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Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



BLACK WIDOW There are many women that come in your life. Some are nice and others are meant for tormenting you and teaching you a lesson. In the city of Karachi, Pakistan there was once a young man named Ali who was educated and yet could not find a job. Therefore he started driving a taxi in order to make money. He was young and very honest. He came from a middle class family and was the sole child of his parents. When his father died, he had just started driving the taxi. Now it was he alone who lived with his mother in a small house in a rundown part of the large port city. Violence was a regular feature of life in the city. Gang wars, sectarian violence, political assassinations, street crime and communal violence had made the city a living nightmare. And each day when he got upto leave, his mother would prepare his breakfast and pray for his safety. One day he happened to pick up a young woman from an adjoining colony who wanted to be driven down into the city. She was a good looking young woman and seemed to be from a decent family. He had charged her half the fare that he would charge other people and he had done that for he had liked her. She became a regular customer. However there was a specific period when she disappeared altogether. And Ali wondered what had happened to her. Was she alright? All he could do was to come to various assumptions. However he soon forgot about her till one day he was stopped by a young distraught looking man who told him to drive him quickly to his house which happened to be in the same area where he had picked up that good looking woman. He soon saw a man in his fifties and his passenger drag a young woman over to his taxi. She seemed to be quite sick. And then he saw that it was the same woman who he had ferried so many times down to different parts of the city. What had happened to her? Her eyes were rolling about and he feared that she might die. So he drove fast and they soon reached the hospital. She was rushed by the paramedics at the hospital to the Emergency ward. After the young woman’s father and brother disappeared, he decided to investigate what had happened to her. He approached a male nurse and asked him what had happened to her? He told her that she had tried to commit suicide by taking a number of sleeping pills. Ali decided to linger on posing as a cousin of the girl hidden from the view of the brother and father of the young woman. And he came to know that the young woman’s stomach had been washed and her life had been saved. Ali seemed to be concerned why someone so beautiful would try to end her life. Whatever the case be, Ali wanted to have a word with her and tell her that life was beautiful and that she should not waste it. By bribing a male nurse, he managed to visit the emergency ward where she was placed. She had been surprised to see him. And Ali had poured out his heart to her telling her that life was a gift from God and that she should not waste it. Time passed by. A month down the road, he saw the same woman walking towards his taxi. She did not say anything on the way. But Ali could not resist from telling her about his love. She seemed to be indifferent to his advances but then she told him that her parents were not forgiving her for what she had done. According to her she was sick and tired of the stringent atmosphere with her house where she was always being persecuted and abused. And Ali had offered her marriage and property in her name. After a month, Ali and Sajida were happily married and time was flying by. Sajidas parents had been only too happy that she was leaving. Five months down the road, Ali was driving his taxi when he picked up two rough looking characters. They asked him to drop them at a particular area that was pretty rundown and on the outskirts of the city. He had acquiesced. However when they reached their point of destination they pointed pistols at him. He was blind folded and his hands were bound. His only prayer to God was to save him. After what seemed ages, he heard a gate open and he was led inside. When the blindfold was removed, he saw himself within the confines of a semi constructed house. One of his captors, held a pistol towards his head and the other held a piece of paper and a pen. They asked him to sign it. He looked at it and it was the property deed for the piece of land that he owned. How did they get it? It had been in his wife’s’ possession. “How did you get it?” he had asked one of the captors. And he had laughed out loud before answering him that his wife had given to him since she was his friend. He had asked him if she would like to see her. And he had nodded his head. To his horror, he found Sajida standing in a pair of blue jeans and black jeans with a pistol in her hand. She looked towards him and laughed at him. Ali told her that he had loved her so much. He wanted to know why she had done what she had to him. She had laughed out telling him that he was so naïve. Infact he had been the easiest person she had roped in during her stint in crime. During day she used to lie to her parents that she was going to college when she really was part of a criminal gang that used her for luring young and old men into relationships that always ended in their being kidnapped for ransom or for handing them their property papers and valuables. Ali could not believe what he was hearing. He had been such a fool. Anyhow he was lucky to survive. He made it a point later in his life never to run after any woman.

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