Global Peace: Is it on the agenda?

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Is global peace possible with western nations more interested in creating wars to sell their military hardware? Islamophobia is on the rise in the it justified?

Submitted: March 09, 2015

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Submitted: March 09, 2015



Peace! Global Peace is that too much to ask! Humans and nations continue to go to war with one another. Global powers are today more interested in creating wars and selling their military hardware than working together with one another to bring peace to the world. When the West finances terror outfits such as ISIS through dummy rogues such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and then launches a propaganda that says that Muslims are terrorists, one wonders where the world is headed towards. The support of ISIS within the Middle East is a major threat not only to Middle Eastern States but also to Western nations for the fanatics who rush to wage a holy war and Jihad in Syria and Iraq may also return to the European nations where they are citizens. As of now, nations such as UK and Denmark are taking actions to enforce policies whereby Muslim extremism is stamped out in these countries. Muslims have been wrongly portrayed as violent radicals and terrorists. May I ask Western governments as to who was responsible for the murder of one million Iraqi citizens in Iraq during the so called War on Iraq? The United States of America and its Western allies wrongly punished the Iraqi people on the pretext that it possessed Weopans of Mass Destruction. That they imposed UN Sanctions on Iraq which resulted in the death of 800,000 Iraqi Babies is not taken into perspective. Was this an act of love ? Was this not an act of barbarism and terrorism? How many such acts have Muslim Countries carried out on the West lately? The Muslims were not the ones who started the World Wars and neither were they the ones responsible for the Jewish Holocaust. Neither are they the ones who are the criminals in Western societies today. So why pick upon Muslims? The Muslims were not the one who carried out the Spanish Inquisition and neither were they the ones who smuggled thousands of African Slaves to European nations and to USA. Muslims were certainly not the ones who carried out the mass genocide of American Red Indians in the American Continent.

With high unemployment in European nations today, the natives are not too keen about immigrants coming over to their nations. The far right political parties within Europe are gaining popularity and one may soon see radical measures taken against Muslims within Europe. But this will only perhaps popularize amongst Muslims those religious parties that hold the West responsible for holding their nations hostage through governments and monarchies that they aid and assist. They may be quite right for the United Nations and the World Bank toe the policies of the West and they have repeatedly vetoed any move against sanctions imposed upon Israel for the systematic genocide committed against unarmed Palestinian men, women and children. And the world has remained mum on the atrocities being perpetrated on Muslims in Burma or in Indian held KASHMIR for that matter.

Rather than working to create wars and spend millions or billions on war, would it not be better if the civilized Western powers worked together to determine solutions to end poverty, hunger and disease across the world. Would it not be better for nations to find mechanisms to combat economic recessions and help those that suffer due to such it? Would it not be wiser for nations across the world to find ways and means to combat pollution and ozone depletion? Shouldn’t the world be working close together to combat illiteracy, terrorism, extremism, racism, human trafficking and slavery? How can peace be brought to the world if the very forces that can work to bring peace to the world are perhaps more interested in war mongering and within the benefits that they derive from creating wars?

Racial biases and prejudices are just as bad as cultural and religious biases and the intolerance that stems from it. Today ISLAMOPHOBIA in the West is unwarranted and uncalled for. Only two percent of crimes perpetrated in Western nations are attributed to Muslims whilst the rest is committed by their own nationals. As Muslims we hold our own views and perspective of life determined by our religion which differs from the morally indifferent view of the typical Western culture which is secular in nature. It is not permissible for a true Muslim to lie, to cheat, to commit adultery, to slander, to back bite, to murder, to delve in the black arts, to consume alcohol or eat pork. Our religion revolves about our fear of God and a belief in resurrection and the Day of Judgment. Islamic teachings stress upon creation of a crime free society where justice and accountability are supreme and where life is led according to the Commandments of Allah as stressed in the Holy Quran.

Peace and tolerance amongst races and nations can be perhaps better understood by learning about each other’s society, culture and norms. Humanity would be better served if nations could be run by men and women who are concerned about maintaining global peace and harmony instead of becoming instruments for global discord, attrition, war and bloodshed.

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