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A lot of people today are not do you remain happy...what do you do to be about it...

Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015



HOW TO BE HAPPY In my opinion man today has lost vision of how to be happy. It is strange but today most of the world associates happiness with material prowess, being important and being famous. And the sad reality is that some of the most famous people on the world today suffer from anxieties and depression just like normal men and women do. Therefore fame and fortune don’t necessarily bring about happiness with them and neither do they bring about mental peace to an individual. If the poor and the needy had associated their happiness with riches and wealth, they would not have been able to survive. Happiness is a mood and an emotion that we can normally feel with giving to others and constructively contributing to society. If I were to become jealous and envious of the possessions that others have or the sort of lives that they lead, I would go mad. A man should be at peace with what he or she is and who he or she is. Each person has a set of unique skills and abilities that others don’t possess. Therefore we should ideally cherish being ourselves and not try being someone else. Your life is a gift that the Creator has bestowed upon you. Your being created was for a purpose which lies in His Worship. It is stated in the Holy Quran, that the solace of the heart lies in His Remembrance. Your identifying with and remembering a higher and mighty Entity of unlimited powers, places you within His Protection. He is the one who provides for all His Creatures which includes mankind. The purpose of our Creation according to the Quran is to worship the Creator who is named Allah. Unfortunately within our materialistic world we have associated our happiness with the accumulation of wealth and riches. But then again there are so many rich people who aren’t happy at all and so many of them commit suicide. Therefore I would like to stress again that happiness cannot be found in the acquisition of worldly things. There has to be a balance that each individual maintains between his worldly and spiritual lives. The problem is that today many men and women are today ignorant of spirituality and religion. They are trying to lead lives which the Creator has condemned. As a consequence you have young and old men and women in the West chasing their wild passions and desires. Frequent acts of adultery for instance give rise to abortions and unwanted children. It has also led to frequent break up in marriages and led to high divorce rates. Alcoholism gives rise to drunkenness and frequent acts of domestic abuse. Gambling often leads people to losing all their money betting. Therefore with committing every sin there is a repercussion upon the individual, the society and the nation. The happiness and the liberty with being able to commit such sins and acts are short lived. And if it is a lifestyle that you are following, then it will lead you to walk down a path where there is a whole lot of unhappiness and problems. Happiness lies within pursuing a life which revolves around morals, ethics and values. It can be found in cherishing and savoring every moment as it is. It lies in trying to give and contribute to society. It lies within controlling the Self and ego and being humble. If you are not happy with your life, always look down towards those who have less than you. Look at those who are unhealthy and sick. There are plenty of rich people who can’t enjoy life because they are sick. Therefore stop and thank Allah or God for all Your Blessings. If you are not sick and do not have a disability, you have everything that you need in life. Be happy with it ! Stop thinking about what you don’t have in life and savor what you do. Read a good book! Become the part of some club or organization! Eat that which you like! Meet people who don’t judge you! Avoid the people who are artificial! Take a stroll in the park! Take a vacation and go down to some fun place! Watch a comedy movie! Pray frequently to God ! Stay away from the people who are judgmental in a negative sense. To attract the positive things in life…turn to God……

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