Friday's night

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Submitted: January 19, 2016

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Submitted: January 19, 2016



‘Happy birthday, pal.’

Jeff looked up. His partner Dan Rogers was smiling and pushing little present close to detective Karson.

Jeff raised eyebrow. ‘Thanks, but, um… You’re four days earlier.’

‘I wanna be the first.’ Dan smiled.

‘You definitely are.’

Young officer opened the door. ‘Meeting room in five minutes.’ He left without waiting for an answer.

Jeff and Dan were leaving, but really slowly.

‘God, it’s Friday,’ Dan grumbled. ‘These people, murderers, rapists, thieves and other, are really fools.’

‘Come on, it’s our work.’

‘Yeah, but why they can’t wait until Monday morning?’

Jeff just laughed.

All this was only information. An average white man, average weight and height, probably wears dark clothes (who not?) and a baseball cap with any sports team’s logo. And what was this all about? Just be careful, if you’ll see him, catch him. He’s supposedly dangerous rapist, some kind of lunatic, but he’s smart. Nobody saw him for longer than a few second. So his description is worse than bad.

Somebody asked, ‘what he did?’

Capitan answered, ‘Killing, torturing raping, occasionally stealing… Obviously only for fun.’

‘I don’t understand these people,’ Dan started, when they were returning to the office.

‘Me neither.’

During lunch, they had full heads of other things. At the end of the day was everybody glad for the weekend. Karson and his colleagues had free.

Jeff’s house was quiet like any other days. But today it was different, because his neighbor went on holiday. It means two long weeks without his loudly arguments and midnight’s repairs of anything. This peace is the best birthday present. He almost forgot Dan’s present. Tomorrow is the day, too. He’ll open it later. Now is the right time for dinner and some good film.

He was watching Tron Legacy, when some noise came from the outside. Jeff muted television and listened attentively. He should become a musician because of good hearing, but police work looked more exciting. Now he knows it’s mostly boring paperwork. However, now, something is happening. Jeff decided to solve it out.

The detective came out. Everything looked peaceful, but he has good intuition. Suddenly he saw a man. He was muttering. Jeff noticed that the noise did a bin, which he bring down. The man looked harm.

‘Hey, can I help you?’

The man stopped and looked at the Jeff. He changed direction and headed to Karson.

He whispered, ‘I think so.’ The man raised head and smiled from under the baseball cap with Texas Ranger’s logo. His eyes were mad. ‘Don’t make a sound.’

Detective nodded. He didn’t know what expect from this man. Sometimes is better cooperate, especially, when you’re unarmed and strange man has a knife.

Both disappeared inside Karson’s house.

‘Can you, please, give the knife down?’ Jeff felt it on his back, dangerously near to the kidneys. There was a high probability that Jeff could win without an injury, but what if not?

‘Of course, buddy, I can.’ He mused, ‘But I don’t want to.’


‘I don’t know you, so I don’t trust you. What if you call a police?’

Jeff laughed.

‘Why are you laughing?!’ Ranger’s fan began to get nervous.

‘Well, I am the police.’

You’re kidding.’

‘Nope. I’m a detective.’ Jeff explained.

The unknown guy took the knife down. ‘Maybe,’ he seriously mused, ‘you can really help me.’

It’s not a good idea. It’s definitely not a good idea. Don’t even think about it! Jeff’s subconscious was screaming.

‘How?’ he asked.

You idiot, he can torture you, murder you, you can be out of a job. You really want this?’

‘I’ve a little trouble with the law.’

‘What trouble?’ Jeff frowned.

He shrugged. ‘It’s complicated.’

‘Always is.’ Jeff checked his ‘guest’. White man, early thirties, almost six feet high, nor slim or fat, dark green trousers, black sweatshirt and the cap. He looks crazy, desperate and dangerous. Is it he?

‘Okay, let’s begin nice and easy. What’s your name?’

‘Sam,’ he answered.

‘I think you’re lying, but okay, I’ll call you Sam.’

Sam sneered. ‘And you have any name?’

‘Jeff. Can I ask you something?’

‘You’ve already done,’ Sam smiled ironically. ‘Never mind, go ahead.’

‘What happened? I mean before you assaulted me.’

Sam sit, but he was still holding the knife. Always prepare. ‘It wasn’t my fault. Well, not in the beginning.’

Jeff was sitting on the opposite chair. ‘Continue.’

‘Wendy broke up with me five weeks ago.’

First founded body.

‘And only because of him!’

‘Because of who?’

‘Wendy’s new boyfriend or lover or whatever. He’s good looking, rich and everything, what I’m not. I saw them together. They’re screwing. But they had no idea I was watching them.’ He smiled triumphantly. ‘Do you know, what was the worst? She told me, he was stalking her and they’re just talking. Heh, talking… I’m not an idiot, but I was really annoyed and I gave her a slap. I never did it before, but… Well, after this she broke up with me.’

Jeff gave him a coffee and he was trying to keep him calm. He’ll try to call Dan, but he didn’t know how, yet.

‘I found this man. He was home, watching some stupid show and eating. Yeah, I know, what you want to say and yes, I broke in. He didn’t know about me until I gave him a gag. After this we had a little chat.’ Sam began laughing. ‘You can imagine it. His face turned into a bloody mush.’

‘He didn’t resist?’

‘No. He was tied.’

Jeff gulped idly. This man is really crazy. Who does this? Sure, Karson also loved women and they broke his heart. Yes, he was mad, yes, he was drinking a lot, and yes, he was also doing many stupid things but nothing like Sam.

‘And what happened after this?’

