My Place, Not Yours!

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My place... :)

Submitted: February 08, 2012

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Submitted: February 08, 2012



I put my headphones in,

And I can't hear,

Or see the world around me.


I'm no longer here,

I live in a world of music,

I can't live anywhere else.


That's why I sing to myself,

I'm in my own world,

My place.


I can get away from the here and now,

Be myself like I've always wanted,

And not let this world hurt me anymore.


I call myself Butterfly in this world,

Your name is Dragonfly,

My girlfriend.


I never want to come back,

This is my reality,

My place.


Don't tell me to keep my head out of the clouds,

My head's not there,

It's a million miles away.


I don't want this world to see me,

I don't think that they'd understand,

So I sit here in a far away place.


I can call my world,

A world of my own,

My place.


I need my Dragonfly to stay with me,

And my friend the wolf,

Along with anyone else I need.


There's only nice people,

No one to hurt me,

Only the people I love.


This world,

Is your world,

Stay out of My place.


There's no such thing as grey,

But no sun,

I like the rain just no grey.


I go to this place,

Everytime I've been broken,

Or if I need a friend.


In your world,

The world of hate yet love,

Unlike My place.


When everything's been broken,

I just want you to know,

Who I am.


I'm the one who hides in her place,

The one no one cares about,

But I guess that's what I get.


As long as you're there,

I'll be just fine,

In My place.


Maybe in your world,

You can show me the good,

As long as I don't get hurt.


I think that' s why I have my place,

I've been hurt too many times,

So I created a world where I can't get hurt.


Sooner or later,

I'll have to be in the here and now,

But My place calls me.

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