The Kidnappers

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Some serial-killing kidnappers pass through a remote town. Is it a bear that Jessica and David hear while camping? Or is it something, or someone, else?

Submitted: April 14, 2012

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Submitted: April 14, 2012



Jessica Harrison hurried from her last class as the bell finally heralded the beginning of the weekend. Being an A student and something of an over-achiever, she had found the time to complete most of her homework in class and during lunch. This gave her a free weekend with David. David... her best friend since first grade, and now her high-school sweetheart. She would be spending the weekend hiking with him, just the two of them... she sighed, and gave a small squeal of anticipation.

She rushed as much as she could to the corner of Smithson Street; as much as she could, while hauling a backpack that on the scale registered as being 53.6 pounds. At the corner of this street, under the blooming boughs of an apricot tree, she would find David waiting for her.

On seeing his bespectacled face, a huge grin broke across Jessica's face. She ran into his arms and he kissed her. Hand-in-hand, she (a junior) and he (a senior), walked to her house on Curie Avenue.

After depositing their packs and grabbing some chocolate-chip cookies, the happy pair took her SUV and drove east towards the mountains, windows open, music blaring, holding hands.


They arrived at their favorite spot in the forest, and gathered their tent and gear. It would take all day to reach the campsite clearing. David and Jessica blissfully spoke sweetly to each other. They positively adored one another, as two suns in a bistar solar system revolve around each other.

It was twilight when they reached the campsite. As they toasted marshmallows over the small fire in front of the tent, David spoke conversationally to Jessica.

"Did you hear about what happened the Angelica Martinez?"

"No, but I noticed she hasn't been to school for two weeks. What happened?"

David ate a marshmallow and stuck another onto the roasting stick. "According to her freshman sister, Mary, she was kidnapped."

Jessica had not expected this. The town they lived in was relatively safe and their school was situated in a friendly neighborhood.


"Yes, apparently there's a gang suspected to be passing through the town. They treated Angelica quite brutally. They recovered and buried her remains yesterday."

Jessica was speechless. "You don't think they'd pass through the forest, do you?" She fleetingly thought of the silver car that had followed most of their trail since coming out of town.

"No, there's not enough prey to attract them. Besides, authorities say that the kidnappers are becoming sloppy. They should make arrests soon."

Jessica shivered despite the warm oaken breeze. The marshmallows tasted like cinders to her unappetized tongue. Sensing her distress, David held her close.

"I brought a pocketknife as a tool," he said, "but if necessary I'll use it as a weapon. No matter what, I won't let anyone hurt you. Do you understand, baby?"

Jessica nodded, already feeling safer in his arms. After putting out the fire-- smoke rising, steam hissing-- they went in their tent and zipped their sleepingbags, and eventually a relatively uneasy slumber overcame them.


It was around midnight when Jessica was awakened by the urge to pass water. She silently slipped out of the tent and felt around for a tree. When she had finished, she was going back to her sleepingbag when she heard a loudly snapping twig, which echoed strangely. She held still. If she had disturbed a bear, it would go away if it became uninterested. She heard heavy footfalls ebbing away.

She breathed a sigh of relief. Surely it was a bear, and it was safe to move now. Still, she had to be careful; she did not want to be seen as a threat to cubs by an angry black bear mother.

While tiptoeing back to the tent, she too stepped on a stick that cracked shrilly. She paused a moment; it seemed like an eternity. Finally she dared to breathe and moved again.

She had almost reached the tent when she detected a large, heavy figure right behind her.


David was awakened by a shrill scream. Jessica's scream. My God! he thought, fumbling for his knife. Is she alright? What's happening?

He bounded out of the tent, glancing frantically around for his sweet Jessica. He couldn't see a thing, and so spoke boldly out to thin air.

"I warn you, I'm armed! So let her go unharmed, or else!"

Silence prevailed sickenigly for an eternal moment. David could have sworn he heard a deep, gutteral chuckle.

The full moon broke out from behind a cloud, revealing Jessica's emaciated form on the forest floor, and three people, one of which was huge and wielding a dagger, which caught the light wickedly and was dripping with scarlet ooze.


