Angel Blood

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There is no tale as sad as the story of one who loves, without being loved in return. The original version.

Submitted: August 25, 2009

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Submitted: August 25, 2009



Kennedy pulled up her long web of tangled blonde hair, inviting Matthias to come to her. He frowned- it wasn’t expected that a strong woman such as she would give in to him so easily. Especially under these circumstances. Where normally Matt was the dangerous one, the one who could kill his lover with a flick of his fingers, now he was weak, the one in danger. For the first time in half of a millennium, Matt was scared for his life.

“Is this going to work?” he asked, fingering her veins under a pale layer of soft skin. “Should I risk the last fragment of my soul… for something never done before?”

Kennedy grinned. “Matthias, are you nervous? You have absolutely no right to be- if it works, you get the rest of your soul back. If it fails, I become your slave, bound to you for eternity, for whatever purpose you may want to use me for. I should be the nervous one. And yet…”

The girl’s heart beat a little bit faster, and Matt’s mouth watered. He could smell it now- it was impossible to resist. Tilting his head, he let his needle-like fangs grow into their full length, and sank them into Kennedy’s soft flesh.

Her blood, as expected, was different- inhuman. It had a sort of lightness to it, much like the way her feathery white wings felt when they brushed him after a long night. He savored the taste, gulping more of it down, even as Kennedy screamed for him to stop. He vaguely heard her tell him that if he took any more, his soul would be lost, and likely, so would hers.

Matt was no longer afraid. He had no concern for the princess’s life. He was the one in charge now, she was in his mercy, unable to be a good little angel and kill him. He took one more long drink before pulling his fangs out of her.

Kennedy’s eyes stared up at him, large and frightened. How could he have ever thought she was stronger, more willful than a human? She was a pathetic creature- scared of him, and scared of herself as she became aware of her temporarily paralyzed body. With her last movement, she whispered three legendary words. He laughed at her as she spoke, smiling at the fallen princess of Heaven as she turned into something unholy.

She loved him. She had went to hell and back for him and thought he would do the same for her. And he kept his feet on the ground, where they belonged. It was the downfall of the angel- having her head up in the clouds. She had fallen in love, and was doomed to a life of slavery, sadness, and murder.

He watched Kennedy stiffen. He watched her body become cold and pallor less, and he thought he may have seen some ghostly aura fly out of her heart. The initial transformation was almost over, and Matt licked his lips, anticipating the moment when he would take his new servant back to his manor, throw her on to his bed, and lock the doors…

He felt himself relax, for no apparent reason, then stiffen, the fallen angel’s mirror image, as he realized what had happened. He had damned Kennedy. Kennedy, sweet Kennedy, the one who should know the most to stay away from a vampire, and yet the one who had taken him in, kept him under her wing… literally. How could he destroy her?

Tears flowed down Matthias’s face as he watched Kennedy stir. He may not have been able to admit it just moments before, but he had been in love with her. With whatever small fragment of compassion he retained throughout the murder, the rape, the loneliness, he had loved her. And now, they were doomed to… this.

His tears draped themselves over his folded demonic wings, stinging the leathery skin, making the tears flow ever faster. He closed his eyes, blinked back his sorrow, and opened it to find himself different.

Black, crusty, leather flaps of wings had become white and feathered. His fangs had disappeared, his claws- fingernails, now? were neat, trimmed. The sinister aura that had surrounded him for almost 500 years had become a healthy, pleasant radiance.

Matthias was an angel.

The bliss from this moment was stopped when raggedy nails dug into his leg, and teeth sunk in moments later. He shook off the pain, and the causer, then turned to face a starving, rabid Kennedy. “Kennedy,” he said softly. “Don’t you know who I am?”

She didn’t respond, only lunged at him, fangs bared and ready for the kill. He rose up from the ground, thankful that his love hadn’t yet discovered that vampires too had wings.

The princess jumped up, trying to grab Matt’s leg, drag him down to Earth. She persisted for the better part of an hour before hissing, snarling, and racing off into the woods.

The tables had turned on Matt’s love life. The former heartbreaker had been heartbroken- and by the very girl who used to treasure him the most.

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