The Cememtary

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A girl, no older than 17 is left alone when her parents left her to go travel the world. But what she finds out, is someting she'll never belive. Yet, we'll never know what really happens.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



I can't believe this. My mom and dad left me.

August 14th, 2034

Today's my birthday. It seems like a normal birthday. I see no difference in my mom or dad. They took me to Dave and Busters like they did last year. But this year, I'm 17. I have no friends. I'm known as the one that everyone doesn't like just because I'm creepy. I tell them that I'd like to live in a cemetary one day... I didn't know this day would come so soon. I really didn't. But now I know never trust anyone... even one's who posed as your parents who really weren't. I found out later this day sometine I wish I never found out.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. It's a loud alarm clock that won't shut up til you actually unplug it. I mean really, does it have to be that hard to shut off?! But amyways, I got up and did my normal routine. Nothing fun yet really. My cat rubbed against my legs to say good morning. Even though it's only like 4 minutes til noon. I always sleep in late on days I want to basically. I've always been a good kid. Never getting in trouble with anyone or about anything. Never starting fights, I've wanted to many times but it's never worth it.

Breakfast.... I think. Or is it lunch?! I'll have brunch. Eggs and a ham and cheese sandwhich. Yummy... Not really. So then when I was done eating, I took my shower and got ready for Dave and Busters. But this wasn't a normal year... I noticed a note on the front door. I knew that it was from mom and dad the moment I saw the hand writting on it. It said, "Dear Mary, I'm sorry we left so sudden. But have fun. We'll never be back." I read that and decided to take a walk... But it's day. I still took the walk anyway. There'slike no one out today. I wonder why. Not really but there's too much being said in my head to know what goes where. It's complicated.

I see a person, a guy, on the other side of the road but then he crosses over. I just keep my head down, I know what he looks like. But then I notice where he's walking... he's walking straight for me. I move over so he doesn't hit me and he moves with me. I then just stop and he keeps walking. He runs right into me and goes right through me. I feel a sudden cold blast in this heat of August. This makes no sense. I don't believe in ghosts what so ever!

I turn around, "Hey!" I yell at him. He says nothing back. I see this note on the ground, (good day for notes) and I read it. "You are not alone." How could he know anything about me? Is he a ghost? What's his name?! So many questions. Before I know it, he disappears infront of my very eyes. I can't believe it. I won't believe it.

I keep walking towards the cemetary only because it's the only place where I feel safe to be alone. I walk down the winding road to the big black gates. This town wasn't very creative so the cemetary is just called, The Cemetary. I would've named it, The Dead instead of just The Cemetary. Mine is a little more creative and better sounding. Well, to me it is.

I push the heavy gates open. They need to be oiled. It sounds like one of those old movies where the gates make this high pitch sounds. Creepy but I like it. I like it alot. It's dark already. I didn't think it took me this long to get here... or I just walked slowly. I don't know. There are no lights around. But I like it here. It's like home, just better. Alot better if you ask me.

I lay down near a grave I always lay by for no reason what so ever. I just like the way this headstone looks, plus it's the smoothest here. I've been here many times before just to get away from civilization. Sometimes I like to try to relive the past so I just come here. I've always wished to see ghosts of any kind but never do. Not even baby ghosts. Which always makes me a little sad everytime I leave.

Some birthday I had. No one was around to celebrate my 17th birthday!! How rude! It seems like the same every year though. Last year mom and dad didn't even do anything for me. I had to plan a party for one. I made my own cake and everything. It's just not right.

August 15th, 2034

I woke up moved a little. Yet I never move in my sleep. I swear, I never do. But I sit up and look into the sun. "It's brighter today." I say to myself. "It's only bright because you want it to be." A voice says. "Hello?! Who's there?!" I say a little too loud. "Don't worry. It's me. Your father." A ghost shimmers infront of me... "But you're dead." I say, stating the obvious. "Maybe that is true. But to me YOU are dead." Then... Darkness feel over me.

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