Humanity - Coming to an end

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The article talks about the present status of Indian society which is deteriorating and people who have become greedy and self-centered. The longing for worldly pleasures and passion to compete with the pace of time has tranformed the mentality of man and has pushed him towards the path of decadence. People don't want to risk their lives or put themselves into any unprofitable sitution. The time has come when a person in need is left to die alone and nobody comes to help.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



Humanity - coming to an end


Everything has a good and a bad aspect. Modernization has gifted man with luxuries and as a consequence, the demands have made man self-centered and avaricious. The desire for possessing all the benefits has left man with no time for himself. We cannot expect people to bother about others in a society where people don’t have time for themselves and their family. The time has come where children consider their parents as a burden. The thirst for more and more has brought about a hazardous change in the character of man.


New terms like ‘friends with benefits’ have come into being. People are barely concerned with emotions, rather they think of reaping benefits before befriending somebody. Those who do not seem to be favorable are abandoned. Today if you have a true friend, then you are the luckiest person on earth.


People don’t want to put themselves in danger or any unprofitable situation, so they prefer turning away from situations where they are needed. Rarely do we find somebody helping a person in need for the sake of humanity. A person lives in a frightened state or is it selfishness which compels him to turn away from the situation and play the role of a mute spectator. The recent Guwahati molestation case is an example of humanity falling into demise. Nitin Sharma, who lived in Indirapuram, was shot dead in broad daylight and no onlooker helped. If 5 persons could have taken hold of the 2 gunmen, the person could have been saved; and there were so many present! Sitting at home, public criticizes the government, accuses the media for acting immoral, comments on the society’s moral degradation, delivers lectures on customs and traditions but they never take part in the development of the society.


The self-centered nature of man has cropped up due to several reasons. We all know that children learn from their elders and parents. If children see their elders and parents pass by a person in need, they will act in the same way. Moreover, the authorities need to be cooperative. If a dying person is taken to the hospital by a stranger, they wait for the police to arrive and leave the patient to die. To add on, the harassment which the helper undergoes compels him to lose faith on the authorities. Transformation is possible; all we need is to be together.

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