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I just want opinions on this to see if I should keep going and if it needs any more details or if it's not that good. Thanks.

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



It's a quiet village. Although the children run and play about, they worry about what lies in the shadows. The shadows hide a creature that hunts at night. The daylight burns it. You can never see it. It's invisible. 

It fell from the skys. Not from Heaven or even Hell for that matter. It comes from a place far away in Space. No one knows what it is or where in Space it came from. They call it a Demon. It is no Demon. In the night you leave your lights on. No shadows. 

"The shadows eat people." The villagers would say.

The villagers are afraid to leave. They think they'll be followed by the Demon. But it's not a Demon. It's an Alien. An Alien like no other. Not like the any from TV or in movies. Nothing like those nicer ones. 

Be careful where you go. This is a very unlucky village. There's an Alien in the shadows, a Vampire in the surrounding cave, Werewolves in the surrounding forest, and something that looks cute and harmless but isn't, the Fairies. 

The Vampire is what keeps the willagers out of the cave. But sometimes shildren will go to the cave to play. Farther back they go. Farther and farther. That's when their torches go out. They panic and run back towards the light but it's too late. They just became the Vampire's dinner. The parents will worry but the rest of the villagers will know that night when the moon turns red. Blood red. 

The Werewoves hunt in the Dark Forest. 

"The Forest of Death." Is what the villagers call it.

The Werewolves wait for the children to wonder into the forest. Even if you put a finger in the Dark Forest then you'll be gone in seconds. The Werewolves have black fur and green eyes. You know someone has been taken by the Werewolves when the moon turns green. A tree green. 

The Fairies are what everyone fears the most. They're everywhere. Waiting. They look pretty and harmless until you are alone. You never want to be alone. That's when they turn into  the devil. They take you to their hideout and eat you. The villagers know the Fairies took someone when they hear screams in the night and the moon turns into a purple. 

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