Sam wondered, ‘What? Nothing. I cut the rope and I left.’

‘You killed him.’

Sam was unable to say a word. He was only twisting his head. ‘I wanted, but I just beat him up. He was threatening me that he’ll call the police, so I ran.’

It didn’t make a sense. A neighbor found his dead body and Sam is now telling him, it wasn’t his fault? Something was wrong. May be is Sam telling the truth, but…

‘Why did you assault me with a knife?’

Sam sighed, ‘I was worrying that you recognized me and call the police. They go after me, but why? Only because of this jerk? I admit – it wasn’t clean game, I’m sorry about it, but he pissed me off!’

‘Look, I'll forget the knife, but you’ll cooperate, deal?’

Everything is mix-up. Sam is great suspicious, so why is for Jeff to hard arrest him? Because he has good intuition and something is wrong. Sam nodded and acceded the deal.

‘Now, tell me, what you did next.’

‘I was hiding. My friend, Bill, let me at his place. I was there about a month, because the police was watching over my apartment. I told my boss that I broke my leg.’

‘Did you meet anyone else?’

‘I don’t know. Salesman in a nearby shop.’ Sam told Bill’s address and Jeff knew what happened there.

Jeff asked, ‘Latino, about forty?’

‘I think so. Why?’ Sam didn’t look good. ‘But I didn’t see him in few past days.’

‘He’s dead.’

Sam was like hypnotized and he was watching empty cup. He whispered, ‘Once day Bill wasn’t home, I thought, he’s with girls, it was his style. But he didn’t come, nor two nights after. I went away. So. I guess Bill is dead too.’

Jeff left him and went to his bar. For two years he didn’t open it, but now was a different situation. This man, Sam, needed something more than coffee. A few hours ago, he looked like a tough guy, but he turned into misery. Jeffery poured him a gin. ‘Yes, he is.’

Both were sitting in quiet. Only mute television and kitchen light gave them a light.

‘There has to be something.’ Jeff started. ‘Any reason, why everybody you met is dead.’

‘You’ll be too.’

Jeffery knew it. His first possibility is called police, immediately. Or he can try to figure it out alone. Jeff was thinking, playing with his cell phone. Meantime Sam sat on the floor, opened backpack and pulled out some crumpled shirts, other trousers, a toothbrush, some package, wallet and finally he found his own phone but it was destroyed. The display had lots of cracks and battery was missing, perhaps it was somewhere in the bag, but Sam wasn’t sure.

Jeff asked, ‘Are you unpacking?’

Sam shakes his head. ‘I’m looking for car keys.’

‘You have a car here?’ Jeff wondered.

‘No. But that man, that jerk who fucked my girl, had. I’m sure, he gave it into some pockets.’

‘You beat him, stole his backpack and now, you want to steal his car? Am I right?’

‘More or less… Yeah, you’re right.’ Sam looked up. ‘The car is faster than train’

‘Great idea, but how you want to be fast and invisible in a dead-man car?’ Jeff pulled eyebrows and waited for an answer. Instead, Sam gave all things back and backpack threw away.

Jeff looked at it. ‘What was in the package?’

‘I don’t know. It’s not mine.’

‘Can I?’

Sam waved an arm. ‘Be my guest.’

The package wasn’t big, but his price was high. Jeff found it out in a moment, when he opened it. ‘We’ve a problem.’

In the same moment somebody rang a doorbell. And again. Jeff only peeped from the window and a man from the outside fired.

Jeff whispered, ‘Stay away from windows.’ And frightened Sam nodded. ‘We have to call a police.’

‘No, they’ll arrest me.’

‘Well, this man is going to kill us. Your choice.’

‘But… But you're a detective, you have a gun and you can, I don’t know, kick his ass, can’t you?’

They heard lock opening and silent steps. Jeff was thinking, it’s a suburb, somebody had to hear shooting and call 911. But what if not? Why he messed up last case? Only because his excessive activity with Alison or Lindsey or what was her real name. Now he’s only doing paper work, no outside work, no gun and he’s two more weeks ahead. Well, if he survives this.

‘Go to the backyard.’

Sam didn’t understand him and Jeff came close. He whispered, ‘Go to the backyard and call police.’ Jeffery gave him his cell phone. ‘Now.’ Sam nodded and disappeared.

Jeff’s latest ‘guest’ was searching a kitchen. Suddenly Jeff heard breaking dishes and came from the back doors. May be he can buy some time.

‘Hey, it’s my favorite cup!’

Intruder stopped and looked at Jeff.  It’s great, just great another average man in dark clothes. He growled, ‘Where is it?’

‘Where is what?’

‘You know very well. That little bastard stole it, he gave it nobody, so you remain.’ His sight was circling. He saw the package on the floor and stepped forward to it.

Jeff heard sirens from a distance, but it was coming closer.


‘Jeff, what happened?’ Dan asked. He was in civil clothes. After he heard about his partner’s problems, he came.

‘The short version is: Sam beat up his girlfriend's lover, he stole his backpack and this man,’ he nodded at arrested man, ‘was chasing him and he killed everybody who Sam met, because in this bag was a package of drugs. And the man destroyed my tea cup.’ Jeff acted sad, but he’s smiling.

‘Did you open my present?’

‘Eh, I’m really sorry, but I was a bit of a hurry.’ Jeff was almost laughing.

Dan incited him. ‘Do it now.’

Karson smiled, because inside the box was a new cup. It was bigger than the old one. The drug dealer was arrested and judged, also Sam’s punishment, but thanks to Karson it wasn’t so hardly.

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