The Wind Must Be Female

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Just a poem about my love of the wind, and how it always stops when I go outside to enjoy it.

Submitted: February 27, 2016

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Submitted: February 27, 2016



I love the windy days,

When leaves frolic in the streets,

But for me it never stays.

The wind always runs away.


No matter how fast I go,

With my shoes, my coat, my hat,

It always seems to be too slow.

Away, away, the winds blow.


Like any pretty lass,

That I so happen to meet,

Gone is she so very fast.

Our courtship is already passed.


Tawny hair, gold jewelry,

Out the door!  In a flash!  Like that!

This is all they will let me see.

This is all, before they flee.


So the wind must be female,

The wind is a she,

It never bides long in my lane.

Which isn’t to say I worry,

So long as she’s back again.

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