I Worry About You Sometimes - 3/11/14

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The guy I have a crush on was on the verge of crying yesterday (March 11, 2014) for a reason I don't know, and I wrote this stupid-sounding poem on the spot.

Submitted: March 12, 2014

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Submitted: March 12, 2014



I worry about you sometimes.

I seem to worry too much.

When I saw you close to tears in front of everyone,

My heart couldn't help but break.

Your voice stuttered and stammered.

I could hear the sadness,

And I couldn't help but wonder why.

What had happened

To have hurt you?

But then the next time I saw you,

You were laughing and smiling,

And I didn't worry as much.

You were with her,

Which was no surprise

That she would be the one

Who would bring you happiness.

She means a lot to you,


Well, if she makes you happy,

Then I'm happy;

I'm genuinely happy

Because that's all I ever want for you.

And worrying,

Whether it be too much or somewhat,

Isn't all that bad,


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