A Child Monster: The story of Megan

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Two children are murdered in rapid succession. Who killed them and why? The murderer turns out to be a ten year old kid but why did she killl............

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013







I had always found young children to be so sweet and innocent and yet it was difficult to fathom how they could be so cruel and brutal. It was about ten years ago that my young boy Casie, a sweet young one seven years old disappeared one day whilst out to play. And he never came home. A day later his young body was found near the rail tracks brutally stabbed and murdered. I and my wife, had been happy to hear from the Police Seargent. However on hearing that Casie had been murdered, our hearts had broken and we could not believe what we heard. How could our Casie have died? And who was it that had murdered him? My wife and I drove to the police station where we were shown Casies body.

There were deep cuts in his stomach, on his legs and hands. His skull had been crushed with a stone. My wife fainted on seeing this and I vomited once or twice.

It was on a Friday in the month of June, that we buried Casie amidst a lot of pain and grief. Our relatives, Casies friends, their parents, and neighbors came to pay their final respects. And it was during this funeral that I espied a young girl barely ten, with beautiful blue eyes laughing and giggling. It was quite strange to behold someone laughing at such an occasion but everyone thought that she was a young child unaware of the magnamity of the occasion.


It was perhaps a week later that the next door neighbor visited us and told us about how a young ten year old girl named Megan came over to play with her daughter Betty. They had an altercation and Megan was in the process of strangling her, when her husband had walked in and saved Betty. Of course Megan had been asked to leave and never come again. I asked her to describe Megan to me and she seemed to match the description of the young girl that I had seen at the funeral giggling and laughing.


Who was she? A week later another young boy of six years in our neighborhood had disappeared. According to witnesses, they had seen him walking towards the tracks with two young women barely ten. One fit the description of the young girl that had been at my sons funeral. And then a day later, the 5pm news on television announced that the missing boy had been found dead lying face down near the rail road. I was shocked. However I called up the Police Seargent and told him about the young girl named Megan and about my suspicions. He said that he would look into the matter.


It was a day later that Seargent Wilford Brimes from the Los Angeles Police Department called in to inform me that the young girl named Megan had been taken into custody for trying to harm another girl about eight years old. And during questioning she had broken down and confessed to having murdered Casey and the



kid who had died recently.


According to Seargent Wilford, she was a cold and unemotional young girl without an inch of remorse for what she had done. She had openly confessed that snuffing out life was so easy. “ People die, so why is murder so bad” she had asked him. She seems to be bereft of what is wrong and what is right.


The media portrayed her as a young monster without feelings and emotions. In a trial that rocked the nation of USA, she openly spoke of how she had murdered Casie. According to her, it had been easy befriending him. She had wanted how it feels snuffing out a life.So she had taken him with her to a nearby rail road track where there was a lot of rubble. Whilst Casie was not looking, she had taken a large stone and crushed his skull with it. The blood spurted out and she saw Casie



pass out. She had then taken out a small knife that she had taken from her kitchen and plunged it several times into his stomach before using it to cut him up at several places. She had then held her fingers near his lips. And she had seen his lips turn a purplish color. Confident that he was dead, she had walked away. She told the members of the jury that she had been quite happy with what she had done. According to her she had lured the second victim with a promise to buy him choclate. The five year old boy named Alex had trusted her easily and she had led him away once again to the railroad track where whilst he was looking away, she had used a piece of cloth that she had bought to strangle him before using the knife to stab him several times. Assured that he was dead, she had walked away.






Everyone in the court room seemed to have been stunned. A ten year old girl had committed murder and she was so proud of what she had done.


The defense lawyer provided a rather grim picture of the house she had been born into. Megan had been born into a home where the parents were constantly quarreling with one another and quite abusive. The mother had not wanted to take the responsibility of raising Megan and the father had been indifferent. It was in an environment in which there had not been any love. Infact it was Megans grandmother who had to raise her up. At home, her mother and father would often beat her up without reason. Her father had been the chief tormentor. He had used a belt to beat her up on several occasions.





A noted psychologist had told how the environment in which she had been raised up had made her psychotic and incapable of feeling emotion or distinguish right from wrong.


The prosecution on the other hand painted Megan as a young monster who felt little or no remorse on what she had done. According to them Megan had repeatedly stated that she had been thrilled to commit murder and that if she was released, she would be a threat to common society.


It took the jury 2 hours to reach a decision. She was guilty of committing murder. The judge, announced at least forty years behind prison. Of course she was also recommended for psychiatrist treatment and constant evaluation.



Though Megan had been imprisoned but would it bring back Alex or my son Casie.



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