I Hope You Know This....

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This is to Ash...

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



You become mad at me,

But what did I do,

Other than being myself.


Because I know I'm emotional,

But you don't need to make it worse,

Even if you don't know you are.


I don't write this for you,

I write it to inform you,

Cause maybe then you'd listen.


You never seem to listen to me,

No matter what I say,

I know you don't.


You don't need to lie,

I know we're not gonna make it,

And that is the end for me.


It hurts to say it,

But if you think about it,

It's the truth.


I could cry for hours over this,

Yet somehow I don't,

Because I'm not worrying about the future.


But every once in a while,

I think ahead,

And I come to this conclusion.


I'm sorry if I ever hurt you,

I never meant to,

And I'm just sorry.


There's never an end,

But there is a stnad still,

Because you're slowly moving away.


I can tell by your emotions,

That you only care about one thing,

That I created in the beginning.


I should finish this poem now,

Because you probably don't care,

But that's fine. 


I love you,

I always will,

I hope you know that.

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