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It's been a few years after Dean has been saved from being a Demon. Him and Cas are officially a couple. They have this girl they adopted.

Submitted: July 29, 2014

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Submitted: July 29, 2014



Dean wakes up to someone tugging on his left hand. He groans and looks at who it is. He sighs with a slight smile.

“Good morning Marissa,” Dean motions for his three year old daughter to come up in bed. Her dirty blonde hair is still up in the braided pig tails from the night before. She turned on the lights before waking him. Dean can see her sky blue eyes shining.

“Morning daddy,” she climbs up on the bed. She moves Castiel’s arm from around Dean’s waist and lays hugs Dean. She giggles as she pokes Dean’s nose. Dean smiles a mile wide. He always likes it when Marissa comes in before he has to get up and get her.

“Bweakfest daddy!!” she rolls over onto her back and looks up at Dean.

“Oh okay. I’ll make you breakfast,” Dean sets her down on the ground and she runs away. He tries to get up, but Cas takes ahold of Dean.

“Nooooo. Don’t leave me!” Cas won’t let go of Dean.

“I have to go make breakfast. Come with,” Dean slithers out of Cas’ grip.

“That’s too much work,” Cas watches Dean put on his “dead man’s robe” as Sam calls it. Cas props his head up.

“Says the angel that pretended to sleep,” Dean goes over to Cas and gives him a quick kiss. Cas didn’t have time to kiss back.

“I can sleep so to speak. More so doze off and on while watching you sleep,” Cas smiles.

“That will always sound creepy,” Dean throws a pillow at Cas. Cas throws it back. Dean dodges it and goes to find where Marissa went.

Dean ties the robe shut. He walks into the main room of the bunker. Sam is sitting in one of the chairs reading from a book.

“You’re supposed to be a moose,” Dean is confused to why Sam is human again.

“Yeah, but I found a way to change me back. No thanks to you,” Sam doesn’t even look up from the book. “Oh and your daughter won’t let go of my leg.”

“Ah! There she is!” Dean squats down and holds out his arms, “Come here princess.”

Marissa lets go of Sam’s leg and runs to Dean giggling. He takes her in his arms and picks her up.

“Now how about that breakfast?” Dean kisses her forehead.

“Yeah!!!” Marissa is as happy as can be.

Dean takes her to the kitchen and sets her down on the counter. “Stay. You hear me?” Marissa nods. “Good girl.” Dean goes to the fridge and gets out some eggs and bacon. He turns on the stove and starts the bacon. Few seconds later, Cas comes in the kitchen.

“Daddy!!” Marissa holds out her arms. She wants to be picked up. Cas grins and picks her up. She wraps her arms around Cas’ neck as a form of a hug.

“How are you this morning, honey bee?”

Marissa giggles for her response.

“Who do you like more, me or daddy?” Cas is extremely happy to have a daughter. He’s wanted this for so long.

“I dunno,” she hides her face in her hands.

“I think she likes me more because I make her breakfast,” Dean smirks as he continues to make more bacon.

“I’m more fun than you though!” Cas sets Marissa down back on the counter.

“Yeah right,” Dean rolls his eyes. He takes a few pieces of bacon that have cooled down and gives them to Marissa. She noms adorably on the bacon.  

Dean goes to make some eggs, “Oh and it’s your turn to bathe and dress her.”

“That should be fun!” Cas goes over and wraps his arms around Dean’s waist.

“Hey babe,” Dean leans back against Cas.

“Hey,” Cas kisses Dean’s neck.

“Feed your daughter her eggs,” Dean holds up a plate of eggs.

“Oh fine,” Cas unhands Dean and takes the plate.

“I’m going to go talk to Sammy and figure out how he turned back,” Dean begins to leave the room.

“I’d like to know as well!!” Cas calls after Dean.

“I’ll tell you when I find out!” Dean leaves the room completely.

Cas tilts his head and looks at Marissa. She’s quietly eating her eggs. When she finishes, she hands the plate back to her daddy. Cas puts the plate in the sink.

“You ready for a bubble bath?” Cas asks Marissa after picking her up.


Cas takes her to the bathroom and shut the door, or so he thinks. He starts the bath. Marissa gets the bubble bath from under the sink and hands it to her daddy. “Thank you princess,”  Cas pours it into the bath and it begins to bubble up. He sets the bubble bath aside. Marissa giggles as Cas tickles her.

“Stahp et daddy!” she giggles more and more.

“Oh okay,” he undresses her and puts her in the bath. Cas tries to take out her braided pig tails but Marissa keeps putting bubbles on her head.

“I has hat daddy!” she takes some more bubble and puts them on Cas’ nose. “Kitty!” she can’t help but to giggle. Cas has a huge smile on his face. 

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