I´m not crazy

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Submitted: October 05, 2017

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Submitted: October 05, 2017



I'mnot crazy

I'm crazy or at least they think so do you think-- I'm not--crazy! I Just need some time in the school or at least that's what they call it. I Know what this place is… its a laboratory where they perform experiments and stuff you know, well those experiments are on us they shock us and make us take medication we that makes us imperturbable. Dr. Stephen said its a school but I Heard them calling it an institution. Am I Crazy!? I'm sorry I Have to go. Iwill be back soon… Dr. Stephen said not to yell-- they shocked me again it hurt-- wait i'm so sorry I Forgot to tell you how I Got here, we'll see it started with a thought, just a thought dangit! But that thought wasn't a good thought… according to Mrs. Shaun. She is the teacher here! Anyway the thought was about him...he wasn't nice to me-- he was before I Star-- I'm not crazy! Before I Started shouting he said he could deal with it and I Said sorry every time but he still left me-- how could he leave me. Well I Thought I Would just take a knife while he was sleeping and-- no I Can't think that!

So every night I Would walk into his house and open the front door and knock on his bedroom door but he wouldn't let me in he would never let me in. Every night he would call my name and tell me to go away!? I Didn't want to go away I Stayed there every night until I Got sad that he wouldn't let me in and then I Went home. But then one night I Couldn't get in-- He changed the locks... How could he do that to me! I Thought that maybe he didn't want me there so every night after that I Would lay in bed trying to keep myself from going to his house. I Could do it just fine until… the screams! Oh and of course the dripping I Thought it might be blood it got louder every night. It is ear piercing I Sometimes scream too loud screams bloodcurdling that's why they shock me I Just can't deal with the-- what screams there aren't any screams!-- when I Heard the dripping I Could taste the thick gooey dark metal tasting liquid but I Would turn on the light and there would be no screaming no blood especially in my mouth.

One night I Just couldn't take it anymore I Took the knife and i… Did it-- I Didn't cut myself! Leave me alone-- oh i'm so sorry did I Frighten you I Hope I Didn't cause that would make me angry. It seems i've forgot to introduce myself i'm cora-- STOP LAUGHING at me… i  ! I Have blond hair and brown eyes or are they blue is my hair brown no its for sure blonde hair and brown eyes I've been in this room for thirty five days and four hour. My room is white with padded walls and floor with no window and a bed. One day jeff disappeared and Dr. Stephen told me he died. That makes me angry, really angry! I Kept sleeping night after night hearing the screams.

But then one night he came over-- you know the one that left me-- he came over and told me he is scared and someone keeps banging on his bedroom door every night, I Told him he could stay in my guest bedroom for one night  and I Really tried so hard not to go to him in his sleep I Survived that night but things worse when he told me he wanted to stay a couple more nights until the police searched his neighborhood for the person. I Told him ok and I Was fine for a couple of nights until one night the urge was so great and the screaming was so loud… it...  it was so ear piercing. So I went to spend that night at his house--but the cops they walked into his house laughing and when they saw me they gasped I Told them all about this they told me I Wasn't in trouble but then they made me go here. To be honest if I Could go back and do this all over again I Would have killed him but then I Would still be here I Hate this place-- I Wish I Didn't yell at him just get me out of here! Oh no they found my journal--the red one!? Honestly i really wish that I could go back and do this over so i could get out of this place. I wouldn't have even thought of that or touched a knife or heard the screams or the dripping I wouldn't come here.

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