an unknown world

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Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013




The clock ticked and tocked. My heart was racing fast.   Different pictures flooded my mind. All of them were associated with my life. Some bought me joy, some embarrassment and some sorrow. Seeing my brothers, parents and friends stirred strange emotions in me. But then everything went fuzzy. There was a drone that I heard and then only pure static. I seemed to be falling deep into a vortex of light; an amalgamation of different colors. And then there was darkness. Hazy light filtered through. I suddenly experienced intense fear. It seemed to be about me pressing hard against me. I wanted to scream but could not. Deep in my heart, a voiced cried out for answers. Where was I? What was this world? And then the scene changed and the dark void was replaced by a buzzing sound and a spectacular display of multiple colors and those colors gave way to pictures, some beautiful and others utterly hideous and grotesque. I saw faces, some so sweet and angelic and others so demonic, scary and hideous. These images seemed to float about me and had a life of their own. Then I saw dark colored shapes having arms that seemed to be tugging me and dragging me away; away from the light down a path that was foggy and dark. I would manage to pull away and walk towards the light that seemed to signify hope and solace. And yet these strange creatures would shout and curse in an unknown language. Sometimes they would shriek as if in rage and at other moments they would seem to be whispering in a low tone. Filled with fear, I would scream and chant all the prayers I knew. Each prayer for protection was followed by a loud swishing sound and a deafening roar and a flash of intense white light that would envelope the darkness and these creatures. Soon I was transported through a vortex of white colored light to another place. I suddenly felt at peace; a soothing feeling of warmth and tranquility permeated me.

It was a huge green field full of extremely tall trees laden with exquisite fruits that shone and glittered and glistened like colorful jewels. A beautiful aroma of musk filled the air that seemed to be carried about by a gentle breeze that blew. The sky seemed to be ablaze with a multitude of colors so beautiful that they entranced me. Sitting under one of the trees was an old and wizened person with a glowing face that shone like a beacon. Attired in a simple white dress, with eyes closed in meditation, he seemed to be lost in deep thought and contemplation. When his eyes opened, I found myself sitting before him. He looked at me if he knew me so well. And I asked who he was and where was it that I was? He looked at me. Smiling, he told me that he was the keeper of all knowledge and facts pertaining to a human’s life. He handed me a small screen. In this is indexed every act and deed that you have performed till now. Nothing has been missed. It’s all over there. Am I dead, I asked him? He looked at me and said “No! You have not died as yet. This is a place where God keeps the souls of the righteous when they are struggling and fighting to stay alive.”

All of this seemed to be incredulous to me. And I tried pinching myself to wake up from this horrid nightmare. However nothing happened and I was still sitting in front of the old man. I asked him about my skirmish with the dark souls and creatures that I had encountered. And the old man told me that when my soul was drifting in between life and death, the forces of the darkness and the forces of light and solace both approach the soul.

It is only Gods mercy and man’s good deeds that save him from the clutches of the demons and satan who are forever trying to mislead man to commit acts of evil so that they too enjoy the same punishment in Hell that they do.

All that I heard seemed to be so incredulous. And then I felt myself being lifted. The scene changed once again and I felt myself falling in a tunnel of light. Lights seemed to be flickering about in a multitude of colors and eventually there was white light all about me which slowly became dimmer and dimmer till I heard voices reverberating about me and I finally saw figures peering down at me. As my consciousness grew, I was suddenly aware of lying in a bed in what seemed to be a hospital. I looked around and I  saw the worried faces of my parents and siblings.

A bespectacled doctor appeared before me, smiling, telling me that everything was alright. The operation had been a success. I had a new kidney and I was going to be fit as a fiddle.





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