Flat 13

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3 people see a new flat and who knows what could happen next to Darrani, Ozzy, and Sangran

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



Flat 13

Monday 12th March 2015


It was such a boring day and it was pouring with heavy rain. I was getting really so bored and tired.

Then the rain started to not clear away and I got my raincoat and started to do my usual business just walking around the street hanging out with my friends (Ozzy and my brother Tabs). Then in a flash of light we saw a brand new apartment which looked so rich and it was unfortunate for me because my parents couldn’t afford £1000 £3870 just for a flat (as it said on the sign). Ozzy told me that we not should go inside the Flats and take a look at them. As my left arm and foot went first I started to tremble like a volcano that was going to erupt. Ozzy asked me what was the matter and I said nothing because I didn’t want my friends thinking I was a baby.

As we took a look at each flats I saw a door that had the number ‘13’ it was locked and all I saw was this red laser coloured thing shiny as I look through the key hole. I suddenly told my friends this and they were dead serious about looking in the flat ‘13’. I told them I didn’t want to come so they asked the guard to open the door and he did and guess what. I waited for about 15 minutes and they didn’t come out. Then I gave up and said ‘’I’m going home GUYS!’’ and no response.

As the sun started to set I came back home my parent came screaming saying we’re moving houses to the Flats where I had just been to, and I asked what number…. My parents said 14! This set the alarm off for me and I didn’t want to move. Suddenly the phone rang…. It was Ozzy’s parents saying hedidn’t return. Well I told them not to go in the Flat ‘13’. My mum didn’t know what to do but she did tell their parent to calm down and not to worry. Tabs was getting very excited about moving to the new flat even though he knew what happened. And tomorrow we are moving to this haunted flat which I’m going to live next door to.

Tuesday 13th March 2015

Everyone now knows we are moving and we packed all our items and moved it to our flat and I went to check if anyone was inside in ‘13’ but no one. It took us until 6pm to unpack and make the room and other things the quiet exact same. Then I got a bit tired and I was starting to a go to sleep and my mum luckily finished re-building the bunk bed and she tucked me in bed as well.

Wednesday 14th March 2015

It was midnight and I wanted to see what was wrong with Flat ‘13’. As I walked out of my flat the door for ‘13’ was opened and it was dark inside plus there was something shining blue and I went to touch it then a huge bunny shape heading monster with razor sharp teeth came and roared at me…… I got my metal sword and sliced its head then more of them came I quickly ran and closed the door. I got a match stick and put it on fire then slid it down the key hole and the whole room exploded and my friends were rescued but another problem came. My friends were traumatized by the experience of being captured inside the monsters TUMMY! My friends were chatting about how brave I was to defeat the bunny monster. In a matter of time the council came and started to inspect every room (especially mine). Then I just notice that the monster I exploded wasn’t dead yet because it started to move as I took every step. I went to my room and locked the door and window. Then I noticed that it looked like it was going to rain, so I told my friend that they can sleep at my house for the night. I started to research anything about that bunny monster. As I searched ‘’bunny monster’’ there was an exact picture of it, I tried to find how to destroy it then my ‘WIFI’ went off, and then the electricity went off, so it was dark in my room. I found my torch in my backpack and started to shine it around my room. Ozzy came running into my room shouting that the monster that I killed wasn’t there anymore. This made me drop on the floor. I was going mad and getting frightened that maybe it was coming back to kill me. In a matter of time I thought it was good to talk to my friends but all I saw was Ozzy’s body hanging up in the ceiling... Ozzy started to scream and cry and I was shocked for a second, then I heard footsteps and saw shadows, after I told Darrani (my friend) it was not save for her to stay here and made her go back home. As soon as I finished calling the taxi I heard screaming and IT WAS COMING FROM DARRANI! Then all I saw was that Darrani was only hurt and it looked like a trap, so I touched him (which I didn’t want to do) and he started to change like the bunny.

He said his name was Bonnie and he wanted to kill me like he did to Ozzy. I cried and ran to my parent’s room but they weren’t there……. I hid under the bed so Bonnie couldn’t catch me and just in case I had a knife and the Magic Chee stone that my dad gave to me if I needed to use in an emergency. I notice this wasn’t a new Flat it was an old one because it looked like someone has lived here before. I found a stink bomb and dropped it on the floor then escaped like an octopus would do. I got the knife and threw it at Bonnie and it was a success. I defeated the monster and it looked like my friends weren’t dead at all.



Thursday 15th March 2015

Everyone has been asking me to talk about the story of how I slayed the monster and this was getting on my nerves so I as the Magic Chee to do me a favour. To stop making these kids and adults asking me to talk about it.





Written by Tabiin Navarasa

9+ Book

To my friends: Ozzy and Darrani


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