Deaths' Kiss

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poem regarding the desperation of life

Submitted: December 26, 2008

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Submitted: December 26, 2008



Deaths' Kiss

One cold kiss of death seals our fate

We have no control - life is pure hate

Deception, greed, lies, pain , our senseless reality

May as well give in it can't be beaten

Evilness has captured us, our world is defeated

Can't fight this ill-fated destiny we play -

Our part in a stage show called "misery" by day

Alone we shed tears by nights lonely glow

afraid of our own fate, not wanting to go

to a place where no-one has returned from

to a darkness, a box, lonely is the only song

Too much tragedy, too many sad stories

No-one is safe from the woeful memories-

we have lingering inside our tortured minds

We couldn't save them, had to stand back defenceless

Once death took hold nothing could unclasp its clenches

had to watch them go slowly down into hells' trenches

No amount of sorrow could dampen his desire-

to rip our worlds apart, to watch us burn in fire

his laughter cuts like a thousand talons clawing at my soul

He will not defeat me, I will not give in my "whole"

I will fight forever to keep this twisted heart-

beating with hope, loving and waiting for a start

to the kingdom of dreams we have been promised

Jehovah our god said this way of things is soon to be apon us

So I will wait in my agonising blackness-"My Life"

And pray that one day "I will sing his praise on high"...

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