Pink Floyd's: The Wall pt. III

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the third and final part, for now..

Submitted: November 15, 2008

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Submitted: November 15, 2008



They all sat there, impatiently ignoring the teacher’s mind-numbing babble, when the final bell struck. Summer had arrived. They rushed out the doors, the teachers cursing and yelling at them to come back. They hadn’t been ‘‘dismissed’’. DISMISSED? What the bloody hell was that supposed to mean? It was OVER. They wouldn’t tell them what to do anymore.

Walking along the train tracks, two of the older boys keeping Pink’s company lit up a Camel and smoked quite contently. The other one slipped a drink from their hip flask, and from the smell wafting through the air, it wasn’t Rubera he was sipping either. Pink was walking with punks. J

‘‘You know, Rosy, you should smarten up and indulge in stuff like this, yeah?’’

‘‘No, thanks. That there is rubbish, and I don’t expect to find myself dying anytime soon. ’’ Pink responded coldly.

The boys laughed. One of them patted Pink on the shoulder.

‘‘So how’s your dear mum these days? She bothered you hanging with wots like us? ’’ One of the older kids asked.

‘‘I’m afraid she’s got a bit of a cold. Not expecting her to go out much. You reckon she’s starting to snuff it? I don’t think she smokes or anything. Leastways, not in front of me. ’’

‘‘You getting her something for her birthday? ’’

‘‘Oh bugger! I forgot the hag’s turning 50! Ah, don’t suppose she’d like some potpourri. OI! Gimme a pack of those Camels there,’’ Pink said, changing subject drastically.

‘‘What would you need a pack of bloody Camels for? It ain’t exactly as if you smoke, is it?’’

‘‘Well, hold tight. Says who I don’t smoke? Maybe I’s lost my old pack, is all. ’’

‘‘All right, all right! Who took the jam outta your donut? ’’

‘‘YOU TOOK THE BLOODY JAM OUTTA MY DOUGHNUT! YOU DID, JACK! ’’ screamed Pink, color rising to his cheeks.

The boys fell to the ground, derisive with laughter. Pink stared at them, but pretty soon, began laughing with them. After all, they were his buddies. When the laughing subsided, one of the boys tossed Pink a case.

‘‘We’re setting a bad example for him, yeah? ’’ one of the boys commented to Jack.

‘‘Well, I’m off lads. Cheers!’’

He walked the remaining distance to his house, and opened the front door to the place. He screamed upstairs,

‘‘OI MUM! Ye alive? ’’

A faint response came from the upstairs room. Satisfied, he dropped his bag onto the kitchen table and yelled,

‘‘I’m going out, yeah? Er, don’t wait up. I’ll expect I’ll be back late. ’’

Rushing out with the pack of cigarettes in one hand, and an old box of matches, he rushed out the door and laughed at his mother’s naivety.

At a quarter to ten, Pink entered his house. There was quiet in the atmosphere. He yelled at his mom the usual greeting. 1, 2 and she answers. But there was no response. What? The old wog bit the dust?

Scrambling up the stairs, Pink ran into his mum’s room. Where was she? Worried, he ran through the house. No sign of his mother.



There was no response. God almighty, the woman has disappeared. She is the devil after all! Pink walked to his room, defeated. As he was about to lay down in bed, he heard the door open and shut defiantly. Bugger. The woman dies and now they blag me. Clutching his bat, he inched down the stairs. He turned the corner of the kitchen and yelled loudly.

‘‘BLOODY HELL PINK! It’s just yer mum. Christ sakes! Can’t even go to the greeners without you fussing about.’’

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