The Strand Of Hair On Our President's Mole

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What happens if you were a strand of hair on your president's mole? Or what would you think?

Submitted: August 09, 2009

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Submitted: August 09, 2009



 If I were a strand of hair in Gloria Arroyo’s mole, on her last year as the president of the Republic of the Philippines I would get the president’s personal assistant to pluck me out of it. I had enough of Gloria. I might have been stuck on her since the start of her presidency but, I’ve only stuck to her until the end because I was planted on her mole. I am a part of her identity. So now that she’s not going to be president anymore, I can let myself free. Free from her stress, free from her corruption, free from all the controversy. I don’t like being able to take part in her monkey business. I believe that cheating among the Filipino people is very unruly. It’s kind of unfair actually. To become a country’s president, One rule was to become fair and Just, in this case, she wasn’t fair nor just. She cheated our race and won the elections, just to extend her reign. I bet FPJ died from the shock that he didn’t win the elections, or that she did something else. Now, she actually want’s to change our government’s democratic status to a Parliamentary, thus, creating a new way of ruling the country. If she ever succeeds in her ideal, I might still be there on her mole. Then, I wouldn’t be free from her identity and all the crap she’s doing. She has done enough for the country, why won’t she just give up and give other candidates a chance? She might be ruling until the writer of this essay had her grandchildren’s grandchildren. Nobody would want that, right? Take the former president Marcos, He ruled this country for Twenty consecutive years, only to be over thrown by the first and late female president of the country, Cory Aquino. Someday, Gloria will wind up being like Marcos. So maybe everything that I’m saying here has no relevance but, yeah. Would being a mere strand of hair on the president’s mole really think like this? Sure, Madame President can be corrupt and all but she can be a good person too. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is an active eco-ist. I wonder why she didn’t shine light onto things that needed more attention like, Poverty and Crime rates. Well, scratch that, she did sometime after her presidency. But, she doesn’t act upon it now. How much do people need her? A hundred percent. As an example, The squatters living at the floodway, I saw some of the houses get washed away by heavy rains, Tons of families losing their homes. I give them my sympathy, but does the president? I have no idea. Have you heard her SONA? She was indirectly saying negative stuff about her critics. What kind of president would do that? None, just her, I suppose. This ends my essay. I hope I get myself plucked away from Madame President, sooner or later. With all hopes rising for the Filipinos, good luck everyone.

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