, I descended the stairs until I was below ground level. I opened the metal door at the bottom and stepped into a long, never-ending hall. I can’t see the end. Maybe there isn’t one, I thought.

I slammed the door closed and leaned my back against its metal surface. I looked at my surroundings and didn’t feel safe within the confines of the concrete walls. As I looked at the different sized pipes and fluorescent lights, which ran alongside one another on the ceiling, I became surprised the power was still on. I also wondered why no one else was down here. I thought for sure I’d find others. Then, to add to my misery, the florescent lights flickered and went out. I was in the dark, alone, and scared. I pictured the layout of the hall in my mind and used my hands to feel my way to the safety of the concrete corner. Once there, I placed my back against the wall and slid into a sitting position.

I flinched each time a bomb exploded into the earth above my head. Sitting alone in the dark, scared out of my mind, I closed my eyes to keep out the falling dust. Every so often, the lights would flicker, but never came on to stay. As the ground above my head took a pounding, I bowed my head and hugged my knees. Though I am a man, I wept with a want for the confusion to go away. “Why is this happening?” I cried.


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