A Sad Story of an Old Man

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Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



Once upon a time in 1953, there was an old man with his wife and three children. The old man's name was Mr. George Johnson. His wife's name was Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson and his three children's names were Gary, Peter and Jack. Peter was the eldest son and the youngest one was Jack. It was Mr. George's and Mrs. Elizabeth’s 25th wedding anniversary and Mr. George and Mrs. Elizabeth were going to a restaurant. While Mr. George was driving the car, there came a place which was dark. Mr. George couldn’t see and he was driving his car very swiftly. Suddenly he crashed into a tree. They both were lying on the road.

After a short while a car was approaching that road and co-incidentally, it was Mr. George's neighbor, Mr. Gordon who lived with his wife and he had no child. He saw Mr. George and his lying on the road. He picked up the couple and drove them to "The City Hospital". They both were admitted in the ICU because of their critical condition. Mr. Gordon called the children of the patients and told them to reach the hospital as soon as possible. After some time, the children came and asked Mr. Gordon about their parents and Mr. Gordon reported the whole incident to them. Then the doctor came quietly, seeing him, Mr. Gordon and the children rushed towards him to ask about the health of the patients. The doctor was very sorry to say that Mrs. Elizabeth was dead. As soon as they heard this shocking news, there was a moment of deep silence. Mr. Gordon controlled his emotions and asked about Mr. George and the doctor said that Mr. George's condition is very severe and he needs to be complete rest now in order to recover quickly. They all asked the doctor that they can meet Mr. George so the doctor immediately replied in negative disagreed and said that he is unconscious right now. The doctor condoled them and advised them that they should go home and get some rest as it was already six in the morning.

Mr. George and the children gave their contact numbers to the doctor and went out home.

After then the children came to visit their dad every day and Mr. George was also healing and one day he was discharged from the hospital. His children were very happy that their dad was recovered fully but the sad thing was that they had lost their mother. They were very upset because of Mrs. Elizabeth's death.

As the time passed, the children got older.  Mr. George became very quiet after the demise of his wife. After four years of Mrs. Elizabeth's death, Mr. George's three children took their dad for dinner in a restaurant. On their way their children, to do some work, stopped the car at a road and left their father in the car. All of a sudden, Mr. George heard the thuds of bullets leaving the gun. He got terrified and rushed out of his car in search of his children. After a short while of searching, his face got white as he saw their children, in a pool of blood, surrounded by a crowd. Mr. George took his three children to the hospital and they were admitted in ICU.  After sometime the doctor came from the operation theatre and said that he was very sorry to say that he couldn’t save the three children. Mr. George was completely shocked by the words of the doctor and he was about to fell when the doctor helped him sit. He cried and exclaimed that his children were the only one left, close to him in the world, after his wife's death.

There were two shocking incidents in Mr. George's life which destroyed him totally from inside. Finally in 2001, at the age of 88, Mr. George died and in this way the Johnson family got finished.

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