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There was once a young man who left his parents to find his fortune in the world. In the market he espies a man disguised as a beggar who really is a dangerous assassin who wants to kill the royal princess who happens to be in the market with her guards. However it is the young man Salim who left home to find his fortune in the world who realizes that he is not a beggar...please read on

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




Once upon a time not long ago there was a young man named Salim who was poor and lived with his old parents. To seek his fortune in the world, he left home with a few clothes and some money. His old parents wished him good luck as he left.


Unknown to him, the daughter of the King was out in the market with the Royal guards shopping for expensive silk clothes. And it was there that Zainabs eyes fell upon Salim who was a most handsome young man. However she was a princess and Salim was just a common man.

It was here in the market that Salim came  face to face with a beggar who was really a very dangerous man looking to attack the princess Zainab. Salim thinking that he was indeed a beggar had mercy upon him and threw him a gold coin. Whilst he was doing so, his sharp eyes spotted a glittering sharp object hidden underneath his tattered and worn waist coat. He looked towards the beggar and there was something odd about him. Something did not seem to be right. At least thats what Salims sixth sense told him. So he decided to follow him. Keeping his distance from the beggar who was really an assassin sent to murder the princess, he watched him stop every once in a while. He was peering hard at a young woman. It was the same beautiful young woman that he had ran into earlier on. And then he saw three or four guards with Royal emblem of a tiger printed on their long flowing white gowns. Ah could it be that this was the princess thought Salim. But what the man dressed as a beggar want from her. And then from afar he saw an evil gleam in the eye of the rogue masquerading as a beggar. His hand had disappeared below the waistcoat and he had drawn out a very sharp looking dagger which he hurriedly concealed once again making his way towards the Princess.






The assassin had disguised himself as a very old man wearing torn clothes and posing as a beggar. However Salim had realized that something was terribly amiss and wrong. He cautiously made his way to one of the royal guards and alerted him to the danger. At first he had not believed him but seeing Saleems serious expression, he whisphered into the ear of the comrade standing next to him.


They allowed the assassin to come near them before they held him in a tight and vice grip. He struggled for a moment but before long his hands and legs were tightly bound.


Like Salim had said, there was a sharp dagger that they recovered from underneath his waistcoat. And there were more surprises as the beard and moustache of the assasin turned out to be fake. Standing before the guards and the people assembled to see what had happened was Abu Musa, Arabias most wanted criminal at that time. He was wanted for murder, rape and extortion. And soon the members of his gang were all caught and hung in public. Their reign of terror had been bought to an end.



Salim was rewarded by the king with a lot of gold and a permanent place in the Royal Palace as his trusted eyes and ears. Of course the Princess Zainab was overjoyed to have him at the Palace. And they were married a year later amongst a lot of celebration and rejoicing. Salim soon invited his parents to stay with him at the Royal Palace and they all lived happily ever after.




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