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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a question I actually ask all my friends but since I barely have any of those, This is a question for Marci.

I can't sleep anymore because I'm thinking of you,

It tears me apart to know how far away you are,

That I can't just lay with you in the night for comfort.


I can't think straight because I don't know anymore,

It hurts me to know that you are so far away yet in reach,

That I just can't put my hand out and you can touch it.


I can't help but to wonder because of how my mind works,

It pounds so much that I can't do anything but wait for you,

That I have to write so much to actually get it all out.


I can't wait any longer because I feel out of place,

It doesn't help that you're more than a thousand miles away,

That I just can't drive to your place and spend the night.


I can't just stand here because my legs are beginning to hurt,

It doesn't factor in the times I needed you so much,

That I'm just giving up now because I can't take this.


I can't just help but to ask because I really need you,

It doesn't add in the fact that I'm light headed,

That I'm about to die on the inside.


I must know what it's like to hold you in my arms,

It kills me when I can't and the fact that you're far away,

That I can't just ask for you in a whisper and you come to help me.


I must know what it's like to kiss you,

It pesters me when I can't,

That I have to just sit here and not do anything about that.


I must have you answer this question for me,

It is an important question,

Will you always be by my side no matter what?

Submitted: April 06, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Tabithaangel97. All rights reserved.

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