I am Me

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This was an assignment from the beginning of the the school year.

Submitted: February 02, 2010

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Submitted: February 02, 2010



I am a crescent,

blue and green, the

color of water in the

Caribbean Sea. I’m a

whirlwind of motion

that spins through

the air, as a baby

grand plays I

don’t have a care.

I could be a chin-

chilla, a cat, or a chip-

munk, or seven or three,

a number with spunk.

A baby blue convertible,

with tires that shriek, or a

whispering chair, that reeks of antique.

I can be a Korean dish filled with its culture.

Like *??or *??, each a beautiful sculpture.

I’m a great grand piano that stands filled with pride,

and an old harpsichord that ages beside.

As a city, I’d either be in Paris or Seoul

as a leaf falling down windswept in the cold.

A leaf from a dogwood on a sidewalk in France,

or a maple in Seoul that falls from a high branch.

A fear like pain is no greater than death,

but scarier still is taking my last breath.

Something nobody knows all about is my past,

I want some of my secrets to be revealed at last.

Smiling, laughing, hanging out with my friends,

they are all things to do before I come to my end.

My life is story that goes on my whole life.

I am me, I am me, I’ll be me ‘til I die.



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