Bertie and Wendy

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Bertie hears about a COUGAR CONVENTION and registers for it hoping to run into some good looking older woman. And he meets Wendy and falls in love with her......

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013






Bertie looked at an some ads in a newspaper. Cougars were looking for younger men to date. And he felt that he should be attending the seminar where younger men could meet older women. He had always had this fantasy of being a bordello and of dating women elder than him. So he decided to register himself for the seminar. The registration fees was about three hundred and fifty dollars but Bertie was willing to spend that much. Was he desperate? No ! Was he a sick bastard? Well he was be had this particular desire and obsession to date older women especially rich ones.


It was a Saturday morning when he woke up. The seminar commenced at 1 pm. And he decided to wear an black Armani jacket and pants. He decided upon a white Kenneth Cole dress shirt. Did he shave ? Nope he decided upon wearing a slight beard. His long blond hair fell upon his shoulders. At six feet two inches, broad shouldered and barrel chested, he looked like a model. He had a shower before slipping into his clothes. After dousing some perfume, he wore his black oxfords.


And by twelve thirty in the afternoon he was heading for the Civic Auditorium, Greenwood, South Carolina. When he reached there, there were thousands of men and women. The whole thing seemed to be beyond his expectations. After showing his registration ticket, he was let into the auditorium full of young men and older women. Older women seemed to be lost in admiring the young and handsome men present there.


Roving eyes looked Bertie up and down. Many of them seemed to stare at him licking their lips and smiling at him. And then the predators came and surrounded him. He felt a pinch on his behind and he heard giggles. Looking around he saw a good looking woman in her forties looking up at him.


Hello handsome” she said “ And what do they call you?”.


Bertie” he replied looking a little bit embarassed.


And you? Whats your name?” he had asked her.


She let out a laugh and told him to call her Wendy.


Wendy was wearing a see through blouse and shorts. Her tits were visible. It was evident that she was wearing no bra. And Wendy had stuck her hand out and caught his penis. It was erect and hard.


Bertie was shocked and he had not been ready for such a move. Wendy was licking her lips and other ladies standing around him whistled embarassing him even more. Wendy had taken his hand and pulled him away to a secluded part of the auditorium. She took his hands in hers and placed them on her bosoms. Bertie pulled his hands away. “Dont be embarassed” she asked him.



He looked at Wendy. She was about five feet seven inches tall. With deep brown eyes, an aquiline nose, a tanned complexion and quite beautiful, Wendy looked much younger than forty. She was ten years his senior and yet in excellent shape. According to her, she was divorced. She was the daughter of a rich businessman. Being her only child, she stood to inherit his wealth and business.


But Bertie was not here for her money. He was interested in dating and experiencing love with an older woman. Fortunately or unfortunately he had always fantasized about romancing an older woman and here the opportunity lay before him in the shape of Wendy. She was quite alluring and attractive.


She said “Why dont we leave for somewhere we can be more intimate and learn more about one another?”


And Bertie had nodded his headed in agreement. So Wendy had asked him to follow her. Sitting in his Dodge Viper he followed her and they stopped in front of a beautiful apartment. He followed her inside. The lounge was tastefully furnished.A Rembrandt painting hung from a wall. Leather sofas lay in a corner. The floor was covered with Persian rugs of various sizes.


She told him to be seated. And she disappeared for a while and reappeared with a glass of orange juice and a plate of chicken sandwiches. She came and sat next to him studying him for a while before handing him the orange juice. And she looked at him licking her lips once again. As he drank the juice, he noticed out of a corner of her eye that she had moved in closer to him.


When he put down the glass, she made a move to embrace him but he had quickly got up. And she looked a touch surprised. However he regained his composure and he had sat besides her. She had moved in once again and he had caught her in his embrace. Their lips locked in a deep french kiss. And Wendy had attacked him with a ferocity not known to him. She had jumped onto him and she nearly tore his shirt off. And then she had made a move to unzip his pants screaming out loud “ Give it to me ! I want it”. She had dug her long nails into his underwear and grabbed his male hardness. And when she took it in her mouth she nearly bit it off. And Bertie had kicked her off screaming in pain and agony. Wendy had eyed him as if he was “food”.


There was lust and madness in her eyes. She had tossed her clothes off. Standing there stark naked, she had rushed towards him. And she jumped onto him.

She started smooching him and pulled his male hardness making it touch her vagina. And then Bertie decided to ram her good. He had started slow but as the animal in him came out, Wendy was screaming and asking him to let go.


Bertie looked at her and she was laughing.


Never enjoyed sex so much” she said.


But Berties male hardness was smarting from pain caused earlier on by Wendy nearly biting it off. He looked saw her coyly looking at him.


