A young woman who was never happy

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Qantalasia was a young woman never happy with what she had in life...she became jealous and mean...and then she has an encounter with an angel....read it.....

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013





Once upon a time long time ago there was a young woman named Qantalasia who loved whatever others had and she did not like what God had blessed with her. She was a thankless soul who was always whining and fussing crying over what she had not in life. And because of being intensely jealous she could not learn to enjoy her life nor did she have any friends left. Even her siblings which included two sisters Cordelia and Betty who were younger than her kept their distance from her. Her parents tried their best to reform her but she was rude and mean. And she would often curse and cuss at them.


One day as she lay asleep, an angel lifted her body and soul to a horrible place where there was only pain and suffering. It was a dark, hot and smoky place in which Qantalasia opened her eyes. She was horrified to find that she was bound and shackled in a stony and rocky area where intense heat emanated from the rocks around her.


And soon the metal chains which bound her turned to fire which burnt her deep. She screamed and screamed as her skin peeled off and her brain boiled. And every time the skin would peel off, new skin would come in its stead.


There were columns of fire before her and behind her that rose up high and about her. In between a horrifying creature which was half man and half lizard would appear and tell her that this was the fate for men and women who were thankless to God for all His Mercy and Blessings. This was the abode for those who lied, those who were jealous, those who were spiteful, those who

spoke rudely to their parents without respect and those who were forever involved in actions and deeds that hurt others. And Qantalasia begged this creature for alleviation of her suffering and pain.


The creature disappeared and an angel appeared in the form of a wizened old man. He walked up to her and touched her gently on her arm. And she at once saw all her actions and deeds over her life. She saw all the people that had been hurt by her actions and words. Amongst them were her friends, parents and relatives. Not one of them seemed to speak well of her.


She was then the conditions of those who lived in abject poverty. Some of them had no proper home, others were hungry and did not have a lot to eat, some were ill and could not afford medical treatment, some could not send their children to school whilst others could not afford to buy all the things that the rich folks could. There were some very moving scenes of children dying of malnutrition and sickness with no one to help them. And for the first time her heart quaked and she felt for someone else than her. She cried a lot and her mind went back to her life. She had been living like a princess compared to the sordid souls she had just seen. And she had been thankless.


The wizened old man who was really an angel looked at her and told her that she had everything that one could want. She had a good family who loved and cared for. Moreover she had loving sisters. She was good looking and enjoyed good health. What more did she want. “Remember”, he said to her “ When you are thankless about what you have in life and you fuss and fret over that others have and you dont, you become frustrated and bitter over nothing.


He then smiled at her and said “ I hope you have learnt from this experience” and when he touched her she woke up and found that she was back at home. She was over joyed and she went to her parents room and she hugged and kissed them telling them that she had been foolish and that she was very sorry for the way she had misbehaved with them and insulted them so many times. She even made up with her sisters and tried to win back her friends. They are till today unable to figure out what had brought such a tremendous change for the better in her.



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