I'm No Longer Strong

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Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



I'm strong,

I know I am,

But I don't feel like I am,

I feel weak,

Even with you,

The one who makes me stronger each day.


I'm not gonna let them bring me down,

Yet I do anyway,

Only because,

I feel ashamed of myself,

Like I've done something,

Something bad.


I'm weak,

No longer strong,

Letting everyone hurt me,

Even if you save me,

I feel alone,

Like no one cares anymore.


I'm done,

No one likes me,

You say you do,

But I don't believe you,

I never will,

I just feel not here anymore.


I'm dead,

That's what it feels like,

Like I'm no longer on this planet,

As if I've moved on,

But I haven't,

It's life that has moved on, Not me.


I'm alone,

Even around others,

I'm no longer with you,

Or even them,

I'm in my own world,

Created to escape the pain even though, The pain stays.


I'm lonely,

For I have hidden in my room,

Away from others,

Just so I don't get hurt even more,

For I'm too sensitive,

Please forgive me for this.

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