I'm Very Sorry.

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Please forgive me?

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



I change the people around me,

Sometimes to the point that they hate me,

Sometimes to the exact opposite.


I can't help it,

But my fear of loss kicks in,

I fear to lose what I love but I also fear gain.


Fear to gain for I might lose it one day,

But when that one day comes,

I won't be me anymore,

I'll be the one to jump.


You'll hear about me,

The one who couldn't take it anymore,

The one who wishes she was never born,

The one who wishes for death.


I'll be the one to pull the trigger,

The bullet facing me,

I'm sorry for the pain,

I didn't mean to.


The tears fall for you,

The wounds grow deeper and deeper without touch,

I'm sorry for everything,

I deserve nothing.


I deserve to be the one who jumps,

Or to be the one who kicks the chair,

Or even the one who says goodbye.


I'm sorry for what you feel,

I'm sorry,

It's all my fault.

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