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Submitted: July 27, 2018

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Submitted: July 27, 2018



If you want to master anything in your life, you have first to admit that you are a good student. I mean a good learner. Learning process ain't easy, especially when you are learning other's languages. At first, you feel that you are an intruder, yet you become a master after a while.

English language is one of these thresholds to your infant brain. You keep convincing yourself that this language needs joint efforts and too much tutions to be accomplished but seriously, do other English speakers feel the same when learning yours?

I guess no! Learning process predestines resoluteness, studiousness and perseverance. Even if you don't know the previous words, keep reading. I've learned like this. My English is enriched because I mattered nothing except reading a lot. If you decided to stop over every single word, your infant brain will keep telling your intimidated logic to stop doing so. Then you will fail because you are a total COWARD.

Learning isn't on the table and easiness isn't sought here. If you wish to mesmerize yourself, decide first your priorities and then focus on prosaism. English is spoken worlwide and you have to do whatever's required. Even if you had to speak to yourself! Imagine the following scenario; you are walking in the street talking to your consort in English in a non-speaking English country; you'll see everybody looking at you jiggered wandering if you are an American or native speaker (Hey! Look there is an American who speaks English here).

That's it! Much is on your shoulder. If you don't start now, can you tell me when? As a novice, you need to reenforce all your spurt to prove to your naive ego that nothing is impossible. Here are some tips on how to achieve that:

1. Believe your leverage: You have been born with a snarled mind. How on the earth you have the face to minimize your value as a learner? We're in the era of cognizance, you mustn't tarry a little bit. Keep rolling and hitting everything you see and let this hit give you a new lesson. Without flinging, your endeavers to win are non-existent. Trying is the mother of success! Simply, you need to have the strength to destroy all the shackles unless you like being underdog.

2. Inspiration is in the first flight: I have learned that the taproot of learning is inspiration. Inspiring people also lead to inspiring experiences. If you wish to learn English, you have to be inspired by some old glorious characters. For example; - Once you stop learning, you start dying. (Albert Einstein) - Learning is talking. (Deborah Meier) - With English, you are at home anywhere. (Edward De Waal)

You can choose your path. As I said as a new learner, you have to get through multi exhausting steps but read some inspiring stories so you can start the journey. Don't think that you are going to learn due to persuade somebody or to prove a dogmatism. It's your life not theirs.

3. Use proper resources: All around the world, English is taught and presented in many ways. If you want to use all of them, you must be a superhero to do that. It is irrational to diverge your resources. The same as in cooking. If too many persons shared the same cooking, it will be spoiled. It's apparent that learning English requires the appropriate resources that suite your level of learning. You can't learn how to write an essay if you read about novels. That disperses your whole process. Some websites are very good to navigate and do not forget that English is ramified enough to let your spirit down. Polish is the most difficult language to learn. Keep this in your mind and start thinking about your English version but again choose the correct resource.

4. Reading is your salvation: Have you tried to grasp a book ever in your spare time? I wouldn't say in your life because the average person reads a book yearly. Your spare time is consumed very bad. How do I know? It is clear that if you are reading this, then you are seeking salvation to become an English speaker. Reading a lot will enriched, enforce and even sweeten the learning process. As you learn new words and new synonyms, you'll definitely know how to talk. Most of the learners grumble about lacking vacabularies. So that, laziness isn't discussed here. Do reading and do well. No one will judge you if you hold a book. If he grudges you for holding a book, let him untill you talk to him by this alienated prestigious language.

5. Choose a partner: Sometimes, collectivism matters. I have a conviction. Having someone to help you throughout this process, means you are getting to the ninth step. Practicing English daily will show you that nothing is impossible. I'm not saying to make your day totally English, but why not? Isn't it your choice to get involved deeply? You have chosen to learn because you need to fulfill something in your life, whether it is academic or for general purposes. The ability to talk to a partner, will give you the chance to learn from him as much as you can. The main point is that he must be professional so when you make a mistake, he will correct you. You may suffer a bit because the partner might be snooty but as I said, you have to maintain your coolness.

6. Attend meetings or sessions: Sitting in a round table with native speakers and other nationalities enable you to witness people's experiences. English language is more dynamic when it is shared. Search online or join a course that deals only with speaking as an activity. Meet new persons and start a conversation with them whenever the chance rings. The expert in anything once was a begginer and I believe no one was born perfect. English keeps knocking your door and telling you, I'm your saviour if you want to accomplish your duties. Everybody out their tries the best they can, what about you? The only way to learn English is to speak English. Dare yourself and join a group online or live and start right now.

7. Write and read loud: Try occasionally to write something in your notebook. After you finish, read it loud before a mirror and look at yourself. At best, you will see another person talking to you. It may be absurd, but it is tested before and it worked well with some people. The question is; are you turning to a stupid lunatic? Psychologically, you have to talk to yourself once a while. So, you are safe, amigo!

Imagine yourself reciting something in front of number of people or even turn the camera on and record a video. Watch once, twice and thrice. In every time you watch yourself, you will be the one who corrects you. That will bring self-confidence and make you proud. Write anything comes to your mind and choose the best place to represent yourself, even the lantrine might sound good, because it is your own rostrum and your private space.

8. Grammar kills: Your own fear is how to form a sentence grammatically good. Actually, you are missing something here. Grammar doesn't matter as much as you think. Don't let perfection cripple you! If you keep thinking about verbs and helping verbs while speaking, you'll turn to be like a stricken stammering robot. I've learned to form a sentence in my mind within two to three seconds. Otherwise, you are starting. A golden advice costs a wealth in the future. Do not limit yourself with perfect grammar because you are an infant in English not yet a master. Make mistakes but keep learning. Learning process is very long-drawn and it will be short-drawn if you keep grammar your latest fears.

9. Start thinking in English to avoid; Translating. Usually, if you put yourself in other's shoe, you will see something different. Start thinking in English is a good remedy to become well. Frankly speaking, trying to translate what you hear into your language will create a great dilemma, because you are not learning here, your are explaining to yourself something and that it is you are weak. Weakness might let you down and during learning, strength is a must. Think, think and think. Keep your mother language in your heart and don't think that it is weird. It is a dazzling paranormal activity.

We are not living in the Stone Age anymore. Some of us witnessed precocity and yet we are afraid of using English or even form a full sentence. I believe that it's society's role in this sophisticated issue. At worst, it will discourage you not stop you! If the society is weak in English and they may mock you, isn't it because they are jealous and they don't know how to be you? You are scraing the crap out of yourself. English dears is something interesting to learn, not because it is the main second language in the world (in your perspective) but because it is very significant to our daily transactions. If you deny it, you lose it. Lose everything except learning. It will keep you alive for a long while.

English is a piece of cake if you keep it simple and creative. Use your imagination to learn new words every single day. Don't neglect reading magazines and newspapers and watching interesting talk shows on TV. These are the main factors to become educated and enlightened and retreating might kill your spirit. Start from now!

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