a land called pakistan

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its an overview of one of the most populous countries in south asia which lies next to india...the land called pakistan

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013






I once visited a land where the masses were paupers and where evil of every sort pervaded the society and yet they called themselves believers in the one God. There were countless places of worship and yet the hearts of the people were bereft of the main commandments of God. Hypocrisy was rife and the characters of men and women were checkered with greed, jealousy and spite. Though they condemned evil and yet there characters were laced and checkered with it. Hypocrisy seethed through their veins and they were split into many sects and castes. They did not speak the truth and neither did they condone evil. As a consequence the society of these believers in God was plagued by bribery, adultery, rape, murder, the practise of magic, breaking of covenants, spite, hate, jealousy and much more.






It was a society and nation that had been graced by evil and corrupt men and women who held important positons of power and governance.



The masses were illiterate and the elite class had deliberately confined education to the rich so as to keep power with the elite class. The laws of the land were for the poor and not for the rich. Taxes were imposed on the poor and not on the ruling class. The common man was to be subjected to the laws of the land; those who sat in government were free to break the laws of the land. So they raped, murdered and plundered the land at will and the common citizen was subjected to all forms of injustice. Money allocated for government spending often filled the pockets of the rogues who sat in governance and at the end of their tenures of loot and plunder, the condition of the land and its people was much worse than before.


Often the common mans' faith could be brought for a small amount of money. And near election time, the landlords who ruled the land would distribute small amounts of money amongst them as bribery for voting them in. And as a consequence the fate of the country was destined for more evil and more suffering.


Because the common man was deprived of education, they had become slaves to a malady named poverty that had spread like wild fire in the country. Without education climbing the social ladder was impossible. About 65 million men and women were stranded in abject poverty and yet the ruling class lived lives of luxury like kings, queens, princes and princesses despoiling the countrys assets and institutions at will.



They had created an environment where there was no accountability or justice of those who abused theirpowers. Political parties had hired common men for acting as goons on their behalf for the purpose of killing opponents and those who dare raise their voice against them. Quite often gangsters used by them for murder and mayhem walked out of prison scott free for terrorizing the citizens time and time again.


As a consequence of this lawlessness and because of the social and moral corruption that had spread through this land, the internal environment social, economic and political condition of the countty had deteriorated to a point that had risen up in the shape of sectarianism, violence, terrorism, communal conflict and a massive energy crises that combined to cripple the countrys industry and economy. With foreigners unwilling to invest in a land where terrorism and political instability rocked the country, there was massive disinvestment in the economy and the countrys state institutions were on the verge of collapse. Unemployment and high inflation had also combined to make life miserable for the natives of the country.


Meanwhile the politcal parties were busy playing “ election, election” with total apathy towards improving the conditions within the country. Democracy was really oligarchy and a few people who were the rich and powerful, who were insincere and dishonest were dressed in the garbs of messiahs. Totally nonsensical when you consider that most of them possess histories marked with dishonesty and murder. What sort of future can politiicians and bureaucrats guilty of embezzling millions and billions of dollars provide Pakistan?





That is what remains to be seen. In my view, we are definitely headed for bloodshed and stoneage courtesy of our corrupt people. 

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