The Friday Night

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Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



It was a dark and stormy Friday night. The air was filled with the deafening sound of thunder. Ben, a thirteen year old boy, got the chance to get out of his house as his parents were fast asleep. He couldn’t sleep. “Aah! I am bored of this life”, he exclaimed as he entered the street beside his house. He had ignored the sign on the entrance saying, “Don’t enter! This street is dangerous”. As he progressed on that street, “Help me!”, came a crackling voice. Ben quickly turned around and saw an old man in a shabby condition. Ben replied, “Who are you? What do you want?”. “I am George Johnson”, he answered. “My house is at the end of this street. Can you please drop me that far?”, he continued. Ben nodded in affirmation. While they were walking, the old man asked, “What’s your name young boy?”. “Ben Dursley it is sir”, Ben replied. All of a sudden a pack of dogs appeared out of nowhere and started barking at the old man. Ben got a bit suspicious about him. Suddenly, he heard some strange voices telling him to go away. “Did you hear that!?”, he shouted with fear. “No I didn’t. It is just your delusion”, Mr. Johnson exclaimed.

After a while of walking down the strange street, Ben could sense the presence of someone, apart from the old man. He then heard the sound of footsteps approaching them. Scared to death, as he was about to turn around, he felt a hand on this shoulder. Chills ran down his spine as he saw a terrifying lady dressed in white clothes. Her hair was all messed up, she had scary long nails and her feet were twisted. “Still you don’t get it? You shouldn’t have helped me you fool. We are the ghosts of this street! ”, the old man shouted and disappeared in the air. Shocked by all of this, Ben collapsed.

Alarmed by the chirping of the birds and indistinct noises of the people, Ben flickered his eyes and was surprised to see multiple faces staring him. He was confused and couldn’t interpret the situation. “Where am I? Where is that terrible lady and that old man?” he gasped. His worried parents assured him that there was no one and he was safe now.

At home, his parents asked, “How did you get on that street?”. “It is a long story…”, said Ben in low voice.

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