And then there was a knock at the door. She took him hurriedly towards a bedroom and she asked him to hide beneath the bed.


Quick” she said and so Bertie found himself beneath the bed. He was half naked.


And he heard a male voice. The pitch of his voice was high and the tone sharp. “ Are you seeing someone else”, he heard Mr.X asking Wendy.


Wendy replied “ Certainly not Roger ! Why I love you and only you.”


What a liar is what Bertie thought ! How many men was she flirting with?


He heard him say that he had seen her come into the apartment with a man. And Bertie was quite alarmed.


Are you stalking me?” is what Wendy had replied angrily. “ Because if you are then I dont want to be in any form of relationship with you.”


Listen bitch” the young man growled “ I will tear you limb from limb. Have you been playing with my emotions and feelings? Because if you have, I will make you regret it.”



There had been loud screams. And Bertie emerged in his underpants and rushed to the drawing room where he saw Roger slapping around Wendy.


The sight of Bertie fueled his rage even more and he had charged at him. However Bertie soon had Rogers arm twisted behind his back. And Roger was begging him to let go.


He looked at Roger to leave which he did after cursing them.


Wendy was crying and moaning. Roger had slapped her many times on her face and punched her in the stomach.


Bertie held her close to him and kissed her gently on the forehead. He looked into her eyes and used a tissue to wipe her tears. She looked shocked and forlorn. He had then fetched her a glass of water which she drank. Her eyes were cast downwards.


Another one of your lovers?” Bertie had asked her and she replied

Well that was my first cousin, Roger, and he has been after me to marry him but its just that I have never felt anything for him and certainly not marriage. He has been stalking me, calling me on the phone pestering me about marrying him.”


Oh!” said Bertie. I think you better summon the police about him.


And Wendy nodded her head in agreement.


I think it is time I did” she replied.



Can you come along with me?” Wendy asked him. And Bertie agreed. They went to the police station somewhere in London. And Wendy told the seargent on duty about Roger.


They decided to serve a restraining order to Roger. Wendy had told them about where he lived and how he was related to her.


Bertie decided to stay the night over at Wendys place. As they entered her apartment, the phone bell rang. Wendy picked it up. It was her rather irate uncle asking her why Roger had been served a restraining order. And Wendy told him all what Roger had been upto and her uncle had promised to set him straight.


Wendy ordered some food from KFC and after having that they had retired to sleep rather early. In the morning, he found Wendy lying naked on top of him. He pushed her gently aside and went to the washroom where he had a shower and got ready to leave.


As he came out, Wendy embraced him and asked him if she could move in with him.


Bertie looked at her and said that it was rather a touch early for that but he invited her to stay with him for two or three days. And so Wendy had packed some of her valuables and belongings and soon they were heading to his apartment.


Within thirty minutes they were inside his apartment and Wendy admired it. She like the mahagony dinner table and the leather sofas lying in the drawing room. The Samsung 3D TV had her screaming in delight as she watched a 3D movie on it. Later she had disappeared in the washroom with the Jaccuzi in it. When she came out she was wearing a long dark sleeveless silk gown with a beautiful diamond necklace around her neck.




She looked stunningly beautiful and Roger looked over awed by her magnificent beauty. Wendy had noticed his roving eyes that appreciated what they saw. He took her by the arm and they danced slowly to the music that he had put on the stereo. Here she was in his arms and she was so mature and nice. She was definitely different from the immature women that he had been out with with all their moods and insecurities. Why this woman was exquisite in manner and beauty?


Later during the afternoon he decided to take her to an expensive Italian restaurant where he had asked a violinist to play some romantic music for them whilst they had gazed into one anothers eyes drinking red wine. They had then ordered Pasta and had plenty of it before they had headed back.


Once they were in his bedroom, Wendy had undressed him and she had taken her clothes off before they both had long passionate sex before they slept. And later on they bathed and had the evening tea and a plate of chicken sandwiches.


At night he took Wendy to a local night club where they danced to disco and trance music. From there they had headed to a Chinese Restaurant where they had filled themselves with Chicken Manchurian, egg fried rice and prawns. Over dinner, Bertie told Wendy about his family and how his childhood had been. Wendy then told him about how her mother had died when she was twelve years old and had been raised by her father who was a rich businessman. As her father wasnt there always, she often spent her time with her uncle and aunt. They had been very nice to her. As she grew up, she had been involved in a number of bad relationships which had left her heart broken and she had never been secure about a long term marriage but lately over the years her heart quaked for a companion.



Some of her friends had told her about the Cougar Convention and she had registered for it. She had been exceedingly excited and luckily she had run into Bertie.


Over the passage of time Bertie and Wendy dated one another and six months later they married and live happily ever after. 

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