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I love you and this is for you!!!!

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



You make me smile,

Even when others can't,

Only because I know,

And you know,

That you are the best.


You make me laugh,

Even when no one else can,

Only because I love you,

But that's not the only reason,

I fell in love with the finest person in the world.


You take my breathe away,

Everytime you kiss me,

Everytime you even touch me,

That would be enough for me,

Then I'll be able to say, Somebody loves me.


You love me to death,

Like I love you,

You'd do anything for me,

I love you,

And I'll never leave your side.


You hold me tight,

For when I need you,

You're always there,

Even if you are busy doing work,

You find time for me.


You play with my hair,

In a sense of flirting,

I love you,

Thank you,

You've saved me.


You see me,

And you must stay strong,

We'll be together soon,

I promise,

I always keep my word, No matter what.


You help me through the days,

Even though,

Distance seperates us,

And that doesn't matter,

We're connected by heart and soul.


I wait for you,

I lay by my window,

Looking upon the stars,

As if they were your bright,

Beautiful face.


You're close to me,

I can hear your whispers,

Others think I'm crazy,

But I know what I hear,

You love me!


You'd die for me,

I'd die for you,

Our love is strong,

Be patient,

I'll soon be with you.


I love you,

You love me,

Let's get together,

And we can have fun together,

For, Forever and ever.... Our love never fading.

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