Before thinking, David ran to Jessica. He was immediately siezed by the largest of the three. He held the bloody dagger to his throat.

"Listen, boy," he snarled. "You get us what we want, or you end up like your sweetheart there. Ya hear me?"

David fought back overwhelming tears as he considered his choices. He could die and be with Jessica again; that would prevent him from doing his captors' evil bidding. Or he could manipulate his actions into landing these murderers in prison, and thereby avenge Jessica's death. He decided on the latter.

"What do you want of me?" he said, trying to sound bold but his voice trembling.

"You, boy," he said, "are gonna get me money. Lots of it. I traced your license plate, and I know that you're the son of the owner of the bank in that little town there. You're gonna get me that money. Understand, whelp?"

David nodded his ascent. Meanwhile he was frantically trying to come up with a counter-attack.

"Just when do you exactly expect me to get this money for you?"

"Well, that there depends. When were you goin' back?"

"Tomorrow," David lied.

"Well, then," the foul-breathed monster sneered. "You getta spend the night in the trunk."

David was dragged to a silver car on the edge of the road. The kidnappers' strides were much longer than his or Jessica's, so they made it back in one or two hours. He was then thrust into the trunk and left in darkness. Luckily the trunk was not closed off from the car, so he could breathe. David let silent tears stream down his eyes. Jessica was gone, truly gone. He was utterly stunned by this fact. It couldn't be true.


The kidnappers didn't have to wake up David; he obviously had been unable to get any sleep. It must have been about eight in the morning. They siezed him and stood him up, then rigged him with a device under his shirt.

"Just to let you know, kid," the ringleader drawled, "that there's a bomb with a camera. If we hear anythin' funny, we'll remotely detonate you. Understood?"

David just scowled as they shoved him in the back seat. Meanwhile he came up with a plan as they drove back into town.


David had the fortune of having a deaf mother. His aunt, who managed the front desk at the bank, had learned sign language when they were growing up. He also knew sign language. Around these facts, the unfortunate eighteen-year-old formulated a plot.


The silver car pulled up casually to the bank building. Being the banker's son, they assumed he had a large account and this is what they planned to take. David decided to use this against them.

He walked casually into the buiilding and addressed his aunt in sign language, out of view of the camera, while he spoke to her vocally. What he vocalised was, "Hi, aunt, how are you?" What he signed was, Work with me. We're being watched.

"How are you, David?" was the casual reply. His aunt understood the urgency of the situation.

"Fine, I just needed to make a withdrawal." Angelica's kidnappers intercepted us. Jessica's dead. They want me to get them a lot of money.

"How much do you want?" asked his aunt, attempting to quell her alarm.

"All of it." I need you to pretend to get someone to show me to my vault, but instead go call the police.

"I can't see your car out their, what did you come back in?" She was inconspicuously asking what the villians' car looked like.

"We had to park along the street. The bank's busy today." It's a silver mini-van, liscense plate 134-576.

"Alright, I'll go get your money." His aunt walked quickly away.

David waited, feeling very tense. His aunt returned soon.

"Alright, someone wil be along shortly to show you to your vault." The police are coming now.

"Thank you, aunt." You might want to stay away from me before the police come. They put a bomb on me.

"Just a moment, I'll be back shortly." His aunt hurried away.

David waited. What was going to happen?


Finally, he heard the blaring of sirens approaching. David looked out the window; the parking lot was surrounded by police cars. There was no way out for the kidnappers. The cops apprehended them, but not before--


The ringleader detonated the bomb. Fire, shattered glass and blood flew everywhere. Besides David, two others were caught in the blast and killed.


David's remains were gathered and Jessica's body was located. They were buried next together in Saint Joseph's Cemetery. As for the kidnappers, they were tried and convicted for murder and sentenced to death. A day before the execution date, however, the largest of the trio escaped and was once again at large. Even after Jessica's murder and David's sacrifice, the nation still llive in fear of the most dangerous of the country's kidnappers.

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