The "You Know You Want It" Challenge!

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A challenge of these proportions needs a spectacular name. Pick your challenge and your prise, and set to it!

Submitted: August 25, 2009

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Submitted: August 25, 2009



I know sometimes you don't want to enter a contest that tells you what to do. Or you work your butt off on something you don't even like for one lousy comment?

In the "You Know You Want It" challenge, you pick one of five categories, and one of three prizes. There are no second and third places. I will pick a winner from each separate category. So, if you wanna win, pick a topic nobody else has picked!

The options are:

1. My, how the tables have turned!

2. Love is in the air- or is that pollution?

3. I love gummy worms!

4. I think my name is Ally... or was it Ari?

5. Francisco.

If you want to use the topic as the first line, that would be nice, but not required. What IS required is that you leave a comment with the topic number and the words "You Know You Want It (story name here)" just so I know you read this. Also, put the porize you want if you win (see below)

1. Comment on all stories.

2. Fan of all stories

3. Constructive criticism of two stories of your choice.

4. I'll promote your work on every website I am on, and post a link.

5. I will post a story saying "(your name here) is a much better author than I am so go check them out!"

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