lil red from da hood

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i had to do this for a school thing and i still dont know what grade i got. oh well

its a re-write of little red riding hood in it red is a hardout gang girl thats all i can say

Submitted: December 29, 2009

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Submitted: December 29, 2009



poor children these days always complaing that the stories they hear are not happy enough. well i can tell you that if
they were to hear the terrible truth then it would be catastrophic, all the fairy tales are not as they seem
and i am going to tell you the truth about them
starting with little redriding hood
the mum is a hoe, father left when they went broke, the wolf is the good guy, her granny is a CRACK ADDIC it was a serious
story and now i will expose it to you all
so sit back and enjoy the thruth kiddies. sometime even a lie can be the best thing

it was a dak and cold night, gun shots could be herd from afar and right in the middle of it was a small girl no older
then 16. She wore black cargo pants with red chucks a greenday t-shirt and a red hoodie that was cut up and stained
with blood. her once long black hair was now short and chopped and messy her honey coloured eyes were dulling but you
could just faintly see the longing to have a choice in this world, to not have to go to school and have to carry a gun
to protect yourself, to be free from all the violance, to escape the constant men her mum brought home but she knew only
fools can dream.
this girl's name is ruby. but people called her RED.

red was abot to fire another round when a blue andred checkered car skidded to a hault fight in front of her
but it was to late. out of the car stepped two men. one had a rather large build, with what looked like blonde shaggy
hair and light blue eyes. he was known as the arborist. his fearfull repretation was known all over the world, he cleaned
the streetes of everything, half the cells were fiulled because of him. the other one had a smaller build  but was rather
tall, her had dark eyes and onix black hair and what looked like ears sticking out, he's the wolf known for being ruthless
when it come to crime,an ex-convict the rumor was that he could either go to jail for life or help out the force but to red
they were just to more cops on her tail,she'd taken them before and she could do it again.
as she turned to staas she started runnung, red could hear footsteps coming closer, sprinting of down a dark ally red
she knew the she would be safe, i mean she practially knew the streets but apparently so did the wolf. slipping into a small crack,
red covered her mouth so that her breathing was silent, care full waithing red could her the man curse about how little
people had a bloody unfair advantage. slipping out she carefully ran down the ally to the rundown part of town, turned
the corner into a small brick house.on the door was a note it read



"gone to see nana my arse"
red chucked out the note onto the grass and opened the rickety door, down the gloomy hallway with the paint that was
stripping down the walls it might not have been much, but for her, it was home. red walked into the kitchen, opend the fridge
and all that was in it was leftovers that were growing mold.
"need more money mum"

she trudged back into the halls and into the bathroom, opened the blood stained cabnet and found the bandages wrapped up
thw wounds and truged into her room fell into the coldsheets and let the darness invaid her vision

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


Reds mum was t here mother house talking to her,it had been forever and she need some advice

"mum, i swear, that girl comes home with more blood on the outside then on the inside!"
"well she is famous for being ruthless, what are we to do huh? she's just like us"
"but i've tried everything, do you think its because of her father?"
"i dont know but i know that you could give me the drugs"
"red gave you some last week...MOTHER"
"oi! i aint some old granny yet so it aint mother"
the two women looked at each other and smiled, sure they were odd and did crazy things but they loved eachother and if
you couldnt see it then you were deffently stupid
"thanks mom,i really needed it"
"not a problem love... nowabouth the drugs ae?"

the door burst open and bright lights shone on their faces.
"alright you two are under arrest!"
"what why,i havent done anything and my mother is sick and frail she cant possibly do anything"
"nict try lady but ypour the mother of Ruby aka RED and you are bait, your so called 'SICK' mother over here is a wanted
criminal selling and dealing drugs"
 the two  were cuffed and taken in to custady
"when red comes, what is she gonna do?"
they were frightened, they knew that red had tried to protect them,keep them away fromher life, but now after all those
years it was coming down and the only way she would even go out........was death

"okay the bait is set, you just need to laur her in"
"wha na i aint wearing no dress"
"if you do your contract will be over and done, you can do whatever you want"
thw olf sighed, grabbed the old ladys gown and cap,chucked them on over his clothes and put the glasses 
jumped into the bed and waited

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 

the sun shone on her face the next morning, birds were singing at 9:00 and it wasn't agood thing for it. red open the window
grabbed a shoe and chucked it at the thing and watched as it fell down to its doom, going into the bathroom she
showered, and put on blue jean shorts, a black singlet and her red hoodie. walked into the kitchen grabbed her bag,
chucked in what she needed, brabbed her chucks and set out not knowing that she would meet her maker on this day.

as she walked down the road she saw the cops going through a car looking for drugs
"idiots, if ya want the job done get kids to do it"
nodding her head in dissapointment red continued on her walk to the good side of town, when she reached a little house with
roses,panseys and trees growning no weeds what so ever. her nan's house was the best one she's ever been to.opening the
door she saw her nan asleep. she smiled, it was times like this that she was glad that her family weren't in the mess with
her it made being a total bith almost worth it
"red is that you?"
"yeh it's me nan"
"oh thats good i thought that you were those girl scouts"
red forced a smile, it wasn't her nana, she would tell her to come sit,and they would talk, she would always go at her
for chopping her hair off
"i'll just put my bag in thye kitchen and i'll be right out"
"take your time love"
red went into the kitchebn, the white was blinding. she locked the door and slumped back onto the ground. she could feel
the tears coming, they'd got here befor she could, that ment that they wanted to get her bad, she pulled of her bag and went
into the cupboard, and pulled out the secret flap, it was used for escapes, the door was being bashed against
"alright kid come out, you don't want to make it hard do you?"
"bit me!"
jumping in and down, red landed in the sewer in the water,it might not have been the best but it was still a good way out.
getting up, she started to run, all she could hear was her heart pounding in her ears, thats when she heard a second
set of feet running, picking up the pace red ran, her legs were soaked with water and hershoes had water in them,
coming to the turn of red went right when she herd the wolf go left.
"lost-huff huff- him"
red saw the opening up a head, sprinting up there she kicked the rusted metal in and started to climb out when she felt a
hand grab her ankle
"cought ya"
trying to pull her self she struggled to get free, as the rusted eges dug into her skin
"come on kid, you can still get your family out, your mother aint doing so good, might be fromall those men she brought home,
and a old lady in jail wontevenmake it to court"
she could fell him yanking but she wouldn't budge, pullingon the bars she yakedher ankle out of his grip, and ran. but
red didnt get far when a bullet lodged its self in her leg and in her shoulder, red colapsed on the ground, the wolof came
up to her and held the gun at her
"you should have just agreed with us. now look at you"
red just turned over and smiled at him, she reached up and pulled the gun close to her heart
the wolf just stared at her, it was a surprize, this gril wanted to die, no second thoughts, he stared at her her smile
was still plasted on her face and again she said
without any thought he pulled the trigger and watched as she died
"thank you?"

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


it had been two weeks since the day she died and it was raining, even the heaven wrer crying for red, her mother and nana
were sitting up the front crying but the priest was just about to finish his speach so that everyone could leave when it
started to thunder and hail down with rain, everyone started to leave except one figure that stood up the back. the wolf
stayed behind and payeed his respects he waked up to her grave and sat doen infront of it
"hope your happy jow kid"
he put his badge down and walked away never to be seen again.


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