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Humanity seems to be on the decline heading towards destruction with a real decline in values and ethics. Within the world today, morals and ethics are on a decline and we have started weighing life in terms of materialism. Due to selfishness and compassion in societies, humanity is waning giving place to sadism and cruelty.

Submitted: July 05, 2015

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Submitted: July 05, 2015



The new macabre deities which humanity today worship are the “ The Self”, “The Ego”, “Desire” and “Materialism”. Most of our lives today revolve about out us, our needs, our wants, our self, our ego and our desire. We have started evaluating people, friendships and relationships in terms of money.

Our basic ability to feel and empathize for the suffering of the poor and the unfortunate seems to be waning. Individuals across the globe, most of them, today suffer from avarice and selfishness. There seems to be a lack of ethics, morals and values in our lives. Spirituality and humanity seems to be on the decline. People can walk in front of homeless and poor people and do nothing to alleviate their misery. Old people are placed in retirement homes for their children are unwilling to care for them in their old age. Sadism has drifted into societies and in USA, there are regular events of people bullying the homeless. Laws have been drafted in seventy US cities making feeding the homeless a crime. Where is this sadism coming from? Why can’t people feed the poor and the homeless? It is a basic human gesture which should be welcomed and not shunned. Should people who are poor be left to the dogs?

Today within the USA, one woman is raped every 107 seconds. Now that is a shame. When I look at this statistic, it is a horrifying one which tells me that there is seriously something wrong within the US society. Another statistic of horrifying proportions is the fact that there are roughly 750,000 teenage pregnancies in the USA each year. And most of these young women either turn to abortion or they become single parents in the process. Millions of people are missing within the United States today and their whereabouts are a mystery.

One in four American is mentally diseased and suffers from depression. The country with the highest rate of homicides is America. The birth of pornography took place in USA. Homosexuality and same sex marriages have been approved and ratified in the USA. The American school system is in abysmal state of decline. The judiciary in USA is corrupt. The enforcement of morals and ethics within any society are a foundation for the type of men and women it produces. Are the citizens going to be people endowed with knowledge, virtue, selflessness and compassion or are they going to be greedy, avaricious, selfish degenerates who care less about what is right and wrong within society and nation? The cities of Pompeii and Sodom were destroyed for the people were degenerates.

Therefore I ask you how you think that ratifying each moral wrong as a right under the aegis of liberalism is going to lend towards peace, prosperity and progress within any nation or society. We have started categorizing individuals not as humans but as ‘winners ‘and ‘losers’. Those who are well off in their lives are labelled as winners and those who aren’t are labelled losers. It is unfortunate but under the aegis of capitalism, there is an unequal distribution of wealth and income which is lending to the increased concentration of wealth and income in the hands of a few.

There is a widening gap and chasm between haves and havenots in societies across the globe today and economists feel that this cannot be reversed now. Moreover leading economists suggest that the trickle down effect does not work. Under the banner of humanity, humans are humans no matter what color, race, religious denomination or nationality they belong to. It is for the rich within the society to look after and care for the less fortunate.

It is indeed unfortunate that global powers can spend billions today on beefing up their armies but they are not willing to spend upon education, poverty alleviation and improving the healthcare systems within their nations. This again points to the fact that as humans our priorities are not generally in the best interest of other human beings. Wars are being created to serve corporations that develop Weopans; the suffering of humanity and the loss of life does not seem to be of any consequence and weight. Corrupt politicians are involved in an activity called rent seeking whereby they can syphon away billions of dollars allocated for various development projects within a country and split it between themselves as booty.

As a consequence, especially within the poor nations of the world, the money that could have been utilized for the social and economic development of a country, instead end up within the personal kitties of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. It does not seem to matter that millions of people within these nations live below the poverty line and don’t have enough money for food, education, shelter or healthcare. It does not hurt the conscience of many governments today that people within their nations are suffering and dying. We have become selfish beings and groups only interested in our welfare.

Our aim in life now seems to be to make as much money, however possible in the shortest possible time. We are not happy with simplicity in life. There is an increasing desire within us to become part of a group that is able to enjoy all the luxuries in life. And when we are not able to achieve just that, our worlds seem to fall apart for our happiness today is associated more and more with the possession of material objects and with status, it does not lie within a simple life. Due to a lot of stressors in life, an increasing number of people across the world are susceptible to mental disorders of varying types. Stress, depression and anxiety have become a part and parcel of our life and for most of us who don’t seek God or Allah, dealing with difficulties and problems in life become all the more acute. Those who can’t seem to face the problems in their lives turn to alcoholism and drug abuse which further pulls them down a road which leads to mental and physical pain and suffering. A sad truth of life today is that the solace of the heart lies not in the accumulation of material objects and wealth but its lies within remembering God and exercising compassion and generosity towards HIS Creation.

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